Taihen stares at the curtain at the end of the shop, curious about what lies behind it. Even though he knows he shouldn mind other peoples stuff without permission, he still walks towards it in worry that Bardick might be in rough trouble.

He draws the curtain and follows the stairs, descending to a very dark room. Lucky for him, he has the ability to visibly see in the darkness so he uses it to this advantage. Seeing better, he looks throughout the room in search of Bardick, calling out his name a couple of times. There is still no answer.

Although he is nowhere to be seen, his cat on the other hand stares menacingly towards Taihen. He didn know what the cat is thinking, but it may or may not have been a bad thing. The cat walks over and jumps on top of the table just to take a good look at Taihen. It mustve been really old since its fur is clearly withering away.

In pure awe, he walks towards the cat to try and pet it. But, to his demise, the cat recognizes he isn its owner and immediately hisses and panics, running around aimlessly until…


…the shelf falls over on top of him.

”What the-! ” he reacts in an unpleasant surprise…until the sudden urgency to breathe kicks in.

In a matter of minutes, Whina comes storming in the shop. And when she saw the mess the shop has become, ”holy Horus… what happened here?! ”

”Wh-whina! HELP! ” he shouts in pure urge and pain. ”HELP ME! ”

Minding her footsteps through the messy floor, she follows his voice through the curtain. ”What in Pharoahs grace are you doing there?! ”

He continues on groaning in pain. Whina, upon hearing this,

She looks around and calls for Bardick, ignoring Taihen completely. ”Sir Bardick?! Where are you? ”

”Are you- ” – he troubles himself to say as he attempts to escape the heavy shelf on top of him – ”are you not gonna help me?! Im struggling here! ”

”Where did you take him?! ”

”I didn – AGH ” he tries pushing himself away from the shelf, but it was too difficult. ”Just-, agh, I can … breathe! ”

”Fine! ”

She walks towards him and immediately pulled him out, struggling a bit as Taihen was a little heavier than she anticipated. ”Don just rest there, help me get you out of- here! ”

”I can breathe! ” he continues on shouting.

The process of being pulled out was painfully slow, and the fact that Taihen was panicking made it near impossible.

”You know what- screw it. ” she says as she drops Taihen to the ground.

”I can - ”

”I know! Now calm down. Ill try carrying this thing. ”

She places both of her palms under the shelf and puts all of her strength into carrying it. And, in a matter of time, Taihens panic has gone from intense to a sudden reflex. He suddenly pulls himself out of the clustered area as soon as the opportunity stroke. At the very second Taihen finally escaped, Whine immediately let go of the shelf, resulting in a loud and heavy thud to the ground.

Its such a sudden occurrence. Taihen couldn believe what just happened. Hes supposed to have a vast reflex but it seems as if panic took over him. His unstable breathing made him a little more fearful, but hes calmer now.

”I have a lot of questions… ”

”W-what do you m…mean? ”

”First of all, ” – she gestures her hand and points all around the area – ”why in Pharoahs name did this happen? ”

”I have no…idea. The cat was just there and- ”

”You have no idea? Seriously?! ”

Taihen stands up as less menacingly as possible. ”Ok, look. I- ”

”Where did you- hold on. Did you actually kidnap and blackmail him-? ”

”NO! No I didn ! ”

Her suspicion gradually grows. ”Then why are you here? Its so strange and…wrong. ”

”I… I work here now. ”

”You expect me to believe that? ”

Taihen looks for his contract within the pile of papers and shows it to her.

”Is this an official form? Was this not tampered in any- ”

”No. J…just, believe me. ”

”How?! Just how?! Look at you. You dress like a criminal. ”

”Th…this big coat doesn … ”

”And it just took only one day for you, a traveler, to apply for a job. A JOB! And out of all the different places you couldve gone to, you stayed with the rich old man?! ”

”Well…it was a- ”

” A what?! A coincidence? Seriously? Im smarter than you think. ”

”… ”

”Oh…. what? Do I look too young to be smart? ”

”No no no. I didn mean it that way- ”

”You know what, stop talking. ” she confronts as she ascends the stairs and goes outside the shop. ”I can deal with this. Im reporting you. ”

The atmosphere outside is just the same as any other day. Though, the sun seems to be less bright than usual.

