The First Blunder?

Chapter 1: The first blunder?

–Part 1–

[ ”Where am I? I can see anything.

Where is this place? Ah yes, someone hit me from behind. Did he do that? ” ]

Suddenly a line of light could be seen from behind. The door opened. A boy was standing there wearing a mask. But I already knew who that person was.

[ ”What are you doing? Why am I tied up? ” ]

I tried to say those words, but I couldn . My mouth was gagged up.

I tried to move my body, but my hands and legs were tied up too. I already more or less understood the situation.

Then I tried to see my surroundings. There were two shelves on either side of the room, and the room was narrow because of that. Some boxes could be seen on the shelves. Just like an average storage room.

I was sitting down in the back of the room. And there were some bloodstains on the ground.

[ ”Are those my blood? ” ]

He started walking towards me. My heart beat kept rising as he was closing the distance. I felt scared.

He kneeled and looked at my face. Our faces were so close.

He removed the piece of cloth from my mouth.

”Wh-… ”

”Amelia! ”

”! ”

He interrupted me.

”Lets play a game. ”

”…Ah…I see. You scared the heck out of me! Even though its a game, you went too far! ”

”Ah sorry, but you got one thing wrong. This situation… is not a game or a prank.

Now lets start the game. Ill give you three chances. If you can guess why Im doing this, Ill untie you. ”

”What do you me- ”

”Now start the game! ”

”…Because you want money? ”

”Half right. ”

”… ”

”Next? ”

”…You are after my body? ”

”Correct. ”

”… ”

”Hey, why are you blushing? It was half right. I want your body because Im a human trafficker.

It wasn entirely correct, but you guessed right two times. As promised, Ill untie you.

But before you go, Ill tell you the main reason. ”

”… ”

”Its because Ive always hated your shitty personality. Always looking down on people, because you think you
e the best? I hate arrogant people like you. The only reason I was acting like a friend is because of our fathers. ”

He was saying those things while he was untying me.

”Now then, I kept my promise. ”

I stood up.

[ ”He is letting me go so easily. Is

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