Chiwa. A beautiful, young woman who seems to be an anxious and overly obnoxious person. This trait of hers gets in the way of her socializing with other people properly.

”H…hi?! ” said Chiwa, trying to socialize with other people outside.

”Hey? ” the other person replied.

She immediately thought that they disliked her because of… whatever reason she just assumed.

Shes been like this since she was a child for some unknown reason, and her young brother notices this. When she became a teen, their parents moved out and traveled far and wide to gather resources for their familys well-being.

On that note, she decided that its best that she finds a place somewhere where she could work. Besides, his younger brother has always wanted to become a Medjay and, training costs a lot.

After looking at one place or another, she eventually stumbled upon a place called Ubels Inn. This was the last place she couldve gone to at that point since it was already nightfall

She applied to one of the staff members since the owner was not around, and she passed. But little did she realize, her beauty is bait for a lonesome mans desires.

Working in the inn was a nightmare. She constantly made mistakes that made her fail almost every task given to her. She always tended to forget a lot of mere stuff that she is supposed to do. And had always been an eyeful towards other workers.

This made her more anxious. More terrified of whats to come. But thats not it.

The non-stopping pain of working there never stopped, but rather, it became worse. Her boss, Ubel, started becoming predatory towards her.

He always forces her to engage in sensual actions, making her more terrified and despaired. No hope was ever to come on escaping this, especially if he continues to blackmail her.

The actions he made resulted in her being pregnant, and thus, making his scheme much more obscene. He threatened to kill the child if she, or any of the other workers, tell the medjays about the situation.

One night, a man wearing a heavy coat made her realize how much shes bearing on for the past years. She had realized that it was enough. Her pent-up anger and hatred couldn idle any longer.

On that same night, she waited patiently. Shes becoming insane, she doesn know why she has to do it, but she had to.

As the sun rose, Ubel still slept tight on his bed. Here, she decided, that its time to strike. She takes a machete in the kitchen and decapitates him.

Blood scattered around the bed as it also soaked her clothes. She dropped the machete and stares at the dead body.

She wanted to smile and feel the relief shes been desiring to look for, but she never did. She just felt terrified and afraid to herself for what she had done.

She knew that her actions had to come with a consequence. The Pharoah sees the future, and thus, she would be taken and be publicly executed.

There was a heavy robe hanging beside Ubels bed. She wore it and ran upstairs towards the man who got her in this situation.

» » ————- ¤ ————- « «

”Come in here, quick! ” Taihen shouts to Chiwa.

Idling at the door while you
e suddenly in a dangerous situation is a risky move, so Taihen lets Chiwa inside the room and locks the door from behind so no one can enter without permission. This also gives them time to decide what they
e going to do.

Chiwa walks around the room, trembling in terror as her indecisiveness adds to her well-awared panic. Shes clearly distressed and, as much as she didn want to be, disoriented.

”What do I do… ” Chiwa murmurs over and over again.

”Just calm down, alright? ” Taihen says. ”Calm down. ”

”HOW A-AM I SUPPOSED T…TO CALM DOWN! ” she replies, panicking intensely. ”I…I…I JUST D-DID SOMETHING H-HORRIBLE! ”

”Are those people outside looking for you? ” he asks as calmly as he could.

”Y-yes. ” she replies as she hyperventilates rapidly.

He addresses the situation carefully, observing every aspect of what happened before, and whats to come. ”And… you went up here for help? ”

”Yes… ” she answers.

”What exactly did you think I can help you with? ” he asks confusingly. ”If you wanted to escape, I don think going up here is the best choice… ”

She hurdles up on the floor, pulling her hair in dire hopelessness. ”I DONT KNOW! ” he says, continuing on weeping and sobbing in the uncertainty of what to come.

Taihen didn want to escalate the situation further, so he attempts to quiet her down more aggressively. ”SSSHHHH! ”


”OPEN UP THE DOOR! ” the man loudly commands from behind the door after continuously banging the door.

Time is running out. Both of them are in great danger since the people are starting to come up to this room. Poor Taihen, woken up from his sleep just to be pulled into this dangerous circumstance.

”Hide under the bed! ” Taihen tells Chiwa quietly in immediate response. ”QUICKLY! ”

Chiwa follows Taihens instructions as swiftly as possible. She panics, but manages to calm herself down.