”Wait… Are you gonna report me?! ” Taihen asks, a little concerned. ”Where are you going?! ”

”Didn I specifically request you to stop talking? ”

”Just… how many times do I have to tell you. I didn do anything. Im just worried. ”

She continues on walking towards the nearest watchtower. ”You? Worried? After kidnapping him? ”

He gets a little too frustrated and shouts as softly as possible. ”Stop! I… I didn do anything! ”

From the far distance, a familiar voice can be heard. ”Hey Taihen! I have some super good news- ”

”SHUT UP! ” both Taihen and Whina command.

They stop walking. ”Well, if you didn do anything, where is he then?! You were there earlier. ”

”He was… he was gone when I arrived. ”

”Thats what they all say… ”

”Excuse me guys- ” the voice interrupts once more.

”What?! ” Taihen looks over, realizing it was just Daniel. ”Oh… Daniel… Its you. What do you want? ”

”Hi mate, ” he replies cheerfully. ”Anyways so- ”

”Did you actually befriend this guy?! ” she asks confusingly.

Taihens shock takes him aback. ”I don think we
e friends- ”

”Hi! Im Daniel. Taihens closest friend. Nice to meet you. ”

”Thats… not true. ”

”Whatever. I don care anymore. I have to take care of my mom. ” she says.

”Your mum? ” Daniel asks. ”She sick or something? ”

”Why do you care? ”

”But… what about Bardick? ” Taihen asks worriedly.

”Oh Bardick? You mean that guy who owns that pawn shop? ” Daniel asks. ”He got escorted by the medjays. ”

”What? Why? ” Whina asks.

”I don know. An emergency, maybe? Don know the details… He was unconscious too… ”

”Un…concious…? ” Taihens worries slowly grew. What if something bad happened to him. Why an emergency? Did that have anything to do with the mess?

”Did you really see them? ” Whina asks suspiciously.

”Yep. Why? ”

”Maybe you two are scheming me… ”

”No. ” Taihen and Daniel reply at the same time.

”Is… is Bardick going to be fine? ” Taihen asks.

”If Im being honest, Sir Bardick won die that easily. Even if hes an old frail man, hes smart. A ton of people rely on him. He carries the weight of a lot of people. ”

”I… ” Taihen replies, speechless.

”Alright so, can I talk about my topic now? ” Daniel asks, ruining the moment.

”Well, I just got a deal with my mate over there, ” – he points to a stranger with three horses behind them – ”to do some wishful business stuff with me. ”

”Ok. ” Taihen comments blankly.

”Thats it? ” he asks for confirmation. ”Surely theres more to that. ”

”What the hell did you want me to say then- ”

Whina interrupts the conversation. ”Can you both just… Are you sure Bardick was unconscious? ”

”Yeah… he was. ”

”Hm… If he was, then he should be with a physician right now… ” Whina says as he turns to look at Taihen. ”Did you make him- ”

”N-NO! I was… not here. ” Taihen replies.

”Yep. I can vouch for that. ” Daniel says.

”You… Are you- ”

As they all mind their own unbound business, a voice echoes from afar. ”Hey, you! ”

The three of them look towards the voice and see Lukeman and his team of Medjays riding slow Camels towards them. It wasn as menacing as they think it was.

”Aren those the guards the ones in Ubels inn this morning? ” Daniel asks concerningly.

Taihens left out of words. The way they are riding their camels is stupid, almost embarrassing. The camels were tremendously slow. Though, because of what just happened in the inn, Taihen is much warier of them.

”You there! ” Lukeman calls from the distance.

