the sword.

Yet, the hit had already achieved its effect. Alex ’s sword was thrown to the side. Alex still managed to keep hold of his sword, but the trajectory of his jump had changed.

Alex had wanted to attack the bear from above, but he just passed it by on its upper left.
The bear quickly stood up onto its hind legs and tried to swipe at Alex again.

The bear ’s speed was incredibly fast, far faster than Alex had anticipated.

Alex put his sword in front of himself. He couldn ’t evade while being in the air, which meant that he could only block.


Suddenly, the ice beneath the bear broke, and the bear ’s hind legs fell into holes.

Because of that, the bear ’s swipe missed Alex.

’Just as I ’ve thought, ’ Alex thought as he landed on the other side, sliding away. ’The bear is already incredibly heavy. Obviously, the ice is sturdy and thick, but there has to be a limit to the ice ’s strength. It can resist the bear ’s weight when it ’s spread apart, but not when it ’s concentrated. ’

The bear shouted in frustration and pulled itself out of the ice.

At the same time, Alex put his sword into the ice again and changed his trajectory.

There was now a distance of 20 meters between them.

The bear turned to Alex.

Then, it charged forward, the ice cracking beneath its powerful strides.

Alex used his sword like a ski pole to control his trajectory and speed as he circled around the bear.

The bear came closer, and Alex used his sword to immediately and sharply change his trajectory.


Another powerful paw hit the ice, but Alex managed to evade it.

Alex continued sliding around, and the same thing repeated itself once again.

How was the bear not able to hit Alex? It shouldn ’t be that stupid, right?

Ever tried to hit a fly in the air with a hand?

It was difficult.


It wasn ’t because of the speed. After all, a human ’s hand could move faster than the fly.

No, the problem was the fly ’s ability to change trajectories in an instant.

This gave the fly the ability to evade things that were moving even faster than it.

The bear was faster than Alex, but Alex ’s sudden changes of trajectory were throwing it off.


The sound of something cutting could be heard as Alex slid around the bear.

The bear grew more frustrated as it realized that it couldn ’t hit Alex.


It formed another ice spear and shot it at Alex.


Alex blocked it with his sword. Then, he continued sliding around the bear.

The bear shouted in frustration and condensed another ice spear.

Suddenly, Alex changed his trajectory again and slid towards the bear.


Alex blocked the spear again and got stopped by it.

Suddenly, another spear appeared.


Alex was pushed back, and he fell onto his back due to the force, sliding away from the bear.

Another spear.


Due to Alex lying on the ground, the spear passed over him and buried itself in the ground behind him.


Alex slid right into the spear, and Alex frantically pushed himself away.

Alex had stopped his slide by using his free hand to stop himself by grabbing the spear. However, the Stalker ’s coat between Alex ’s hand and the spear froze in an instant!

This spear ’s temperature was frighteningly low!

If Alex had grabbed the spear directly, his free arm would have been frozen solid!

The frozen part of Alex ’s coat broke off like a piece of ice.

Alex quickly jumped to his feet and slid away again, barely dodging another ice spear.

Then, he slid towards the bear again, dodging another spear.

Suddenly, Alex jumped.

Alex looked with fiery eyes at the bear.

However, Alex gritted his teeth when he realized that the bear didn ’t stand up!

His entire plan hinged on the bear standing up!

Instead, another ice spear appeared above the bear.

Alex changed the position of his sword. He had wanted to strike the bear, but he had to block again.


Yet, Alex ’s eyes widened in horror as a second spear formed above the bear.

Then, both spears shot at Alex.

Alex couldn ’t block both of them!

He would get hit by one!

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