–Part 1–


Two young students are standing beside the rooftop railing. The boy is staring in the distance with an expressionless face. As for the girl, she has a gloomy expression and looking down from the railings.

The girl breaks the silence.

”…I heard the students saying that theres an organization that does all these kidnappings. ”

”…Thats plausible. ”

”… ”

”How close were you to Ruby? ”

She wanted to bring up this topic slowly but the boy ruined that.

”Shes my childhood friend.

I was so happy when I got to see her again after all those years. ”

”… ”

”My dad got transferred to a different city and soon after my family also shifted there. After my dad went overseas, we shifted to this city again last year. ”

”I see. ”

”… ”

”Its nice to have a good friend. ”

”Thats true. ”

”… ”

”Do you have anyone close to you too? ”

”No. I have some friends in my class but we aren close at all. Come to think of it, they may not consider me as a friend. We hardly even know each other. ”

”What about in your family? ”

The boy turns around and holds his body to the railings. His expression changes a little. While looking at the sky he says,

”… I live with my sister. We don talk that much though. My mother is in hospital and my father went overseas. ”

”…Sorry for asking about that. ”

”I don mind. ”

”… ”

The boy sighs and says,

”By the way, the teacher said some people will come to school for some investigation. ”

”…Are they going to investigate the students and teachers? ”

”I guess coming here is a part of their investigation. After all, both Ruby, Amelia, and some other missing girls are from this school. They might find some clues here. ”

”Oh. ”

”Im relieved that they are finally taking this seriously. ”

”Thats true. ”

”… ”

”What do you think about the kidnapper? ”

”What do you mean? ”

”I mean, who might be the kidnappers and what their objectives are. ”


Just like you said at the beginning, theres a possibility that all those kidnappings are done by an organization. As for the reason, only young girls are going missing. So I assume they probably do human trafficking. ”

”…Hmm you are right. But why only the young girls? ”

”… ”

It took her a few seconds to understand. She panics and says,


You know you didn have to skip classes just because of me. You are a good student and a class representative. Unlike me, the teacher will notice if you go missing. ”


But it surprisingly feels nice to ditch classes. I don like doing the student council work anyway. ”

”Then why did you join the council? ”

”The teacher sort of forced me because of my good results. ”

”…Oh. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”I heard you and your friends will distribute missing posters among the locals? ”

”Umm yes. ”

”Can I join too? Ruby helped me a lot these past two years. ”

”Sure. ”

She smiled a little and said that.

It seems like they will stay here and continue their awkward conversation till the lunch break.

–Part 2–


-Rubys pov-

”Did you find anything useful? ”

”I found a medicine kit. It has some bandages and medicines in it and… I don know what those things are. ”

”These are …painkillers. ”

”Oh. Are you sure? It might contain poison or something dangerous. ”

”…Can you give me those? The pain is worsening. ”

”… ”

I handed over those to her. Is she going to use that? Theres something off. But I don know what it is.

Ah, shes using that. Is she going to be okay? I should stop her, but a part of me is saying I shan . Because if she dies, I can…

Anyway, Im in a dark room right now. A few minutes ago we managed to get here. Our plan is, first well go find some food and possibly some useful items. Then we find the escape route. Its a mixture of the first and second ways of the game. But if something goes wrong, well stick to the first way and wait here for one month..

Surprisingly a single kick broke the door. But I thought my body was weak. Maybe I have more strength than I thought.

We found a small hallway that connects to six rooms. All of them are locked except this, the sixth room.

As soon as I opened the door, my soul almost left my body. There was a creepy-looking hing standing in the middle of the room. That wasn enough. A creepy voice was coming from that direction.

< "Hellow. Its me again. If everything is going according to my pla- " >

That scared the life out of me. It took us a few seconds to realize what was going on.

Then we entered the room and turned on the light switch. Theres a table in the middle of the room. And besides that, the creepy-looking dummy is standing.

Yes, a dummy. It looks like one of those upper-halved mannequins in shopping malls. But it was covered in red-ish fur and its face looks like one of those goat-headed-looking devils.

And that leads us to the present.

We are searching for some useful items. So far I found some medicines and a kit. I found some injection-looking things too. She said those were painkillers and took them.

”Oh. Lets see whats inside the kit. ”

Huh?! I opened the kit. There are bandages. Some pills and some other things. Just like an ordinary medicine kit. But there is something that isn ordinary. A gun.

I take the gun and hide it under my shirt. Did I just make a mistake? But if I tell her or give the gun to her, she might try to kill me.

”Did you find anything …useful? ”

I asked her that but,

The bulb isn that bright so it is giving way less light. But I can see that her eyes turned red. She looks totally different. Is that medicine that powerful? Or maybe it was poison after all.


Some canned food. And this. ”

She gave me a Rectangularly shaped cover. It was transparent. Two rolls of tape inside it can be seen.

I was surprised and scared that I forgot to ask about her condition.

”A tape cassette? ”

Do those things still exist? Oh, theres a tape recorder on the table too. The recorder played as soon as we opened the door. So theres another tape inside it. This one might contain some information.

”This tape is worn out. It won work. ”

”You can tell? ”

”Yes. ”

”… ”

”… ”

Shes lying about something. She doesn want me to play this tape for some reason. Then why did she give it to me? Or is it something else?

”Still, lets try it one time. ”

As I was about to turn around, something bit my neck. No, she stabbed me with that thing.

”Eek- ”

I press my neck with my left hand. Why did she stab me? Is that poisonous after all? But she used that on herself too.


My head is spinning.

I feel nauseous.

My headache is killing me.

Before I realized it, I had already fallen to the ground and vomited.

Shes coming at me.

I need to get away.

Shes going to kill me.

–Part 3–

”Thanks for helping us today. ” -Nina

”No problem. It was my duty too. After all, I owe her. ”

”You should head back home now. Its getting late. ”

”… ”

I waved my hand and left.

Even though all of those were for nothing, I had a good time. I always thought that hanging out with friends was nothing more than a waste of time. We only went door to door and asked some people, but it surprisingly felt good.

Im not going to back out of my path just because of that feeling. Ill achieve my goal no matter what.



”The game is already over. ”

”…Already?! Its only been a day. ”

”… ”

”Whatever, who died or got killed?

Never mind. Im going to find myself. ”

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