His blood is boiling and the nerves on his body is about to explode from the anger he didn know that he has suppressed this much anger, when he think about his family he felt like hes gonna puke. Whenever he tries to remeber the faces of people that has been tortured and abused him his heart felt a pain as if the trauma from that time tries to evolve into something else he asked himself, is..is this the feeling of wanting to take revenge, is this the feeling of having a talent as he spoke to himself theres a sudden voice in his head starts to mumbled

[ yes, its the feeling of revenge, don ever forget that feeling theres no one in this world that will ever accept you if they know you
e talentless besides your new friend fox called June. you know that you need to practice your predator talent Ill teach you about it the first skill of your predator talent is tracking itll let you mark any of your prey and let you know where they are and the second skill is sixth sense itll warn you about hidden traps and attacks ]

3 months later ryu become proficient in his talent he can now hunt bears using his skills and he can easily kill them using only his barehand there are 4 more skills in that predator talent they
e hand-to-hand combat, weapon mastery and traps and finally healing, the skill of healing is the most impressive one itll let ryu heal his injuries from fighting, and theres also a skill for immunity against poison.

its been 3 months that voice ( zhron ) has been teaching him about talents and when he learnd about that talent can be used to be in a various ways he amazed by that truth. To be precise the talent of sculpting can make the sculpture act like a living being but only a selected few can evolve their talent and use in that manner.

so zhron told him that its his last day with him he can stay any longer stay inthe world of living ( its true that hes a god but hes dead in the realm of gods and now his consciousness started to fade away in the darkness.

the last thing that zhron asked for ryu is to please take revenge on those who wronged ryu and those who banished and killed him,

when zhron faded away theres been tears in ryus eyes and he promised that hell take revenge

after that tear jerking day he planned to move out of the forest he and June packed the things thatll be most useful,

as they walk through the forest they suddenly Heard a sound its felt like a shot from gun.

when he heard that sound theres nasty smile in ryus face and Junes fangs are ready to tear through the flesh of his masters enemy.

they run towards the direction of that sound When they arrived at theres a lot of people in that area he slowly walk towards them.

they realised that theres something approaching them they turn around and pointed their gun towards the bush.

ryu : please…. please don kill me Im not an enemy.

{ the black and white striped cat is looking at them suddenly the cat has smile like expression }

one of the people : who are you and what are you doing in here

ryu : Im ryu, i have been wandering through this forest with my partner then suddenly I heard loud noise so I decided to check it thats how I end up here.

one of the people : Im Sam Im one of the hunter thats been assigned to hunt in this forest for the people in city, you said you
e with your partner then wheres your partner.

ryu : ooh! my partner is right here, its this little guy ( ryu pointed his finger towards June )

sam : is that a fox? then your talent is also hunting right! i heard that some hunters can take the wild animals and only they can bring them to city by avoiding the punishment its must be because they
e used for hunting

ryu : yes, Im a hunter ( i must play along with them for the time being ) i don know anything other than that i don know what happened but my memory is a little fuzzy. And I want ask you about something

sam : whats it?

ryu : how many of you guys are here? and how will you go back to city ? can I come along with you guys?

sam : ooh! we
e total 4 people in here, our boss is the fourth guy and hes near the vehicle in that direction ( sam pointed his finger towards north )

ryu : ooh, thats cool

sam : we
e about to go back, we hunted some rabbits and birds today its last day of this months hunting, ryu follow us

ryu : okay

[ after walking approximately 10 minutes they reached the vehicle When they meet the boss he asked some questions but sam answerd all of them instead ryu, its almost noon they started to make lunch and when they finished making lunch they offered some for ryu and ryu gladly accepted that, in return ryu offer them some of the fruits he collected inside of the forest and he also picked one and starts to ate it ] the fruits are a purplish green colour so first they didn ate it they thinked that it maybe poisonous but when ryu started to ate that their doubts are cleared and they also start to ate it.

( when sam woke up hes tied to a tree by some vines and he didn know what happened but the can clearly senses a dangerous presence near him)

suddenly a voice crack through the silence.

hlo Sam are you awake??

sam : ryu.. is that you?? what happened and wheres others? and are you also tied? if not can you come and untie these vines theres something dangerous lurking near us.

ryu : ooh, dear do you still think that Ill untie you and let you go, do you wanna know what happened. The fruits you ated is some kind of drug that will make you fall asleep as soon as you ate them, now you think that why didn it affected me right its simple because Im immune to poison and sleeping drug is also a kind of poison now you get it don you..

sam : wha….what …what are you gonna do to us please let us go no atleast let me go

ryu : wow thats a good question, what Im gonna do with you guys?

isn it obvious Ill kill you..

ryu said that while pointing a knife towards sam ( he found that knife in the hunters backpack )

sam starts cry.At the same time ryu stabbed the knife on the boss of that hunters groups chest he stabbed again and again until he confirmed that the boss is dead he repeated this process 3 more time and walk towards sam while humming a song.

Sams cry is becoming louder and louder at that time he stabbed that knife on Sams leg.

ryu : geez, don be a crybaby I won kill you i need you to get in the city so be a good boy and let enter the city okay.

sam peed on his pants due to the fear towards ryu, ryu started to make fun of being a coward and peeing on pants. Sam knew that if he don help ryu enter the city hell kill him here and now he planned after they entered the city hell tell that ministry of talents about todays events

ryu : ooh! i almost forgot about something important he search his backpack and found a pair of gloves made of bear paw he wear that and scratches sam and himself ( his healing is not so great now so he can heal big injuries on instant its atleast take a day or something)

he doing it because now they have an alibi that they
e attacked by a group of bears and others are dead he explained it to sam and sam shake his head and said he understood.

[ ryu is excited that hell arrived the City in evening and starts to play once more. When the mere thought about that makes his heart beat faster he knew that hell eventually meet with his family and so called friends ]

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