”Wh…what will y-you do?! ” she asks as quietly as possible.


”I SAID OPEN THE DOOR! ” the man behind the door shouts more aggressively. ”IF YOU DONT OPEN THIS DOOR WE WILL BE FORCED TO BREAK IT DOWN! ”

There needed to be no hesitation. His actions need to be quick.

He thinks of possible stuff he could do, but he comes to a conclusion. He goes to the table and picks up the amulet to remove the time gem from it.

Then, he takes the time-traveling assistant device and inserts the time gem through its tube. ”Krys! ”

She overhears what Taihen says and recognizes it completely. ”K-krys?! ”



Yo my dude Taihen!

Its ya boy Krys! The-


”SSSHHHHH! ” Taihen silences the time-traveling assistant.

The device lowers its own volume, and the artificial intelligence automatically made itself whisper.




Whats happenin down there?


”I don have time to talk. ” he whispers. ”I need to send someone else back. ”



OH~ I see…

So the request is to send someone else back rather than you?




”Wh…who are you t-talking to? ” she asks, shivering.


The loud banging goes louder and harder, possibly indicating that the men behind the door are becoming distressed and irritated towards the silent response.

”ON THE COUNT OF 3, WE WOULD NOT HESITATE TO BREAK THROUGH THE DOOR AND OPEN FIRE! ” the man shouts extremely loud, inciting fear towards anyone listening.

”QUICK! ” Taihen shouts at the Krys device.



Bro… Just chill~

Im workin on it ~



”3 ”

”WHERE IS IT?! ” Taihen shouts softly. ”IM RUNNING OUT OF TIME! ”



Hand me to the person you wanna send back so ya boi could scan them

After that, Ill automatically deploy em without yah command



”Alright. ” he says, as hes pressured by the countdown at hand.

He crouches down and slides the device under the mattress where Chiwas currently hiding covertly. Seeing this baffles her as she has no idea what to do with it.

”What is this?! ” she shouts softly, almost as if shes screeching. ”What am I supposed to do-?! ”

”Hold it! ” he replies.

”2 ”

The countdown continues to pressure both of them to hurry up. Chiwa, with her desperation of absconding the terrifying reality of the current circumstance, immediately follows Taihens command and grabs ahold of the unusual device.

Taihen stands back up and shouts as loudly as he could whisper. ”Now Krys! ”




Request pendin; [I need to send someone else back.]

Scanning DNA of the person holding me…



Scan Complete; [Yuural, Chiwa] [17] [Female] [161 cm] [54.3 kg]

Location chosen; [Unnamed]

Period; [Jurassic]



”Jurassic?! ” Taihen asks in sudden confusion. ”Wait- I meant-! ”

”1 ”



Setup Complete…




As said, a blinding light emerges circling around Chiwa. It also punctures through the mattress as it goes on.

She didn know whats happening, and so she fears. ”Wh…what is this?! ”

”Damn it. ” Taihen speaks to himself. ”I forgot to place the correct command. ”

”YH- ”

She says another word as a reply, but before she could even finish, her voice echoes into the disappearance. The light dims down, and shes already gone.

”NOW! ” the men behind the door shouts as the countdown finished.

To his demise, the men outside bashes the door to the ground, storming in with their utmost alertness to the area. Taihen catches the surprise and immediately puts his hands up.

There were five men that stormed in with their spears gripped and bows pointed towards him. They
e all topless with only a cloth wrapped around their waist down. But the man in the middle wears very heavy armor.

The armored man walks towards Taihen. ”We are the Medjay. We are members of the elite force guarding higher and lower Egypt. ”

Taihen looks around and realizes the tensity of the situation. ”Wh…why are they pointing weapons at me? Did I do something? ”

They both stare at each other intently, yet awkward for Taihen because of their body differences. The armored man sighs.

”Stand down. ” the armored man commands his men which they immediately comply.

They lowered their weapons and relaxed. This gives Taihen a brief relief from the petrifying impression they gave him.

”A woman ran down the town to report an incident in which she said that there was a murder in the nearby inn. ” he adds. ”We asked them- or more specifically… ” – he sits down on the chair beside the desk – ”I asked them if they found someone suspicious. ”

”And…that person…is me? ” Taihen asks.

