with a very shocked faced.

Alex mouth was wide opened. He used his hand to rub at his eyes to checked if was hallucinating.

He even pinched his face to make sure he was not dreaming.

After confirming that he was not having hallucinating or dreaming.

Alex shocked expression turn into a big smile and he laughed crazily.

”Hahahahaha ”

”What a great harvest. ”

Alex was overjoyed and said cheerfully.

He saw large number of souls gathered on a particular area inside the tree.

He immediately knew that those souls were gathered by the tree. The tree only absorbed magical and life energy of the demons.

Alex was afraid that the souls of the demons that the tree killed might not collected and left outside

It did not have the talent to eat souls.

Earlier, he also planned to let the tree collected the souls of those it killed.

He did not expected that the Demonic Divine Tree actually collected the souls inside.

He guess that the tree might tried to absorbed the souls but it failed as it did not have the skill and could only collected it.

Alex quickly ran towards the souls as if it was his bride.

”My babies. ”

The souls immediately disappeared as Alex quickly stored the souls inside his the system.

He saw that the number of souls possession he had was ( 163 ).

Alex smiled grow bigger as he realized how big his harvest.

Alex shakes did not immediately used those souls to upgrade himself. Instead, he decided to go outside to checked the situation.

He did not want to get distracted while using his system.

The tree slowly opened a hole for Alex to used. Alex carefully came out.

He saw countless of massive roots and vines interweaves. A large number of butterfly like cocoon was hanging.

Alex knew that it was demons that had been trapped or killed by the tree.

Base on the number of demons he saw before falling unconscious and the number of demons that were still in processed of absorption.

He could only guess that he might unconscious for 3-4 hours. Considering the speed of absorption.

Alex realized that there were no more demons and everyone of them died.

He also noticed that the tree did not grow upward and instead grow sideways.

It already had occupied the entire cave and started drilling the ground.

After checking the situation, Alex signed in relief and decided to go back inside the tree.

He sat down in the wooden floor and fall into deep thinking.


After thingking for a while, Alex decided to strengthen his entire body.

He summoned the system if he could empowered himself with the system.

Alex carefully observed the system to find a function that would help him.

His gazed fell unto two hard statistics headings.

[Strength: 12]

[Agility: 10]

Suddenly, a new button appeared.


Alex was shocked and curious with this button. Suddenly, he felt enlightenment in his mind. It was the system that pass its function and used.

Alex realized at this moment how deep the system inside him, he felt like he and the system was one. It was fused unto him.

After receiving the information, Alex knew he could increased his Strength and Agility by using souls.

Alex understood and nodded slightly.

He thought for a moment and decided to add 10 souls to his strength.

Not too long after, a burning sensation appeared from within his body and quickly spread throughout his torso and limbs.

The burning sensation turn into pain.

All his bones were getting stronger. He felt his body was growing slowly. The pain was caused by his growth of his body and bones.

Alex realized at this moment that he was actually growing a little bit.

The process stopped. Alex looked at the system.He found his strength increased a little and his agility increased a one point.

Name: Alex( changeable)

Race: Demon

Bloodlines: Succubus, Dark Titan( Chaotic )

Note to the host:( Unbalanced Bloodline )will weakened the host over the time and might lead to death

Hierarchy: Zero Order ( Bottom Of The Low Rank )

Attributes: Dark, Wind, Lightning

Strength: 17

Speed: 11

Magic Energy: 8

Charm: 80


Skills: None

Number of souls: 153

Alex realized that using souls to increased his attributes would need a huge amount of souls.

His 10 souls only increased a little in his strength. He felt that upgrading this way ineffective as it was slow and need a large number soul.

Alex shaked his head and decided to drew a strengthening agent like those in movies from his past life.

Strengthening agent might cost a huge amount of souls however he think that it would definitely bring huge benefit if things go according to his planned and imagination.

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