”M-me? ” Daniel asks confusingly.

”Not you. The- eh… the one with the big brown coat. ”

For all Taihen knows, he might be in trouble if he gets caught. So he keeps up a low profile, ignores Lukeman, and sneakily steps away.

Whina notices this, quickly stops him, and begins questioning what just happened. ”What
e you doing?! They
e calling you. ”

”Ssshhh! Stop it! ”

”Oh in Pharoahs grace… ” she disheartens.

”Mister! ” he calls as they all unmount themselves from the camels. ”I advise you to come with us now. ”

Lukeman and his four members cautiously walk towards them in an overexaggerated high alert. They had their weapons equipped and mobilized, ready to attack at any second. The longer Taihen stalls, the closer the medjays would get to him.

It has been a rough morning for Taihen. Woken up to a woman begging for help. Questioned by the medjays non-stop. Arrived on his first day of work in a mess. And now…this. He couldn help but just fall silent under this tremendous pressure.

”Mister?! ” Lukeman calls once more.

Before Taihen can do or say anything, Daniel bravely steps up. ”Stop moving! ” he exclaims, halting the medjays in place.

”What are you doing y…you freak! ” Whina shouts aggressively to Daniel. ”Those people are the medjays! MEDJAYS! You can just tell them to halt like that! ”

”We weren ?! ” A medjay member asks loudly for confirmation.

”NO! ” she shouts aggravated. ”You know what, both of you are on your own. ”

As she slowly flees the scene and enters her house just beside them, ”We didn need your help anyway! ” Daniel loudly replies, entitled. ”Right Taihen? ”

He isn there.

”Taihen? ” Daniel calls.

”Hes escaping! ” one of the medjays shouts, pointing at a distance just behind Daniel.

He turns around to look at where hes pointing at and…without any delay, sees Taihen riding Whinas horse Ishtar. It seems as if hes having a hard time trying to control it since it was refusing to move along.

”Come on. ” Taihen says as he continues to struggle to dominate the bucking horse. Right now it just looks like hes just attempting to keep himself mounted because of Ishatars repetitive wobbling. ”Move! ”

”What are we waiting for?! ” he confusingly and loudly asks. ”Move! ”

Whina, whos currently at the upper story of their home, hears the unwanted commotion. Curious, she hurriedly walks towards the balcony to see everything. And she did.

”What are doing to my horse! ” she shouts bursting with anger at Taihen. ”Move! Or Ill make you! ”

David ”Taihen! What in the bloody hell are you doing?! ” he confusingly and worriedly asks. ”Move! ”

”Im trying! ” he replies.

In spite of his vast effort to stay put, he remains grappling tightly to the misbehaved horse. Rather than moving the way Taihen intends it to move, it turns around facing directly at the medjays after him.

”No! Wrong di…direction! ” he warns, not only to the horse but to himself too.

”Huh?! ” a confused Daniel asks.

”I don kn- ”

And, without any warning at all, the horse crouches its hind and leaps its back legs, making a momentum strong enough to throw Taihen directly towards the medjays.

”Wait wait wai-! ” Taihen briefly yells as hes thrown off, braising for the upcoming….



”AAAAAAAGHCK! ” he screams as the heat of the sand lingers upon his exposed face, causing unbearable pain.

”Taihen! ” Daniel panics.

”Quick! ” Lukeman grabs the others attention. ”Help him! ”

Standing up seemed like a difficult chore to even put a single effort in, yet he still gives out all he can to stand. Seeing the struggle, Daniel instantly grabs the anti-burning lotion from his bag and rushes towards him.

As Taihen continues to groan in pain, ”Are you alright mate? That horse did you so bad… ” Daniel arrives and helps him get up. ”Here. Use this. ” he insists, handing the lotion to him.