”Its not set in stone, honestly. ” the armored man replies. ”They described them as a person wearing a big, brown coat. ”

Taihen looks at himself and notices that he currently fits the bill for that description. But, also keep in mind that Chiwa was also wearing the exact same thing when she came inside here.

”When we arrived, we just so happened to witness the murderer run up the flight of stairs just outside your room. ” the man adds. ”People from the same floor as you also said that they heard loud banging here. ”

”I…I think its j-just a coincidence! ” Taihen says, trembling from his feet up.

”Such an unfortunate lead up of events to be this suspicious. ” he continues.

Taihen knows for a fact that Chiwa did it, and knows that he should tell them for the better of it since shes not here. But, as the coward he is, he lets his indulgence and inferiority get the better of him.

”Its not me. ” Taihen confesses in an attempt to persuade him.

The armored man stays silent for a brief moment and then decides to become intimidating. ”I call bullshit. ”

”What?! ” Taihen asks in confusion.

”Search the place up! ” he commands the crew idling the entire time. ”Make sure he doesn escape. ”

Two of the Medjays immediately grabs Taihen on both of his arms to keep him from going anywhere while the other two Medjays start searching the place up, leaving no spot left uncheck.

”Get off ME! ” Taihen demands in an attempt to escape the Medjays holding him, but he fails to do so.

The Medjays tighten their grip. ”Stop resisting! ” one of the Medjays commands.

One of the medjays has found the time-traveling device and reports it to their leader, the armored man, straight away.

”I have found an unusual item. ” the Medjay says as he hands over the device to him.

He seems to be looking at the device thoroughly as its design appears to be very strange to him. It baffles him to be deprived of the mystery because of the lack of information.

”What is this? ” he asks in desperate confusion.

”Don touch that! ” Taihen commands frustratingly.

”I already did. ” he replies. ”Is this a kind of…toy? Or a compartment? ”

”Its nothing. ” Taihen answers.

The commander didn take this nicely and gets frustrated by this. ”Do you think this is all a joke? ”

”I…didn … ” Taihen tells him.

He continues on scanning the object thoroughly, but it suddenly gets really aggressive. Taihen did not want the device to break now since its his only way out, which is pretty ironic since he just gave up the time gem he had for a girl he just met.

”STOP! ” Taihen shouts as he reattempts to break himself free from the Medjays grip. ”YOURE GOING TO BREAK IT! ”

Hearing this made him completely offended. ”Did you say something?! ”

The coward we know Taihen is, he stays silent. The armored commander stands up and walks towards him, but before he could go anywhere closer, he accidentally clicks the power button.




Heyyy! sup bro?

Its ya boy Krys! Your time-traveling partner!


Taihen couldn do anything. He thought of stopping Krys from speaking, but it would make him really suspicious.


Its cringe to keep saying assistant, so why not partner!

Anyway, how are you Tai…

Wait a second… you
e not Taihen.



Krys, the device, scans the holder, which is currently the armored man, and realizes that his DNA doesn match Taihens

”What is it doing?! ” he asks nervously. ”Its saying something but I can understand it. Is this all your doing?! ”



Scan Complete; [Moussa, Lukeman Maat] [22] [Male] [183.65cm] [75.5kg]

You ain my partner.

Kinda sus.




”SELF DESTRUCT?! ” Taihen shouts in disbelief and utter surprise.

”It will self-destruct?! ” Lukman shouts out in confusion.

”THROW IT! ” one of the guards yells out to Lukman

”NO- WAIT! ”



Self-destructing in 3…


As Lukman readies his posture to throw it, Taihen manages to escape the grasp of the Medjays and snatch Krys off his hand.





”KRYS STOP! ” Taihen shouts at the device as loud as he could. ”CANCEL IT! CANCEL! ”



Self-destruction on hold.


”Not on hold! ” he replies balked. ”Stop it! ”



Self-destruction canceled.

Shutting down I guess…




Hearing the sound of the device finally shutting down after its attempt to self-destruct inside the room, which would probably be the worst outcome. The relief of escaping a near-death experience is quite dazzling.

”What did you do!? ” one of the Medjays asks worriedly.

”I stopped it from exploding. ” Taihen replies.

Everyone in the room all sighs at the same time, letting out all of their worries and turn them into relief. Lukman doesn take this for granted and quickly carries Taihen off the floor.

