e farewell because he was afraid he would not be able to leave if he did so. He placed the safety of Vatmos over his own and took a bold decision. Im just trying to make everything he did worthwhile by keeping you safe and sound with the help of Vicksen and Idrissa. ” She finished her thought, her tone sullen and adjuring.

Lores smiled in a way that didn show his lips ”I know you are worried about me but I have already made up my mind. I promise you that I will take care of myself. Don overthink, I won get killed. ” His statement brought a lump to Marianas throat. She blinked uneasily as she was short of words.

e as stubborn as your dad. ” She managed to blurt. ”Please don go alone. Let Vicksen accompany you. ” She further said. Lores pouted his head as his eyes lit up in disbelief.

”Mother, you agreed? ” A big smile of victory showed on his face.

”I… ” Before she could complete her words, he cut her off with a hug, giggling as if he won an award. He was awake all night, devising on how to complete this task and it paid off.

”Don worry, I won go alone. And if Idrissa were younger, he wouldve gone with me too. ” He released her from the squeeze and huffed in relaxation. Winning his mother to his side on his aspiration was indeed a great feat.


Improvement comes with a cost called constant practice which, consequently, births mastery. The journey to Liz is undoubtedly an adventure that must be prepared for.

From the day after he was initiated, Idrissa had been schooling Lores on how to utilize his powers as an attainer. The thicket, free from human disturbance and rich in the twittering of birds and natures wind was a good habitat for playing magic. Lores sat in lotus position on the mucky ground, trying to provoke earthly energy while Idrissa stood aside to coach him. It was as if energy was in a deep sleep and won heed to Lores call. He kept sighing repeatedly in frustration as he was already sweating bullets. His feet were becoming numb from the merciless posture.

This magic of a thing was on and off for Lores, but today seemed to be the worst of all.

e still struggling with provoking energy. Its as a result of poor focus and reflection which is telling terribly on your gnosis. ” Idrissa spoke as he slightly altered his bearing to show Lores an example for the umpteenth time. Without difficulty, he provoked a little amount of energy in the form of a harmless force for Lores to see. When the ambience was tranquil, he continued his lesson.

”When your mind is steady you can do something like this. ” Idrissa stood with a stoic face, and like ghosts summoned from their hideouts, energy began to muster in the manifestation of a great orb-like force, causing autumn leaves to spiral vehemently.

”Energy is the impetus of everything permeating the earth, and your ability to provoke it brings about an unspeakable force. ” The mage said while the whirlwind howled. Lores watched in amazement, his

hair fluttering classily from the effect of the gusty wind.

”With an excellent gnosis you can unleash. ” The old mage tilted his wand horizontally to an aloof vegetation. The whirlwind thrusted the vegetation, retrograding and damaging it in what seemed like an action from a resentful deity. It was breathtaking and godlike that Lores was dumbstruck.

”Idrissa, are you a human at all? ” Lores was in a daze because of the powerful mage.

”I am. ” The mage chuckled softly. ”Your stage corresponds with the amount of energy you provoke. For instance, if I were in the stage of earthly celestiality, the force wouldve been more aggressive than what you saw earlier. ”

”That was a huge force. ” Lores confirmed. For Lores stage, a resilient mind is required to master the provocation of energy. When it is mastered, the practitioner advances into the the stage of familiarity where he would have to create a bond with his weapon if he has one. If he doesn , he would have to practice hard to reach the apex of harnessing energy for his stage.

”What you saw was the advanced form of repellent technique. It is a simple technique every newling should learn. It is one thing to generate a force and another thing to manipulate it. ” The old mage sat down on a fallen log, apparently tired from standing to coach an unimproved learner. ”Your repellent technique will not be as effective as that of an advanced practitioner. Nonetheless, it will come handy when you
e in danger. I believe you have the potentials of becoming a great mage. Just keep doing the needful. ” The mage encouraged.

Lores was inspired by the words of encouragement from his coach. He adjusted his posture, breathed a sigh of positivity and kept his face expressionlessly like a hard-hearted villain.

”Don just envision but focus and envision. ” Idrissa instructed while Lores remained in his position for some time. As if energy finally heard the plea of Lores, a weak force began to rumble in front of him, blowing dirt and dead leaves all over as his hair fluttered randomly. It lasted more than usual and died down in the fullness of time. Lores smiled and twinkled his eyelids in surprise.

”Ive improved! ” He exclaimed with glee. He casted a glance at Idrissa. ”Idrissa, Ive improved. ” He announced as if he newly progressed to the last stage of magery. The mage smiled back. It was a call of celebration for the boy who still had a long was to go.

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