He opens the lid and applies a good amount to his face. ”Ohh… Finally… ”

”See?! ” he replies in success. ”Told you. ”

”Excuse me. ” Lukeman requests Daniel as politely as he can as he and his group bolts toward Taihen. ”You two, Karim and Husani ” – he points to two of his juniors – ”bring him to me, gently. ”

”Yes sir. ” they both reply, promptly taking Taihen to him.

”Wait- wait! ” Taihen commands, attempting to halt them from taking him yet his sore body suggests otherwise.

”In the hell- STOP! ” Daniel yells at them.

”Here he is sir. ” Karim says as he hands Taihen over to him.

In just a mere second, Lukeman grabs his waist and carries him only using one arm. ”Great job. ”

”LET GO OF ME! ” Taihen bickers, doing all he could to make Lukeman release him. He even went so far as to bite him again and again. And one thing, being carried that way made his stomach ache a ton.

”That won work, ” he tells Taihen. ”Im wearing leather underneath. ”

”I said, STOP! ” Daniel shouts one more time, alarming them ever so slightly.

Lukeman steps in. ”Do you want to accompany him? ”

”I… ” he halts himself to reply hastily, thinking before anything. ”…actually… you can go. ”

”Figured. ” Lukeman says. ”Gather around. We
e leaving. ”

”Yes sir! ” the rest of the medjays reply.

As they walk back to their rides, Taihen continues to wrestle his way out of his grip. Lukeman, even though he looks to be scuffling upon his handling, seems to get the hang of it.

”He got what he deserved. ” Whina states.

Daniel turns around. ”What? ”

”What? ” she asks menacingly.

”You just said- ”

”I know what I said, jerk. ”

He turns back around to see what happened to Taihen and, to his worry, they have already mounted their camels and are ready for departure. He faces back and forth, both looking at the medjays and at Whina and the horse. To his curiosity and fret, he attempts to converse with Whina a little more… friendlier.

”So… you own a horse, huh? ” he asks.

”His name is Ishtar, yeah. ” she replies dubiously. ”Why…? ”

”Whered you get him? Just curious…mate. ”

”Hold on hold on. This is unusual… Are you planning something…? ”

”Wh…whaaaat~? ” he replies, obviously hiding something. ”Nooooo~…?

”What do you want, seriously? ”

”Well enough. ” he answers directly. ”Do you mind… helping him? ”

”Who? Sir. Tora? NO. Not ever. ”

”Come on~. ” he insist as smooth and friendly as he can. ”Don be so cheeky. ”

”Why don you do it, huh? You want to help but you
e just standing there. Do it if you must. ”

”Its… well… Ill get caught instantly. And I- ”

”Me neither. Now go away before I make you. ”

”Well, no wait. You own a horse. So you can- ”

”Ishtar. ” she corrects him aggressively.

”Right. Ishtar. ” he corrects himself. ”You have Ishtar. So you can use him to get Taihen and escape! ”

”Could you just… ” she says, annoyed. ”You have this horse business right? ”

”Are you saying that I…- ”

”Yes. ” she cuts him off. ”Do it yourself. This is none of my business anyway. Im going back inside. ”

He laughs, confused and annoyed. ”I don even know how to ride one! ”

”Goodbye. ” she waves as she goes inside their house.

Daniel quickly runs through his head to figure out what he can do. ”Ill pay. ”

”What? I can hear you. ”

”Ill pay! ”

”Pay?! Are you- are you being serious now? ” she asks, confused.

”Yah. I will pay. ”

”Is this some kind of scheme? Are you trying to blackmail me? ”

”If you don accept this offer, I might. ”

”Ugh fine. Whatever. ” she says. ”How much? ”

”How about ten- ”

”A pouch of gold coins. ” she interrupts. ”Good deal. ”

”What? I didn agree to this. ”

As he rambles on and on, Whina occupies herself on setting up Ishtar for a ride. ”Meet up with me at that elevated tree up northwest. ” she says as she mounts Ishtar, preparing for the action.