”I have a lot of questions to ask you. ” Lukman says, locking his eyes with Taihen menacingly.

”WAIT- STOP! ” Taihen shouts at Lukman as the way hes being carried really annoys him. ”LET GO OFF ME! ”

”Medjays! ” Lukman calls out to the rest of the group. ”Pack up! Lets go back to our stations. Ill take care of this one myself. ”

As everyone packs their weapons to prepare to leave. It takes a shorty while since they didn really bring anything except their weapons and hostility. But before they could even storm out of the room, Ayla comes rushing in.

”WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE?! ” Ayla asks loudly and confused.

”Ayla! ” Lukman calls out.

”Ayla? ” Taihen asks confusingly.

She walks into the room with heavy, stomping footsteps. ”GET OUT! ”

”Ayl- Maam, I don think you understand whats happening here- ”

”Yes I do, but what you
e doing is just disturbing him. ” she confronts. ”Why are you even carrying him?! Let go of him! ”

Taihen is left speechless. Ayla, whom he first met as a monotone and emotionless person is currently bursting in anger. The reason for her shifting her emotions is a mystery.

She hurriedly jogs towards Lukman and removes his grasp on carrying Taihen so he could finally set free. Lukman didn tolerate these actions as soon as he noticed it.

”Woah Woah Woah, hang on- hang on! ” Lukman says as he steps back. ”What are you aiming to do here? ”

”If you
e not going to follow anything I ev- ”

One of the Medjays steps in and interrupts her briefly. ”Maam, this man is the killer of, what I was told, your father. ”

”Who cares?! ” Ayla replies. ”I know for a fact that Taihen isn the killer, and my dad was a terrible person. ”

In this particular moment is where Taihen realizes the gravity of the situation. He didn know exactly what he had to do since he is currently being carried by Lukeman, but he knows that he needs to escape somehow.

”It doesn matter what fact you know. ” he replies with slight arrogance. ”Every witness and evidence we currently have pointed all of their fingers to him. ”

”The pieces of evidence you have must not be enough then. ” she replies instantly.

They continue on bickering about evidence and witnesses for a short while. Taihen hurries as he struggles to be let go.

It seems that holding the Krys Device while trying to escape since a bit of a burden. He places the device onto the bed just beside him, and right after, immediately punching and scratching Lukemans arm to let him go.

To an immediate expense, Lukeman feels the pain on his arm and lets go of him, dropping Taihen onto the floor. The drop was painful, but it was worth the try.

”Ack! What in the hell?! ” Lukeman reacts unpleasantly

Taihen quickly stands up to grab the device, but unlucky for him, Lukeman so happens to grab it first. ”HEY! ” Taihen shouts at Lukeman.

Frustration starts building up on Taihen, so he admits to his best to try and snatch the device from him. Unfortunately, though, Lukeman raises the device as high as he can, making it impossible for Taihen to reach.

Taihen climbs on top of the bed to gain enough height to reach the device, yet Lukeman immediately strides back as soon as he notices this.

”Give it back! ” Taihen commands Lukeman so he could hand over the device, yet he refuses to listen.

”Leave at once. ” Ayla significantly remarks.

”Fine then. ” Lukeman replies hesitantly. ”Well leave. But I-we will be taking this as a variable under investigation. ” – he shows the device and wiggles it a tad. ”Maybe it will tell me-us, something. ”

”NO DONT TA- ” says Taihen as he tries running toward Lukeman, but gets abruptly blocked by Ayla.

”Let them be. ” Ayla interrupts Taihen. ”Theyll return it once they realize you didn do anything. ”

”Huddle up. ” Lukeman calls out to the rest of the Medjay. ”We
e leaving. ”

After all the unwanted commotion unfolded, the Medjays finally storms out of the room. The crowd who were there watching the whole time suddenly scatters away like bowling pins as the Medjays pass through.

Ayla walks up to the bed and aids Taihen as he gets down the bed. ”Are you alright? ”

Taihen feels a bit bitter about it though, but the unraveling of events sure took hold of him. ”I guess… ”

He ambles towards the desk and sits on the chair, agitated and somewhat relieved. She stares at him and sighs quietly.

”She did it, didn she? ” Ayla asks concerned.

”She did. ”

”Where is she now? ” asks Ayla.

”I let her escape somewhere. ” Taihen answers.

