Sword God in a World of Magic

Chapter 1- Shooting Stars

Chapter 1- Shooting Stars

Knock, knock, knock.

Someone knocked on a wooden door.

No answer came.


The door opened slowly, and an immaculately dressed person stepped in. It was a man with white hair, but it was a bit difficult to discern his age. Even though he had white hair, which obviously came from old age, there were no wrinkles on his face. If one only looked at his face, one might believe that he was rather young.

However, appearances often deceived.

If someone heard of this person ’s age, they wouldn ’t be able to believe whoever told them.

The man looked around the room with professional eyes.

It was a small study filled with all kinds of books, scriptures, tomes, and papers. An unbelievably soft, violet carpet was strewn across the ground, and a cozy fire crackled in the fireplace.

The man ’s eyes looked at the back of the room.

Another man was sitting on a chair behind a mahogany desk. Several papers were strewn across the desk, and the man practically lay in his chair, his head looking upward.

The man at the door slightly shook his head and walked over.


He slightly kicked the table.

”Oh, wha- huh? Oh, good morning, Wester, ” the man who had just been sleeping said after recovering from the shock. He was an old man with gentle facial features, and everyone that saw him would believe him to be a nice grandpa.

”It ’s evening, sir, ” Wester, the butler, said to the old man.

”Oh, already? ” the old man asked in confusion as he looked around his room. ”I was working on this year ’s reward for the Clan Tournament. Guess I lost track of time, ” he said.

”Mhm, ” Wester uttered, deciding not to comment on how he had found his master napping.

”What? You don ’t believe me? ” the old man asked with an offended expression. ”Look! It ’s over there, ” he said.

A tome started to float from the desk and stopped in front of Wester.

Wester took the tome, opened it, and scanned through it.

”An Element-Neutral King Rank Spell, ” Wester commented. ”You didn ’t read the dossiers about the candidates, did you? ” Wester asked.

The old man felt like he had been found out.


Wester put his hands on the stacked dossiers on the table, making it impossible for the old man to peek at them.

The old man groaned. ”Fine! Fine! ” he groaned, ”but it doesn ’t really matter, does it? Element-Neutral Spells are worth more than Element-Specific Spells anyway. ”

”Sir, if you keep creating Element-Neutral Spells for every tournament, the other Clans will start believing that we don ’t care about the tournament, ” Wester commented.

The old man groaned again. ”Fine! I ’ll just create one for every Element, and you can choose whichever you want to hand out in the future tournaments. ”

Wester put the Element-Neutral King Rank Spell under his arm but didn ’t comment on the old man ’s words.


The old man felt a bit awkward as his butler only stood before him, not saying anything.

”Do you need something else? ” the old man asked.


”The Child of Calamity has vanished, ” Wester said.

The old man was a bit taken aback as he looked at Wester with skepticism. ”Vanished? Did he flee? Why would he? He had money, freedom, status, a family, everything. What happened? ”

”We don ’t know, ” Wester said. ”When our people arrived at his home for their monthly visit, he was simply gone. ”

”Did you search for him? ” the old man asked.

”Of course, sir, ” Wester answered. ”I sent the seventh legion to search through every particle of the surrounding 50,000 kilometers. As a mere Apprentice, he couldn ’t possibly have traveled further, and we would have noticed any spatial fluctuations. However, we still couldn ’t find him. ”

The old man scratched his chin in thought. ”Not even the other Clans could have hidden something like that. Additionally, they would only be shooting a fireball in their own faces by taking him away. I ’m certain that he hadn ’t had any help. ”

”That only means that his Affinity has claimed his own life. That would also explain why you can ’t find a trace of him, ” the old man muttered.

Wester nodded. ”That is also our assumption. ”

The old man also nodded. ”I presume you need the seal? ” he asked.

”Yes, sir. ”

The old man gestured with his hand for Wester to give him something, and a piece of paper appeared in the air, which then floated to the desk.

The old man looked at the paper and read it.

Then, he put his finger at the bottom of the piece of paper, and his finger shone with purple lightning for an instant.

”As always, ” the old man commented as the paper flew back to Wester.

”As always, ” Wester said.

Wester turned around, left the study, and wished the old man a good evening.

After Wester left, the old man looked with furrowed brows at the middle of the room.

The old man waved his fingers. Some water gathered in the air, and a clear pool formed.

The old man looked into the pool, and the pool reflected a seemingly infinite world.

The old man ’s eyes moved with rapid speeds as he scanned through every hidden corner of the world in the pool.

Ten seconds later, the pool vanished, and the old man laid back on the chair.

”Sure enough, he ’s gone. No trace of him. That ’s a new one, ” the old man mumbled to himself. ”I mean, Affinities can eat up their owners, so it ’s not really unbelievable. I

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