…!!! ”

”Kekeke….kekeke…..kekeke!!! ”

Loud wicked laughters filled across the street. I saw a demon pulled my mom towards the large smoke.

”Alex ”


No. Please don !

Not my mother!

Not a single words was coming out of my throat. I keep shouting while ran towards my mom. However, as I started towards my mother.

A sudden massive and long vines come out if nowhere. It wrapped at my body and started pulled me back in the house.

Shit….not now, please.

Although, I found these vines strangely familiar. I definitely saw this vines somewhere. Not in my dreams but somewhere.

Get away from me.

Let me go!

I tried to forcedly get the vines off from me but I despaired as reality tells me, the difference between my strength compared to the vines.

Please!! Don take my mother! Anything as long as its not my mother.

I could only watched my mom gradually disappearing little by little. I realized how weak and powerless I am. I can protect anyone without strength.

The vines had completely binded me as it pulled myself inside the house.

I felt despaired and hopeless. The blood dripped from my mouth as I bite my lips.

I used my full strength to try to get out from the situation but I find my strength draining little by little.

In the last moment, as I saw my mother had completely disappeared. I screamed out loud, realizing that my voice had returned.

”Mom!! ”

I shouted loudly. My sight went black.

I felt like I was falling in deep dark cold hole.


”Mom!!! ”

The unconsciously Alex suddenly woke up and shouted.

”Eh… Where am I? Alex asked confusedly. Hes eyes were crying.

”Mom!!…. Where is my mother? No, I need to help my mother. ” Anxious Alex tried to stand.

Instead he cough a mouthful of blood.

He suddenly felt his body was heavy. Its not that his body was heavy but because his body won or can listen to his brain command.

Alex looked at his body and found that his body was small. He was shocked. Whats more shocking was his whole body was covered with blood.

He had small small and feet. He had become child. The difference was he had sharp nails.

Alex mind run at full speed. When all his memories came back, he immediately remembered his situation.

He remembered he died and was reborn as a demon. This place was called endless abyss.

When all the little demons hatched, he had decided to hunt them and collect souls for his system.

There is no problem at all he keep fighting and healing himself at the same time.

However, when Alex mind suddenly a entered strange battle mode.

Hes mind became clear and the only thing he think was to kill and fight.

It might not be a problem if his body was bigger and stronger. However, in reality, his child body can take the burden of an intense fight for a long time at all.

Having experiencing this state for the very first time. Alex can not stop himself from fighting until his strength had vanished and fall unconscious.

Anyway, now that he had remembered everything. He realized that he had a nightmare.

A strange and scary nightmare.

”Heh…nightmare? I do not think it was a normal nightmare at all. ”

Alex think that those nightmares were very strange. Imagined waking up because of a nightmare when you actually found out that your still having a nightmare.

However, he felt thankful for having those nightmares as he those nightmares made him realized how powerless and weak he was.

Alex found that he had become overconfident after having system. He thinks like he was a novel main character.

Alex think, that this way of thinking was dangerous and might cause his life.

It made him realized that this was reality and not some story or novel.

Every wrong moved or decision would lead to a serious consequences.

It woke me up from my delusions.

Having experienced those nightmares strengthen his will if becoming stronger.

Only by becoming strong he can protect his love ones.

” I miss mom. ”

”I am sure mom was having hard time right. She would definitely be sad and lonely because of my death. ”

Alex suddenly had a bad premonition. He felt that a something will happen to him or his mother.

It might be better if this disaster was for him but if it was for his mother. Alex do not know what to do.

”No, I must become stronger faster. ” Alex resolutes himself as he show his serious and firm expression.

”Wait, where am I? Alex stop thinking and looked at his surrounding.

He saw vines forming a protective cover at his body.

He remembered that the he actually ordered the Demonic Divine Tree to protect him before falling unconscious.

”I see, thankfully the tree protected me or else. I could not imagined what would happen if I fall unconscious without protection. ”

Thinking of the possible outcome made Alex felt a strong chill in his spine.

”I was careless. ”

Now, after sorting his thoughts.

Alex was dumfounded as he saw how bad his condition. His body was full of wound. Wounds from bites and claws shown all over his body.

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