”God…I hope shes safe. ” Ayla comments.

Her safety right now is unsure. Taihen accidentally sent her to the Jurassic Period, where thousands of species of giant dinosaurs roam. Knowing this, shes definitely screwed, especially when she encounters one of them.

Theres one way to save her though, and it is to send himself to the Jurassic Period with the same time and date, and itll be like they went there together simultaneously.

”I think she will be safe. ” says Taihen. ”As long as I find my way there. ”

”Good to know, considering that she and her baby will be safe. ” she replies. ”Ubel didn even try to make up as the father. What an asshole. ”

”I heard that Ubel was your dad. ” he says.

”I don consider him as my father. ” she replies. ”Hes a terrible man with plenty of unfixable mistakes. ”

”You aren concerned about his death? ” Taihen asks worriedly.

”Not one bit. ” she answers straight up. ”He abused my mother and then murdered her. ”

”He killed his wife?! ” he asks, flustered. ”I thought the Pharoah executes all wrongdoers? ”

”I thought so too, but he bribed them and told them not to execute him in exchange for everything we had. ” Ayla answers. ”We became as poor as nobody could think of. Eventually, he decided to make an inn with the help of my grandfather. It was fine at first, but then he hired women to work and assaulted them. He even blackmailed every single one to not tell anyone. ”

”Thats…that is a lot to take in. ” he replies. ”So, you
e saying that he deserved it? ”

”Yes, ” she answers. ”He deserved every bit of it. ”

”What happens to the inn now? ” Taihen asks. ”Do I get kicked out? Does it stop? Because the owner is dead. ”

”I own the place now. ” she replies.

”Oh I see… ” he murmurs.

”Yes, and I have a ton of stuff to do so…see you. ” she says as she waves her hand to leave.

Her expressions now mean everything. The last time they met, shes a monotone, almost an expressionless robot that only does what the master commands. Now, shes changed. It may have been abrupt, but after knowing what shes been through, it mustve been a relief for her.

As she leaves the room, she smiles at Taihen, almost as if shes signaling him that everything is alright. Seeing this made him wonder how a person could shift their emotions swiftly.

He smiles in response to her smile as if it was a chain reaction. It has been a rough morning for Taihen, but his first day of work is coming so, it couldn be worse.

» » ————- ¤ ————- « «

The area in which the murder happened has now been spotless. An incident may have happened there, but surprisingly, business came booming as usual.

Some of the Medjays are still busy investigating, and some just helped tidy the place up. Customers and the usuals are still there for everyday business, though the murmuring of passing rumors couldn be stopped.

Taihen leaves the inn after all the commotion, supposedly to work at Bardicks place. All is fine and dandy until he steps out of the building and sees someone hes currently annoyed to see.

”Taihen! ” calls Daniel, walking up to greet him.

Taihen, as opposed to replying, gives the benefit of the doubt to reply. ”Hey…? ”

”Its quite sunny out here for a morning, ain it? ” he asks. ”How
e you doing mate? ”

Taihen desperately wants to get out of this conversation, so he just quickly replies, hoping it would end. ”Im doing fine I guess. ”

”No, you
e not. ” Daniel replies honestly. ”I saw what happened back there, and I could tell that you weren on the bush for that. You got caught up on an incident, didn you? ”

Now hes well past talking to him, hes undeniably annoyed of him. He walks away without replying to anything. Daniel dislikes this behavior and attempts to grab his attention once again.

”Hey hey hey! ” he calls Taihen out. ”Where you going, mate? ”

Taihen doesn respond and continues on walking. Daniel just follows and tries to convince him to talk.

”Come on man… was that really a prob-! ”

He stumbles upon a rock and accidentally trips over, causing him to fall face front to the ground. The terrain they
e stepping on is just sand, so there aren any fatal injuries related to blunt force, but the immense heat of the sand…


…is hell.

The painful sensation of burning hot sand quickly spreads on his face, causing it to turn red. He feels everything. He shouldve avoided it immediately by standing up as quickly as possible, but his reflexes aren that good and is almost comparable to that of an old man.

”Taihen! TAIIHEN! HELP! ” Daniel calls loudly, screaming as the pain is unbearable.

Taihen, without even flinching, immediately lends a hand. ”Stand up. ” he says as he reaches his hand out for him to hold.