”Elevated…what? Did you hear what I just said? ”

Ignoring him completely, ”If you don pay, I will turn him over to them myself. ” she intently threatens him.

”Goodness gracious mother of heaven, how am I supposed to get a pouch of those?. ” he swears, bearing nothing to do but to stare blankly at her. ”You know what, Ill join! ”

”You creep… ” she comments. ”Quick. Or Ill leave you behind. ”

He rides the horse along with Whina and swiftly made their way to rescue Taihen.

« « ————- ¤ ————- » »

Despite how slow their camels were, the medjays continue on progressing towards the Pharoahs throne. Taihen, in this instance, seems to be the opposite of it. After being humiliatingly carried by Lukeman, he was forced to sit in front of him with his hands tied together just to keep an eye on him. And not only that, but his men were also riding their camels beside him as if they were bodyguards.

”Is all of this really necessary?! ” Taihen complains.

”It is. ” he answers.

Taihen attempts to fall off the side in means to escape, but Lukeman just catches him before he even moves. He also attempts to wiggle out and leap, but the men on both sides had their attention to him the whole time, rendering it useless.

”Do you want your feet tied too? ” Lukeman asks menacingly.

”Just let me go! ” Taihen commands aggressively. ”If…if…if the Pharoah just wanted to talk then I…uh- I shouldn be treated like this, you know! ”

”I wouldn need to if you would trusted me… eh- us. ”

Taihen, once again, attempts to fall off to the side in random for a means to escape, but Lukeman catches him before he could even try. ”Screw it. HALT! ” he commands everyone to stop moving. ”You two, ” – he points at the other two, Yasim and Fito – ”Make sure he doesn leave. ”

”Yes sir! ” the two reply as they unmount from their camels and hold on to Taihen as tight as they could.

”HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD- LET GO! ” Taihen shouts and complains.

”You need to calm yourself down. ” Husani requests of Taihen.

”ARGH- ”

Lukeman unmounts. ”Move his legs over here. ”

”Wait wait! Ill calm down! ”

”Bullshit. ” he replies. ”Too late. ”

”TAIHEN! WATCH OUT! ” a person shouts from a distance.

Without any warning…


…Yasim gets mysteriously electrocuted, stunning him to the ground.

”Yasim! ” the medjays shout in chorus.

”Who was-? ” Lukeman asks.

As everyone turns around, they immediately notice two people on a horse quickly charging towards them.

As the two rode their horse as fast as they could to get to Taihen, Lukeman and his team tried to stay as alert as possible. Looking more closely, it seems like Daniel is holding a white, electrifying gun. Again, this weapon shouldn exist yet, but for some reason, he has one.

”Check on Yasim and see if hes still breathing. ” Lukeman commands Karim.

Karim walks over to Yasim to check his breathing and, it seems like hes fine. ”Positive. It looks like hes still- ” Karim gets immediately electrocuted, making him fall on top of Yasim.

”Taihen! Go! ” Daniel shouts as they got closer and closer.

As Lukeman was distracted, and the people holding him are now unconscious, he took the opportunity and falls to the side to escape. Lukeman hears this and checks on him but gets immediately electrocuted afterward. The other two attempt to load their bows, but unfortunately just get shot by Daniels electric gun, causing them to fall.

They arrive shortly after. Daniel unmounts from Ishtar and quickly helps Taihen to get up.

”Are you alright mate? ” Daniels asks worriedly.

”Yeah yeah, thanks. ” he replies. ”Can… you untie my hands? ”

”Alright. ”

Taihen raises his hands, showing Daniel how securely it was tied. Daniel looks confused about how hes supposed to untie it but still tries his best to help him. He continues on trying, consuming time in the process.

”How long are you two going to stay there?! ” Whina asks, irritated.

”Just give me a minute. ” Daniel replies. ” I can do this. ”

Yasim moves and tries to get up, but Daniel just sees him and immediately shoots him again. Taihen sees this, confused on how he has a gun. Then, he connects the dots.

