my name is ryu.

Im an ordinary boy, that you can find anywhere but at the current world Im an exception. thats because everyone in this world is born with talents Im the only one without any talent.

because of this Im often bullied by classmates. and even adults don care about what happens to me.

my parents have talent of sculpting and drawing. my little brother, whos 3 years younger than me have inherited both of their talents and also has talent of acting hes considered as a genius .

Thats because when you have more than one talent thats a rare phenomena. and if you have 3 talents you
e blessed by gods. thats what all the people in the ministry of talents saying .

if you have no talents you
e the failure and considered as a punishment of gods so no-one going to care about you.

its not that I don know what talent I have its simply I don have any talents. i tried to find my talent so many times so that I forgot the count ….

my parants see me as a trash. they always say that even a trash can have use. even my little brother makes fun of me

there are times when I want to die but I can

i don want to give up

”ohh i remember that time when some of my friends invited me to karoke. but it turns out to be a trap to beat me. every time I remember that I can control my laughter and I don know what happens. but the last few days my friends and classmates are not bothering me. usually when they see me theyll smack my head. but last few days they
e only drawing some pictures on my table. i think they want to see me their talent. anyway I love their talents, I hope some day God will free me from this punishment and my parants will hug me, kiss me and let me eat dinner with them thats what his biggest dream .

[ as he speaks to himself, tears start to flow through his eyes. but he kept smiling ryu know that if he don smile and start to cry therell be no one to calm him down so he keep smiling ]

[time, 2:30 pm kids start to return to their homes after that days class. but ryu is still on his class and cleaning the mess everyone created, this is his every day duty. if he don do it then the teachers will not allow him to the class.

[after a few minutes later hes done with the cleaning and ready to go to his house]

[ryus house, his room] ryu start to change his clothes as soon as he returned. his room is reflected by the broken wall mirror. there are some cracks and Holes in the wall and floor and the bed and pillow is torned; there are some cotton thats sticking through the ripped bedsheet. also there are some dirty and broken toys in the corner and his books and clothes are worn down,

he take out a worn down tshirt from his cupboard;

we can see some cuts and bruises all over his body. there is even the word – ”TALENTLESS ” is written by pen. but he touches that part he start to feel a slight pain. thats because when that word is written some kid is try to make it as a tattoo. he quickly dress up and start to do the regular house chores. at that time his brother is returned from his friends house and watching TV in the hall and he sees his older brother ryu ]

[ryus brother shiro starts to speak ]

shiro: ooh, so the trash is home early. I told you never come infr

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