He quickly grasps Taihens arm to get up, but the burning sensation of the heat doesn flash away. ”AAAGH. THE PAIN! ”

As Daniel wobbly stands up, Taihen opens his bag and grabs an anti-burn cream that he uses to apply to his burn whenever it becomes fatal. ”Here, use this. ” he says as he hands over the cream to him. ”You just need to twist the c- ”

As Taihen was about to instruct him how to use such a futuristic item, Daniel doesn hesitate one bit a hurriedly snatches the cream from his hand and opens the lid with ease. This definitely did not scratch the itch of soring confusion, but what makes it worse is that he knows how to apply it to his face properly.

He didn want to interfere anymore since a lot of misfortunes have been going on to him recently, so he decides to leave him be. Walking away from Daniel made him feel quite sorry, but his annoying first impression basically brushes the respect off.

After a moment of aggressively applying lotion to all of his burns, ”Oh my lord… that was an awful experience wasn it Taihen? ” he asks goofily, yet when he raises his head to look at Taihen, hes nowhere to be found.

”Mate? ” Daniel calls him, utterly confused on why he just disappeared. ”Taihen?! Where in the bloody hell did you go?! ”

Agitated, he stares at the lotion for a short while as he sees his own reflection shiny through its cover. Hes been left there alone by Taihen, which he doesn stress that much since he should just be around somewhere.

He opens up his big, heavy bag and shoves the lotion in there.

» » ————- ¤ ————- « «

Following the events, Taihen arrives at his target destination, Bardicks shop, safe and sound. But something seems off… he couldn point out what, but something feels odd about the door.

He sees himself nerve-wracked upon seeing its facade once again since this is the first day of his job there.

He breathes in and out, attempting to calm himself down as he walks towards the door to open it. But before he could even open it, a familiar voice calls out.

”What in the world are you doing there, Sir Tora? ”

He turns around to respond to who just called him and sees Whina, who is currently riding a black, majestic horse towards him. ”Whina… is that… are you actually riding a… ”

”…horse?! ” she finishes Taihens question. ”Its the fastest way to deliver figs from here to Giza, so even so, its none of your business. ”

She hops down the horse and ties the horse up to a nearby fence in front of their house, petting and complimenting it. ”Good boy Ishtar. ” she joyfully tells it.

”I…i didn know you w-we
e good with horses. ” he says in an attempt to compliment her.

”Wow… congratulations… now you know! ” she replies sarcastically. ”Also, you didn answer my question. What are you doing? Are you seriously still plotting to blackmail Sir Bardick for his money?! ”

”What the- NO! ” he refuses. ”Believe it or not, I got hired by him just yesterday so, today is my first job here. ”

”Seriously? Already? ” she asks in disbelief. ”Its hard to believe that you
e hired… but… I guess he IS an old man. ”

Her words and the way she just trash-talked made him feel undeniably offended. ”Are you saying that I shouldn work here? ”

”Here we go… ” she murmurs. ”Are you actually offended? ”

”I guess?! ” he replies. ”I mean, you did talk crap about me. ”

”You know what, fine. I apologize. ” she counters. ”Just do whatever you want. ”

”Alright I guess… ” he says as he steps towards the door to have a look inside.

She stops him to give him the last warning. ”If I ever hear something suspicious happening in there, Ill catch you myself. ”

”Yeah. ” he replies, waving back at her.

As he opens the door…

…he witnesses an unbelievable sight.

He knew that something is off when he saw the shops facade, but seeing whats been waiting for him inside, he finally realizes whats going on.

The shop is an absolute mess as if there was a fight that just took place here. Its trashed. All tables are wrecked and all the valuable accessories are all over the floor.

Hes confused, almost flustered to an unbelievable extent. He brushes this off by thinking that its just a training setup by Bardick for him, but breaking the table goes way too far.

”Sir Bardick? ” he calls out towards the curtain, in hopes that he replies quickly. ”What happened here? Why is the shop so trashed? ”

Silence. Since no one answered him, he repeats. ”Sir Bardick?! ” he calls out.

Still… silence. No one cares to answer. This makes him utterly worried and concerned about what mightve happened. Was there a fight? Was it something else? He doesn know.

Now… he doesn tolerate this. This feels unnerving for him, as everything about the situation is horridly odd.

”SIR BARDICK?! ” he calls out one last time.

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