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Bloody Battle Royale

Alex pull the seed from the Inventory. It looked strange as it has black lines. He slowly started to walked toward the dead demon body and place the seed on the demons broken head.

The seed immediately wiggled and thin roots started to grow and swarm towards the demon inner body.

Leaves with mix black and red color started to grow from the seed. The demon body started to get smaller and dryer as the roots started to get bigger and several vines started to grow at the same time.

The demon body and blood started to shrink smaller and thinner from the Demonic Divine Tree absorption itself.

Demonic Divine Tree grows larger and the demon body burst into pieces. The roots immediately started to surge towards the other two demon dead bodies.

Alex was kept looking at spine chilling scene that happening in front of him.

The roots started to drill out on the ground, the others were binding the two dead demon bodies while absorbing its nutrition and magical energy.

After absorbing the two demon bodies, its several roots and vines continued to flock on the demon eggs. Wrapping it with root like an Egyptian mummy or spiders food.

The Demonic Divine Tree continue to grow more bigger as it eat more and more eggs. The little demon inside eggs were beginning to break free.

The roots absorption begun to slowed down as those alive little demons force to broke free from its swaddles. Even if the roots had already enveloped and tied up several demons, nevertheless its process was slowing because of those little demons resistance.

However what Alex didn know was that other eggs already had hatched and started to crawl out of the eggshell.

Its sound had caught Alex attention. Alex immediately turn to look as what it was

Alex wasn that shocked as what he had saw as he was already prepared that it might happen sooner or later.

However what scares Alex was because his Demonic Divine Tree still was still killing and absorbing those demons, and do not have the time to help him even if he control it. Alex was sure that those demons would definitely targeted him as he looked weaker them.

Demons were creatures that love to bully weaker than them.

Alex remembered his system and try if he still had souls.

Alex decided to summoned the system and saw that the Number of Souls in his possession main attribute are of the system had changed from, Low Quality-Souls ( 3 ) to Low Quality-Souls about to disappeared ( 1 ).

If he did was not guess wrong, tha remaining soul should be the remains from his collected souls earlier. What he did not expect was that after his Demonic Divine Tree materialize, the souls still had some remaining small fragment soul and did not disappeared completely.

Alex also unexpectedly found earlier that the system would completely disappeared if he did not focused his thought in it.

Back to the topic..

Alex decided to create weapon for himself, as human that live in a modern word. His first thought while thinking on weapons was gun however he quickly erased this plan considering the amount of soul he had currently possessed.

This time, he instead draw a long sword and quickly used text function to define the sword he just draw.


Definition 1: Arm extension function. The user would felt connection to the sword and can use the used the sword like an extension on his arm.

Special Attribute 1: Poison.


Alex add the Sword definition in order to help him in using the sword in the upcoming battle. Alex did not have a single knowledge about swordmanship in his past life and he did not know to use it.

He only watch in anime, movies and comics or read on novel but he knows that actual life and death battle was different.

He add the definition so that even if he did not have sword skills, he can used the sword like part of his body in his fight against those savage demon.

Alex also add the point attribute on the sword, his actual thought was to put point special effects like holy magic or demon slayer but as reality reminded him that he only have tiny soul, instead he decided to add poison effect.

It might not effectively poison his opponent to the point of death at least it can achieved of slowing the mobility and weakening his enemy.


As their had arrived, demons started hatching as they crawled out of their eggs.

Alex what the scene with caution. He did not possessed a slightest feeling of comradeship with these little demons.

However, as he noticed something. The little demons born now we
e different when he was born. Most of their body was relatively dry, and there was not left mocus on their shell. Unlike Alex eggshell that have lots of mocus that almost drown him to death, and even cause his body to be wet as when he emerged.

The little demons hatched one after another, and their forms were different. Some species could fly from birth, they back insect type wings on their back. Some of there were humanoid like Alex however they do not have human like appearance at all as succubus and they looked savage. While some of them had beast forms demon with their limbs on the ground. There were also insect type like insect like type demons with many legs. Their colors were also different. Most of them were blackish red, there was also dark gray, cyan and overlapping skin.