Daniel has always been a mystery to him since he met him. He always had a skin burn lotion before and even tried helping with it. Now, he has a gun that stuns people from a faraway distance. He knew theres something up.

”Daniel… are… are you not… from this time? ” Taihen asks.

Daniel looks over to Taihen, ”I… may or may not be. Who knows? ”, and continues.


”But… but w-what about this?! ” Taihen shows his tied hands to her.

”Argh. I can remove it. ” Daniel comments. ”I have a pair of scissors but its too small- ”

”JUST RIDE! ” Whine shouts.

”Im still not done though. ” Daniel replies.

”Its better if hes tied. He wont be able to do anything creepy. ” Whina comments. ”Now get over here before I change my mind! ”

”B-but! ” Taihen says as Daniel pushes him and helps him mount the horse. ”Wait! ”

When Taihen successfully rides the horse, ”Lets go. ” she says as they leave the area.

”No wait! ” Daniel shouts in an attempt to stop them, yet in the end, they left him here. ”Come on! ”

Hes left there, standing around four unconscious people and three camels. Passerbys would stare a little bit since the situation looked utterly confusing. He doesn know what to do, so he just stands still and looks around.

And, without any warning, Lukeman attacks him from the back. Daniel falls to the ground. He turns around to shoot him, but his big bag just lets him go halfway. So as he does so, Lukeman just grabs the gun from him like it was nothing.

”No you wont. ” Lukeman says menacingly.

Daniel tries to stand up, but Lukeman uses his foot to pin him down. ”How do you use this…weird thing? ” Lukeman asks. ”Haven seen this weapon before. ”

”Give it back! ” Daniel shouts.

The other four start standing up. They felt a little dizzy at first, and their body ached a little.

”You all feeling fine? ” Lukeman asks worriedly, and at the same time, keeping his composure.

”Yes sir! ” all of them reply in chorus.

Lukeman stares at the weapon and copies how Daniel held it. ”So I hold it like this and… ”

He pulls the trigger and immediately electrocutes Daniel. But his foot was there so the electricity goes to him as well. He did pull back his foot when he felt it, so it didn affect him much.

”Sir. Is that- ” Husani asks.

”Yes. ” he answers. ”Its a very convenient weapon. We need weapons like this. ”

He glances at his very big bag. ”Confiscate his bag. ” Lukeman commands his juniors.

”Yes sir! ” they reply as they remove the bag from the unconscious Daniel and give it to him.

He opens the bag and sees… a ton of mysterious items. It includes a variety of items, including such items that shouldn exist yet. Theres also this powder that felt, significantly strange. But one item has taken his attention. It was a time device. The same exact device Taihen uses.

He presses the same button he pressed on Taihens time device earlier to turn it on, and so it does. One thing though, it sounded like a little girl.




ichiwa Onii-chan!

I am your little sister and your favorite assistant!

W…what do you want to do with me today…?

Hm… you are not my beloved onii-chan…

Awww. Self-destruct if off… I can go away now TwT.

See you…



It shuts down. Lukemans left, baffled. He just stares at it, amazed and flustered at the same time. It was… unusual.

Daniel, on the other hand, starts gaining his consciousness again. He moves a bit and notices that his bag wasn there. He worries for a short moment and sees Lukeman holding his time device.

”Hey! Come on man. Give her back! ” Daniel says.

”Oh, your back? ” Lukeman replies. ”Seems like you and that guy in the big coat have this… strange item. What is this? ”

”Look. Even if I tell you, you wouldn understand. ” he replies. ”Now give her back. You don know what shes capable of! ”

”Its a she… I see… ” he replies. ”Bullshit. Im-eh… I mean, we will be confiscating this and your bag. ”

He gives all of the items he was holding to Karim and Husani for them to take care of.

”What?! Don ! No! Come on man! ” he says as he stands up slowly.

”Stand up and Ill use this on you again. ”

Daniel raises his hands and crouches to the ground.

