[next morning,]

as usual he woke up early in the morning. but he quickly realised that he no longer need to do the chores, he can sleep as much as he want. Then he lost that kind of thoughts, his stomach was started grumbling, he needs to maintain his strength but there are nothing to eat in the junkyard.

he decided to explore the forest for food and water. hes aware that hes not the only one in this forest, if anything unusual happens he need to be safe, for that reason he grabbed a wooden club with thorns in it. now hes ready to the quest to where he finds his food and water.

as he walks through the muddy path he heard a voice, that voice bring hope into him its the voice of small stream,

he kneeld infront of the stream and look into it he saw his reflection.

ryu : ooh!! the wounds are almost Heald but whys that I can fully open my eyes I think itll also heal in a span of 2-3 days, and the water looks clean. its my first time seeing such a clean stream. in my hometown the water are distributed by the water authority that are overlooked by the ”ministry of talent ” so I never able to see any other clean water other than supplied by water authority.

he drank some water from the stream directly, its sweet unlike the water from water authority.

he dipped his head into water. cold water touches his face and soaked his hair, after a while he venture deep into the forest , he slowly turns his head and look at the stream there are some small animals drinking water from that stream.

[ he didn know that someone has been following him all this time. its not close to him but not that far either its always hides in the shadow that created by the trees, its eyes glows like a red Ruby in the shadow ]

ryu, he finds a place thats covered by some sort of fruit he can take risk of poisoning, he carefully examined the surrounding of tree there are some birds eating that fruit and some small random animals eating it too.

now hes sure that fruit isn poisonous. he collected as fruits as he can and ran towards his new home that he builds by himself. he found a plastic bottle in the junkyard and cleaned it. now he can collect water. he collected the water from stream and eated the fruits he collected, as he eating that fruit he hears a sound from his backside.

ryu : whos that? i have a weapon in my hand if you try to do anything to me Ill beat you with my weapon { he clenched both his hands around the wooden club he carried around, hes sweating the sweat from his forehead find a way to the top of his nose and drop from there.

his and legs more like his entire body is shaking from fear. its almost new to him because when he punished by school or the ministry of talent he didn feard as much as from now,

he focuses infront of him and waited to the enemy make a move.

[ once again the ruby like eyes glows in the dark that figure slowly comes towards ryu, and finally ryu is able to see the mysterious figure as for his surprise its a small fox cub, its wounded but not that severely there are some blood stain in that cubs fur]

ryu looked carefully at his so called enemy, its more like him. its starving and wounded. his fear changed into sympathy he slowly walk towards that little fox, when hes touches that fox head that little fox start to resist and try to hissing.

that little fox is furious but that poor thing don have any energy for fight, that fox falled to the ground. hes tired and he don have that much energy, ryu carries that small fox in his hands and feed him some water, its unconscious but it can drink water. he crushed some fruits and try to feed it but it spit out everything. ryu grinded that fruits and mixed it with water this time it didn spit out what he gave him,

ryu wrapped him in a small cloth bag and placed him near the fire that he created.

ryu : what happened that poor thing is it attacked by any other animals or any humans hurt him, no theres no way theres a human in this junkyard.

wheres his mother? is it abandoned like me.

as he thinks he ated some more fruits. the fruits are sweet and sour. but the sourness of that fruit isn that great. the sweetness is owerpowering the sourness he keep thinking about all that happened today, he didn sleep that day. he continued to stay awake for that little fox as if that fox needs any help,

[ at that time the fox was woke up and his pains are mostly gone. his throat is a little dry. he keeps wandering around the junkyard, but when ryu came he hided behind a small wooden piece and look at him.

ryu saw that the fox is hiding when he looked at that foxes desperate effort of hiding. a smile start to appear ryus face,hes now sure that fox is fine and he walks towards the bedding he made. the fox is still behind that wooden piece and look towards ryu sleeping in the bedding. that little fox made sure that ryu is asleep and run towards the stream and drank some water. his thirst is now gone he came back to the junkyard and looked for ryu , ryu is still asleep. that fox is waiting for him to wake up and continue to play hide and seek but he didn wake up.

(ryu is still sleeping thats because hes stressed by yesterday night. he made sure that everything is okay for that little fox. and when he came back with water and fruits today hes totally tired and the moment he lay down the bed he falls in sleep)

[ that little fox came towards him and sniffed ryu and make sure that hes alive, and slowly sit close to him and slept with him]

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