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Bloody Battle Royale

poison. Alex signed with relief.

Only wound left, however he saw the blood already stopped flowing. Considering his past life, wounds like this wasn painful for him at all. He just priorities the poison that might worsen his body and affected his battles.


While Alex was fighting the demon.

The other little demon have already killed all the unhatched eggs. After they experienced their first meals. They immediately got addicted.

However, when those demons had found out that not a single unhatched eggs left.

They started attacking each other. The stronger killed weaker.

A battle royale

In an instant, the cave had turn into large bloody war. Fights could be scene everywhere.

Flying type demon used their flight advantage to attack smaller demons.

A beast type demon was bitting the throat of an humanoid demon. He then pulled the demon throat using his massive fang, blood gushed out.

Three humanoid type demon teamed up and sherd a small demon. When the soul come out from. The body. One demon quickly used his hand grab the ball of light ahead of others.

However, how could the other two won let him claim the price? A fight happened between three, quickly weaken themselves.

When other demons saw the three weakening demons, they immediately had attack them as demon love to fight weaker than them.

River of bloods and small mountain of corpse started to piled up.

Amidst there fight, the demonic tree had already become bigger and stronger. As it warps and absorb all dead demons.

The souls of killed demons by the tree was stored inside its trunk. After absorbing or killing a demon, the tree cold only keep it as it do not have special Attribute or talent as demon.

When demon saw the tree was robbing the dead bodies, they got furious. Demons have treat those dead bodies as their trophy or possession, and now they saw that someone was snatching their trophy. They immediately attack the demonic.

However, instead of destroying the vines, it actually attacked them.

The tree vines thrust on their body, gradually weakening them as it started to bind them using roots and vines. Making them looked like a spider food.

Moments later.

Those fighting demons had stopped, as the demons finds that all the remaining demons was as strong as them if not stronger.

They looked at direction where a small bloody demon compared to them holding sword, frantically killed other demons. Making they
e knees shake.

They saw that the frightening demon had slowly falling down, making they
e petrified face turn into smiles.

As they wanted to take advantage to kill the demon, a roots had suddenly attacked them.

The demons immediately got mad and used they
e claws to destroyed the roots.

These demons quickly found out that these roots was actually stronger than them.

The vines stabbed a demon and wrapped its whole body. The demon tried to break free however with how big and strong, everything was meaningless with absolute strength.

The vines continued to hunt the remaining large number of demons.


After Alex drink the antidote, he felt that the numb on his arm had gradually disappeared. He immediately got up.

However, what he had saw scared the hell out of him.

A Large battle was happening.

One the cave, the trying devouring the weak. From time to time, the stronger demons killed their prey and swallowed the souls of these weaker demons, leaving no chance for other demons.

Seeing, this Alex immediately thought of taking advantage of the situation.

The importance of souls to Alex, who had the system, was self evident. He wanted to take advantage of weaker demons to collect souls and slowly adapt to their law.

Alex making his mind, he started to attack.

He continued killing demons non stop, some were sneak attacks, some were one on one fights and sometimes, he even sneak attacks by a strong demon but Alex fight as he gets a lots of injury and wounds.

Alex drinks antidotes and draw healing medicines to continue in battle. He accumulates fighting experience as he control fighting. Hes fighting senses develop at a frightening speed.

Alex felt that he grow stronger as he fight. Well, not really getting strong. He just learned how to properly used his strength and body.

Alex entered battle mode. As his thought only focus on killing his opponent. His fighting with a cold and expressionless face.

Alex snapped out of his battle mode as he felt his bodys strength gradually losing. He killed his opponent by stabbing on its heart and use his last strength to stored its soul to the system.

As Alex body little by little falling down, he uses his thought to control the Demonic Divine Tree. He wanted it to protect him and attack the remaining demons.

Alex consciousness went blank and before his body completely fall to the ground. Vines came out and support him. It wrapped his body and bring him inside the tree trunk.

The tree then started attacking the remaing demons as what its owner ordered him.

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