”You assaulted us with this weapon. ” he replies menacingly. ”So, confiscating your belongings is just the beginning. ”

”Does that mean- ”

”Yes. You are going to prison. ”

”What?! Come on. ”

”Yasim, Fito. Grab him. ”

”Yes sir! ” both reply.

Seeing this, he panics and tries to escape. ”Wha- wait! ” he says.

Unfortunately, he gets held on both sides, keeping him from moving. Fito then ties him up with the leftover rope. Daniel complains and attempts everything to escape. Luckily for them, they manage to suppress him and keep him settled.

”Karim! ” he calls. ”Alert the others about the current situation. We can chase them down with our current ride. ”

”Yes sir! ” he replies and leaves immediately.

”Sir. ” Husani interrupts. ”What if we borrow those horses? ” – he points to the man with three horses on his stable – ”Maybe we could just ask him? ”

”Great idea. ” Lukeman comments.

”Hold on! ” Daniel shouts. ”I partly own those horses! ”

”Oh, is that the case? ” Lukeman asks. ”Hey good sir! Does this man party own those horses? ”

The man pauses and thinks about it for a quick second and replies, ”No! ”

”Did you hear that? ” Lukeman asks, smirking.

”Come on man! Whyd you do that?! ” Daniel asks the man loudly since they
e far away.

The man ignores him. Lukeman takes advantage of this situation. ”Good sir, would you mind if I-eh… no, we use your horses? ”

”Sure! ” the man answers. ”Come here! ”

”Huddle up. ” Lukeman commands. ”Lets move. ”

”Yes sir! ”

Each and every one, including Daniel, walks towards the mans stable. Lukeman, and his men tries to ride each horse, but the man stops them.

”Excuse me. ” the man says.

”Yes? ” Lukeman asks.

”There are some… conditions for using my horses. ”

Lukeman thinks it over and decided to listen. ”What are they? ”

”First, the rent for each horse in a day is fifteen gold each. ”

”Consider that done. ”

”Oh. ”

Lukeman reaches on his pocket and hands over a pouch filled with gold coins. ”That should do. ” he says.

”Much appreciated. ” the man says. ”Second… Id like for him to stay here. ”

Lukeman seems, confused. He doesn know why hed ever want Daniel to stay with him.

”Him? ” Lukeman points to Daniel. ”He just helped an important person escape and assaulted us. You wouldn like a man like that to stay here. ”

”Stop that! You
e making me look crazy! ” Daniel comments.

”Id like him to stay, yes. ” he says.

Lukeman didn know how to reply. Does he risk it, or not? A decision like this shouldn be made in just a snap, yet it has to be. So he just agrees.

”You can have him. ” he says. ”But Ill come looking for him afterwards. ”

”I can deal with that. ” the man replies.

”Bring him to the good man. ” Lukeman commands.

Yasim and Fito slowly walk over and brings Daniel over. ”Should we untie him? ” Fito asks.

”If possible. ” the man answers.

They slowly untie Daniel. After being untied, Daniel becomes salty and stares at the medjays as grumpy as he could.

And after all that, the medjays mounted on each horse and left the stable without speaking a word.

”Come on man, I thought this business was ours?! ” Daniel asks, confused.

The man stares at him smiling but doesn give him an answer. Daniel just stares at the man, thinking about what his motives were.

”Why did you let me stay? ” Daniel asks the man.

”You gave us a chance to live better lives. ” the man says. ”The money this would make will be good. ”

”It will mate. I guarantee that. ” Daniel remarks blissfully. ”Although, Im not sure if you should- ”

The man hands out half of the currency he earned to him. ”Here you go. ”

Daniel grabs the pouch and looks at it. ”Wait, so I still partly own the horses? ” he asks.

”Not the horses. The business. ” the man answers.

”I see… ” Daniel replies. ”Say, do you know an elevated tree around here? ”

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