is unrelenting grin.

”Oh! My fortune! ” He suddenly squeaked and ran off to get the quarry, leaving the two to exchange glances in disbelief at the seemingly demented fellow.

He flung the quarry over his shoulder and instead of him to leave, he walked on air back to Joanne and Lores, displaying his fortune like a golden trophy. Still grinning from ear to ear, he began to lecture.

”Sorry for leaving immediately. I had to get my fortune before someone else steals it. ” He began. Lores averted his gaze, turning a blind eyes at the boys unsolicited apology. This is not sociality. This is silliness at work.

”Do you know what I hate most? It is wasted effort. Its better not to work than to work and not eat. Its all about winner takes it all. If you don want to win, then don bother to contest…. ”

It was becoming annoying to the listeners. Was this boy too dumb to notice the lack of interest from his listeners? It was beyond doubt that this fellow had no bone for seriousness in him.

”Who are you? ” Lores manage to ask haven gotten enough of his lectures. The boys next word got stuck in his throat. His eyes brightened as if he had an idea that would bring about a colossal invention.

”Oh, is that why the both of you have been making faces like confused philosophers? You could have told me earlier that you wanted to know my name…. ” Lores exhaled audibly while Joanne rolled her eyes. He was asked a simple question that required a simple answer. Why was it so difficult for him to understand?

”Well, Im Jerman, Jerman Westerod. ” He finally cut to the chase. Lores felt it was necessary and benevolent to introduce himself.

”Im Lores Taptallen. ” He gave Joanne a gaze and she understood his non-verbal cue.

”Joanne Keslin. ” Her faint tone blended with a trace of reluctance.

”Can I call you Jo Jo? ” He asked with that light-hearted, annoying grin of his. Joanne furrowed her eyebrows.

”Don call me that or Ill have to call you jerky. ” She taunted back. Jermans face amusingly darkened.

”Im sorry. Im sorry. My bad. ” He apologized with a rather hearty grin that showed that he took delight in her agitation. His eyes fell on Lores sword and that glint of mischief sparkled in his eyes. He was untiringly ready to talk about just anything.

”You play the sword. Does it have a name? ” Lores stole a glance at the weapon aslant his waist as if he was seeing it for the first time.

”No it doesn . ” He faced Jerman unenthused.

”And what if it doesn have a name? Are you going to name my sword for me? ”

”Say you were to name your sword. What would you name it? ” Lores thought for a while, then he gave up thinking. Why would he stress his brain over a question thrown by an unserious fellow who habitually grinned at virtually anything.

”Destiny. ” He blurted out. Jerman was startled and then bursted into a rasp of laughter. Lores and Joanne exchanged glances again.

e not talented at that at all. ” He waved his hand, manifesting his strong opposition to Lores idea. ”I thought youd call names like, slayer, legend, and suchlike. I find that name too pitiful for the eye-catching sword. ”

”A sword must not have an ostentatious name. ” Lores said in defense.

”Thats true. But destiny…do you mean that your destiny is tied to the sword? ”

Strangely, and for the first time, Lores found the reason to laugh.

”Even gods have no say in my destiny. How can it be tied to a mere sword? I just hope this sword can be a lucky charm that leads me to where I want to be. ”

To the relief of Joanne and Lores, Jerman called an end to their discussion.

”Alright. Nice to meet you two. I hope we meet again. ” He turned to leave. But then without thinking, he faced them with that light-hearted grin once more, revealing his enamels.

”Im afraid I may not be able to share this fortune with you. I hope you can be understanding and not see me as a stingy person. ” He finally disappeared into the thicket.

”What a crazy fellow. ” Joanne let out her disbelief.

”Judging from his appearance, he should a fugitive. ” Lores deduced. It was very rare to view people around that area. Thus, the boy must have been walking a great deal.

He was about to leave the home he had known since his birth, and the thought of breaking this news to his mother seemed like a difficult task.

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