–Part 1–

The snow layer is getting thicker and thicker.

It is getting harder to walk.

Its getting harder to see. Its not even snowing that much. But I can see anything beyond 10 meters.

Wait, why am I outside anyway? Doesn matter, I have to go home ASAP.

Its been a while. Im walking in darkness. I don know where Im going. Its not snowing anymore. But I still can see anything. Did my eyesight get bad? I shouldve listened to my sister and eaten vegetables.

Eh? My sister? Haha… don know why, but I thought she was dead. She asked me to buy the new comic that was released yesterday. My mind must be going crazy because of this darkness.

I can see a light in the distance. Finally something else than the darkness. Lets hurry up.

Theres a wooden house in the middle of the road. Wait, this is my house. But why does it feel like I haven been here for ages?

There is a bicycle parking in front of my house. That looks familiar too. Isn that my uncles?

”Im home. ”

[ ”Welcome back. ” ]

I heard those words naturally in my brain. But in reality, no one replied to me. Maybe they are in the kitchen?

The situation before my eyes, I think Ive been in this before. A déjà vu?

No. Ive already seen this scene countless times. My mother is lying on the floor and blood flows over from her chest. Her eyes aren reflecting any lights. The blood flows to my legs.

Ive dropped something from my hand. Its a small shopping bag. It seems like there are some medicines in it. I wonder if I was outside for this.

There is a man other than me in the kitchen.

Hes sitting at the dining table and sipping a cup of tea, or possibly coffee.

He just looked at me. For instance, he had a surprising look on his face, but soon it turned back to the usual calm face.

”I see. No wonder that you
e my son. ”

What is he talking about?

”Do you know what kind of face you are making right now?

*Sigh* you are smiling. An evil smile is on your face.

Your eyes are scared, yet you are smiling.

Im glad I don have to kill you too, but Im disappointed that you have a monster inside you as well. ”

Someone put his hands on both my shoulders from behind. Its my uncle.

”Take him somewhere away and ensure he doesn open his mouth. ”

*Blaargh* A splash of blood came out of my mouth. A hand is coming out of my chest. Did someone just stab me?

My surroundings have changed. Im in a dark room now. I can see my surroundings very well. But I think I know where this place is.

Out of the blue, a child appeared in front of me. Thats me. No, thats not me. He just looks like my old self. But hes a devil.

”We meet again, friend. ”

”What do you want to say this time? ”

”You know very well why Im here. Why didn you follow my advice? ”

”Im not your lackey, Ill do my job whatever way I want.

Hurry up and tell the actual reason. Who do you want this time? ”

”Lets see.

How about that long brown-haired girl from your school. ”

”Can you be more specific? Whats her name? ”

”You don know her name and neither do I. You only met her a few times. And she was in your class last year. ”

”Doesn ring a bell. How am I supposed to find her? ”

”Thats none of my business. After doing my job, you can do whatever you want with the body. ”

”Okay. And can you stop showing me the same dream again and again? ”

”I told you Im not the one who shows you.

Anyway, best of luck buddy. ”

”Shut it. I don want your luck and we aren friends. You are a devil. ”

”Don be such a meanie. You aren less than a devil yourself. ”

”… ”

He has disappeared and left some shadow-like particles.

That bastard likes to stand out.

Now then, the part I hate the most. Its time to go back to reality.

–Part 2–

”Haya! ”

”Jezz you scared me. ”

”Do you know where he is? ”

”I think you really should stop stalking him.

If he finds out, he might think that you
e a pervert. ”

”Just tell me where he is! ”

”I don know. Its not my job to know his whereabouts. ”

”Hmph. Ill find him myself. ”

”The class is about to start now. Go and find your prince after the class. ”

”Okie. ”

Hi. Im Nina. Im 16 and Im a high schooler.

And shes Ruby, my best friend. We have known each other since our childhood.

Enough about her.

The him we were talking about is… our class rep. Well, not anymore. My grades weren that good in my final exam and I dropped to class B. He is the class representative of class A.

He is good at studying and sports. I was hoping that we could at least be in the same club, but unfortunately, he hasn joined any club yet. Its almost been six months, what is he doing?


”Everyone stand up. ” – Ruby (Shes the class rep.)

The teacher sighed and said,

”Everyone sits down.

Before we start the class, there is something I have to tell you. ”

*Some gossiping noises can be heard.*

”You know a student from class A went missing a few days ago. This morning some people found her in city X, and she was badly injured. Police started their investigation to find the culprit.

*Sigh* Everyone, be careful, there are lots of people going missing for the past few years.

Now then, lets begin the class. ”

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