Little demons broke out of their shells, and the entire cave suddenly became demonic den.

This scene was like Alien and Jurassic park movie back on earth.

Because of bloodline, racial division were present present among the demons as well.

Low rank demons had complex bloodline, making them weaker and looked disgusting.

Was it possible for them not to attack me because looked high rank demons? The answer is no. Those little demons were brainless even if they get inheritance and they would definitely attacked each other.

Driven by their instinct , those little demon started to devour their shells once they got out. The entire cave was brimming with the sounds of rustling and clattering as the little demons munched away their shells, which might cause enochlopbhia for a normal person.


Alex realization earlier was right on the spot as he saw those little demons was stronger than him.

After a while, the little demons finished devouring their shells.

They started to realized the demon tree that was eating eggs, however instead of attacking it. They seemed not care of its existence, as they looked at the others unhatched eggs. Large number demon eggs were still unhatched.

The little demons picked up a cooled up lava stone or their choiced weapon and started to to smashed the unhatched eggs.

The eggs immediately got cracked from the impact and the little demons continue to hit until the demons inside died. They immediately grab the light ball that was soul and swallowed it whole directly.

Those little demons began to trembleand as they entered the state of ecstasy. This should be Soul Devouring Addiction in the demons nature.

Alex watched this scene without doing anything. He knows that this was the law of abyss.

Alex looked away and looked at his nearby little demons. Alex do not want to get attack first as he wanted to initiate himself to have advantage.

After founding his target, Alex pulled the sword from the system inventory.

Holding his sword that was shaking. From his expression, it was clear that he felt scared right now.

You can blame him either, even if he was CEO in his past. He was still normal human, who did not even experienced big fist fight. How can someone like him expect to fight these scary looking demons.

Alex strengthen his gripped on the sword, making out his mind up. He dashed toward the little demon.

The little immediately demon sensed Alex movement. After checking out how particularly looked weak Alex, the little demon glared at him with menacing eyes and Alex was frozen in fear.

When it saw how weak and scared this little demon in front of him was, the little demon smiled even more menacingly. Its smile makes it more scary.

Without thinking any further, he quickly dashed towards Alex with its eyes shining brightly.

Alex quickly shakes his fear. He resolute and brace himself up.

Alex raised his sword before stabbing it down in crude way with all of his strength.

Because the little demon excitedly charged towards Alex, It did not have time to dodge as he was already in front of Alex.

The sword stabbed right through the demons upper left chest, pinning it down the ground. Blackish red blood comes out from his wound.


It roared in pain, angrily looking at the weak creature in front of him. It still did not have ideao when or how this weak demon hurt his body.

The demon tried to moved his body from the ground and attack Alex. However, he find his body numb and having hard in moving it.

The Poison was working. Alex immediately thought.

Seeing that the demon still had not died, Alex panicked. He raised his leg and stamped on poor little demon chest. He add strength to his sword pushing it deeper to its chest. He pulled the sword and stabbed again in the its heart this time.

More and more blackish red blood comes out from the little demons wounds.

”Roooaarrr!! ”

Of course, Alex did not care the little demons roar as he kept attacking and stabbing the little demon. Until it stop roaring and moving.

Demon blood sprayed on his body. More blood covered his entire self.

He took a deep breath as he calm his racing heart and boiling blood.

Of course, he had already witness this huge amount of the blood before as he killed those 3 little demons earlier.

However, as a normal human before, he hasn experienced this fearsome yet exciting battle, let alone the being cause it.

He then glanced at the demons body, he picked up his sword and wipe the blood on his face.

Alex stood up expressionless, he collected the little demon soul and stored it in the system.

He withdraw his attention from the system and looked for his new target. After a while, He rushed towards another little demon.

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