SuperHero Summoning

Chapter 7 - Weak

”Rock wall! ”

Miyuki opened his eyes and a large wall of rock and mud rose from the ground. All the icicles shattered when they met with the wall.

E…Evel….Evelyn? ” He could barely mutter her name out. Evelyn ran up to the blood-soaked, lying Miyuki from behind.

”Miyuki! ”Miyuki! Get up! I need your help! Please get up! ” She started to sob. ”Evelyn? ” Miyuki couldn barely keep his eyes open, and even then he couldn see with the blood in his eyes.

The rock wall was sliced in half vertically, one side crumbled instantly. Isaiah walked through the dust. ”Looks like your pathetic peasant friend died. What a shame. ” He walked towards Evelyn. She quickly got up and made a sword with rock and quickly swung for the well-dressed man. Their elemental blades met.

His ice blade shattered and he was thrown back by her stone sword. He quickly created a new ice sword and met her blade again, but his new sword also broke. Back-to-back, he kept making new ice swords since each one was shattered by each of her swings.

But little did Evelyn know was that Isaiah made icicles behind her. ”I know your durability is quite strong, but I do know thin blades and edges can pierce you. ” He chuckled.

”Rock hammer! ” In an instant, she made a giant, rock mallet and struck Isaiah and sent him flying down the block. She quickly turned around and saw the hundereds of thin and large icicles.

”Rock wall! ” A wall was made in front of her, but it was quickly broken by the large icicles. Over and over, wall after wall, broken by the ice spikes. Then thin ones started going with the thick ones, sneaking past the new walls she would make.

Miyuki, still laying in his pool of blood, watched the whole situation escalate. He couldn do anything to help. He already lost.

Miyuki noticed Isiah with a thin sword, silently walking up behind Evelyn. Miyuki tried to scream out, but he couldn .

Evelyn started receiving small and thin cuts around her body and clothing. She was struggling to keep making new walls. She was running out of mana. Evelyn heard something, but it was too late when she realized what it was.

She quickly turned around and was met with a blade to the stomach. Pierced through her torso. ”Bitch. ” Isaiah uttered before pushing the sword in deeper. Evelyn gasped in pain, and she started coughing up blood.

Miyuki noticed the icicles, that were now behind her, were going to hit and kill her.

”Evelyn! No! ” An extreme surge of energy was felt throughout Miyukis body, in terrible pain, he got up. ”Evelyn! ” The surge of energy, flowing throughout his body, finally put his body into action.

In an instant, he sprinted towards Isaiah and socked him in the temporal. Sending Isaiah yards down the road. Miyuki then quickly turned around and grabbed Evelyn before the icicles could strike her, and took her to the other side of the street. He had laid her down soft and gently.

”Evelyn please don die. ”

He checked to hear if her heart was still beating. It was.

He looked down, his hands were soaked with blood. Was it hers? His? Both?

”Evelyn you can die! ”

The tears started rushing through.

”I won let you die! ”

I won let you die! ”

He checked her heart again. ”It has to be beating. ”

It wasn .

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