SuperHero Summoning

Chapter 5 - Life or Death

”You what!? ” Miyuki was beyond shocked by what Sakuta has told him. He put the longsword back into the sheath. ”I was from Japan too, my name is Sakuta Kousei. Look, all you need to know Miyuki, is that you
e gonna need this. This world is more dangerous than you could ever know. I mean we
e **ing at war with Bouvala because of the Queen being taken and held prisoner in Bartons castle. ”

”What? Who? Where? Whos Barton? ” This was alot of information for Miyuki to digest.

Then Sakuta went on, ”Barton Bouvala is the Ruler of the kingdom of Bouvala, he is pure evil. ”

But that doesn matter right now. This sword is for you, you will need it, I used it when I was in the war, you
e gonna need it too. I know you
e gonna be important one day. You
e gonna have to end the war, and save the kingdom. ”

Miyuki grabbed the sheath and put it on the left side of his waist. ”Thank you so much Mr. Eloise, but I don think I could do all that- ”

e here for a reason. ” He interrupted Miyuki. ”Yeah, you
e probably right. Again, thank you. ” Miyuki bowed for Sakuta, and Sakuta bowed back.


Everyone was now in the dining room, enjoying tea, when Evelyn put her cup onto the table. ”I think I should head back home now, its very late. The curfew for the kingdom is coming close so Ill have to go. Im grateful you had me Miyuki over. ” ”Its our pleasure. ” Mr. Eloise responded.

Everyone further exchanged goodbyes, and so Evelyn left.


Sakuta spoke. ”Miyuki, you can sleep in the guest bedroom, its next to the bathroom, near the stairs. You can sleep here tonight, I know what it was like to be in this world without anyone to help me for awhile, so I wanna at least help you. ” His offer was very generous, and so Miyuki had to accept it.


Miyuki was standing alone in a gray field. The sky was gray, dark clouds covering the sun. Rain was pouring all throughout the fog. Miyuki stood there, basking in the rain, gripping his longsword with both hands.

Eight figures in black cloaks and gear with strangely shaped black helmets emerged from the fog. One figure that was like the rest, stepped further when the other seven stopped. He moved his arms and dropped his black cloak. He was now wearing nothing but black clothing with gear and a helmet.

He took off his helmet to reveal his gray, yet pale, phantom like face. He wore a black hijab-like cloth around the rest of his head, so Miyuki couldn see what the rest of his head looked like, only his face.

Their eyes met. His eyes could see right through Miyuki. There was death in the gray mans eyes. Miyuki was shaking, he gripped the swords handle tighter.

”Im not going to let you come near her!

You all better leave, Ill kill each and every one of you! ”

Miyuki shouted to the eight men.

They all still stood still.

The 7 men in the back all unsheathed their weapons. Swords, a scythe, daggers, and metal staffs. The man in front unsheathed his long sword. The pure black blade scared Miyuki deep to his core. This was going to be life or death. The dread was killing him.

The gray man held his sword and pointed it towards Miyuki. He finally spoke.

”Miyuki. ” His voice was deep and powerful.

”Valis will fall, and you will fall with it. You cannot protect a weak kingdom, with a weak hero. ”

”You cannot stop the Black Parade, we are going to kill you and your friends. Well kill everyone and present their hesds to you. Even your dear princess. ”

Miyuki was scared by his threat. This man looks like he would do it.

No you
e not! Youll never succeed! Valis will never fall! ” Miyuki cried his heart out.

Miyuki charged towards the man at incredible speed. He went behind the man and went for a blow to the neck, when suddenly, he had turned around and their blades met. It was as if he read Miyukis mind. Miyiki was thrown back, and he scurried to get back up, but when he looked up, it was too late.

The man has hundreds of rocks and pebbles floating in the air around himself. One hand was up. He faced the same hand towards the fallen Miyuki.

”Perish. ”

The debris zipped towards Miyuki and right through him. The pain was so quick and violent. Miyuki was screaming on the ground as all his limbs and organs had been violated by the rocks. The man stepped towards the writhing and bleeding Miyuki. He kneeled down and grabbed Miyukis face.

They met eye to eye.

”You will never be safe.

We know where you are at all times, and we will find you. ”

Miyuki jolted awake in a cold sweat. The last sentence had felt as if it was whispered directly into his ears. He was terrified.

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