SuperHero Summoning

Chapter 8 - Royal Beating



”Wake up! Please! This is important! ” Miyuki started shaking her at this point. This was an extremely dire situation.

”W-what? Why are you in my room? ” Lillith bolted awake and pushed Miyuki off her bed. ”What are you doing? Why we
e you in my bed? We
e you trying to touch me? ” Lillith assumes he had ill intentions to come into her room at this time of night.

”No, its Evelyn, shes dying! You
e coming with me, you can heal her. ” Miyuki got close and took her hand into his.

”I have super-speed. ” He revealed it to her. ”What!? ” She was surprised that he had magical abilities and super-human abilities. This was not a common occurrence, it was extrememly rare for someone to have both.

”Just hold my hand tight, this will probably be uncomfortable for you. Or maybe itll be fine, i dont know yet. She giggled a little, she gripped his hand tighter.

”I just have to feel that energy again. I have to let it flow throughout my body again. ” He briefly thought to himself.

”Why is there blood all over you!? ” But his train of thought was abruptly interrupted by Lillith. ”Like I said, Evelyn is in danger, some dude is trying to kill her, I **ed up and she is going to die because of me! Thats why Im here! I need your help! ”

Miyuki started sobbing. ”I can try, but I won be too much help. ” She consulted him and wiped away his tears. ”Its okay Miyuki. You can do this. ” She wiped more tears that fell. Miyuki went silent.

Miyukis grasp on her hand got tense. ”Okay. I can do this. ” He uttered briey. He felt the energy flow throughout his body. He was ready again. His body had lit up with dark sparks.

”I can do this. ”

”You can do this, Miyuki. ”

”I can do this! ”

One foot went in front of the other and he took a break for it. He made sure to hold on to her firmly, he didn want to lose another close friend on the same day. He wasn familiar with this feeling yet, being able to run at such incredible speed. It made him feel free, in a way. It made him feel like he was unstoppable.

It made him like a superhero.

Maybe he can be a hero.

Maybe he can be Evelyns hero.

In what felt like seconds, he zoomed past all the houses and shops. The view was quite unique, and incredible when he was running like this. While searching around, he had spotted Evelyns soon-to-be, deceased body. The two of them finally made it safely and came to a stop next to Evelyn.

”Lillith, please, you need to heal her, shes dying. Miyuki fell to his knees, he could barely stand, his legs felt like they could peel off of his bones. The sight of the girl he had quickly grown to love, dead, was beyond painful for him. ”I caused this to happen, I was too weak to get up when I was injured. I was too weak to help her. ”

”I need you to heal her, she needs you. ”

”But I don know how to heal properly. ” Lillith was shaking, her best friend is presumably dead, and shes the only person who can help Evelyn. He was giving her a lot of pressure. She had mounds of doubt in her mind. She can do it.

”You can do it Lillith, you told me I can do it, Im gonna tell you that you can do it. ”

She quickly remembered their brief conversation not too long ago.

Maybe she can do it.

”Okay, Ill try. I have to save Evelyn! ” Lillith got down on her knees, she spread her palms onto the wound in Evelyns stomach and started chanting ”Heal. Heal. Heal. ” continuously. Faint white and green lights started dancing around the two girls.

Miyuki didn understand if the healing chants worked, but he couldn ask at that moment. He had business to take care of. He had to find the royal. He had to avenge Evelyn.

”Where is that royal **er? ” Miyuki scanned everywhere, but Isaiah was nowhere to be found. He stood back up to look around again. The hairs on the back of his neck shot up.

A sensation.

A warning?

He spun back to look at the two girls, and observed something. A spear of ice was soaring towards Lillith. Without thinking, Miyuki dashed in her direction, narrowly catching the spear. He threw it onto the ground. The ice dissolved into the air. He spotted Isaiah.

”You..have a lot of nerve to still try to kill us. I don care if you
e a royal. Ill **ing kill you. ”

Miyuki sprinted towards his opponent, Isaiah. Within a second he managed to land a devastating blow on his lower jaw, sending him tumbling tens of feet down the pavement. In an instant, Miyuki caught up to his flying body, reaching out and getting a hold of his legs. He swung Isaiah, raising their velocity and threw him at a house nearby. After the crash, he followed his opponent into the rubble.

Miyuki unsheathed his sword when he walked through the gaping hole. He observed the surroundings around him. He couldn spot the royal anywhere in the dark home.

”I know you
e in here! ” Miyuki shouted.

Miyuki stood there, gripping the hilt hard. He focused all his energy into listening. He heard the sound of water dripping. He focused on where the sound was coming from.




Miyuki spun to his left and caught Isaiahs frozen blade.

”You are very quick peasant. But you still won be able to stop me from getting the princess. ” He pushed Miyuki back.

”You don understand, peasant. I need the girl to save my family. If I turn her into the Black Parade, theyll leave us alone. ”

Miyuki was frozen for a moment.

The Black Parade?

They were in his dream, they wanted Evelyn.

Why does he know them?

How does he know them!?

”What!? How do you know them!? They we
e in my dream! They wanted Evelyn. They said they knew where I was and they were going to hunt me down. You work for them!? ” He was terrified by this revelation.

”No I don work for them, Im just helping them so they can leave my family alone. But I have to kill you because you keep getting in the **ing way. ” He swung for Miyuki and their swords met. ”Even if I can kill you, the Black Parade will find you and the princess, and slaughter you both! ”

”Alright you royal **er, Im not listening to your shit any longer. ” He swung for his opponent, barely catching the others sword. He then kicked out Isaiahs legs, causing him to collapse. Now with his guard was down, Miyuki took his chance to grab him by the collar, and sprinted through the wall, bursting through with intense force. Miyuki yelled out in agony as the bones in his left arm were crushed.

But he couldn care. The adrenaline was pumping through his veins. He darted down the streets, with Isaiah barely in his grasp. ”Let go of me! Ill have you killed for this! ” He began to swing his sword around but his efforts were futile. Miyuki used his free hand to grab him by the hair, and with both hands, pushed the back of Isaiahs head into the pavement as he ran.

He was screaming as the back of his head and nape was being slowly etched away by the road. A blood trail followed them throughout the ordeal. ”You piece of shit, Im going to kill you! ” He cried out as his head was being torn. He had to think of something quick.

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