Alex tried to find his next new target until the demon eggs started have cracked.

” Shit… Those eggs already had started to get hatched. I need to change stategy. ” Alex curse.


Alex open his system panel and quickly brought up the customization sector.

When he thought of his first creation. His creation this time must have the two main uses. First, it will able to help him kill demon and harvest soul. Second, something that can make body of demon useful.

Earlier, when he devoured his egg shell, he find himself getting stronger a little bit. He knew that demon have magical energy. So he wouldn let those things get waste.

Unexpectedly, His first thought was a tree.

Alex choose a blank page on the interference and started working on it. He started to imagine the tree and its function.

A strange tree immediately shown in the page. However when he tried to save and complete its creation. The process won proceed because it need a lart number of soul.

Helplessly, Alex can only change his approach. He started to draw, since there is no mouse he could only draw with the brush tool using his hand directly.

Alex had already have ideas, first instead of drawing the tree directly, he would draw seed instead.

He then use the keyboard function to right its name, Demonic Divine Tree Seed.He started writing definition for this demon divine tree.

[Demonic Divine Tree Seed]

Skill 1: Magic Absorption

Demonic Divine Tree Seed can absorbed abyss magical energy or demons to grow.

skill 2: Bind

It can trap and bind demon. It will absorbed any trap demon for it to growth and bear fruit.

Definition 1: Host can control it by using his thought. It won attack the host.

Definition 2: It won attack any creatures that brought danger or threaten to its existance.

Definition 3: can grow

Special Attribute 1: Magical fruit bearer

Definition: It would be able to bear fruit. Its fruit contain magical energy. It will strengthen and evolve the host.

Special Attribute 2: Fusion

Definition: Host can absorbed and fused with the tree itself to strengthen himself.

Alex finally done adding its definition and special effects. Looking from it skills, several definition and special Attribute, he felt his souls might not be enough for it creation. However, he was shocked to find that he actually managed to save and create it.

Looking at the Inventory where his Demonic Divine Tree Seed. Alex was so shocked that he managed to create despite its Skills, several definition and special attributes.

After thingking for a while, he managed to knew the reasons behind it.

It was simple because the seed itself wasn alive and its definition and special effects only acts as like a genetic code or program like in a computer or app.

Seed itself is in the middle of death and life. Its definition and special effects only started to show or take effect if it was already growing as a tree.

Alex discovered a loophole. He keep these loopholes in his mind.

Looking at the definition and special effects, He was greatly satisfied at his worked.

According to his vision, as what it says, Demonic Divine Tree Seed will absorbed abyss magical energy or demons for nutrients to grow. Alex get this idea from a demon tree in mythical tree back on his past life.

Abyss magical energy is the only magical energy the abyss produced. Only demonic creatures can stand against it and used. Any none abyss or demonic creatures will be corrupted upon its exposure on abyss magic energy.

It can trap and bind any creatures. Alex gave these skill so that trapped for absorption, kill and help him.

Alex don want it to attack himself, so he make that he is the only person it won attack, after all whats the used of creating it if attacked its owner. And he can control this using his thought if he wanted.

Alex created this thing not like an alive creature more like a program AI robot. Demonic Divine Tree will only do what Alex program on it.

He did not create this tree same as those tree of life or world tree on novels that have consciousness or spirit. He only created this thing as killing weapon not something fancy, moreover his afraid of that it might rebel one day like one on those novel.

Alex hates those kind of stuff and it pretty much brainless. And thinking one day it will backstab him, makes him sent shiver down to his spine.

One of its definition was like a sensor so that the tree won attack any dangerous creatures or creatures that might bring threat to it. Alex didn want it do get destroyed by brainlessly attacking stronger demons. It might even bring trouble to him. He also adds definition that it can grow.

Alex did not forget his intention for making it by making himself strong, not just a weapon. So he add special attribute by making it capable of bearing fruit. Its fruit contains magical energy and can strengthen him. He get this idea from biblical story of Adam and eve.

Alex also didn want it to become a waste tree after using it. He add the last attribute, making it possible for him to absorbed the whole tree transferring its power to him

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