The First Dream

–Part 1–

”You you you! I hate you so much. I gave you some simple jobs and you couldn complete them! ”

”I don think you are in any position to say those. ”

”Oh? You know our deal. You give me entertainment and I give you advice so that you can keep yourself alive. ”

”… ”

”First you didn listen to me. I said to kill that girl… Whats her name again?

Hes bad at remembering peoples names, just like me.

”…Amelia. ”

”Yes. I told you to kill her immediately but what did you do? Sold her to some old dudes, broke her, and threw her in the trash. Made yourself satisfied. ”

”… ”

It was my first time seeing him angry.

”And then I told you not to kill… that girl. But you created that stupid game to kill her. ”

”You never told me that. Thats why I used an indirect method. And she isn dead… probably. ”

”Whatever, you ruined my plan. ”

”What plan? ”

”Youll understand when the time comes. Ill be laughing at your miserable state. ”

”! ”

That smile on his face. I didn like it. I understood instantly what that smile meant. A smile of betrayal.

I tried to grab his neck but my hand passed through him and I fell to the ground. His body scattered like he was made of black smoke. He re-emerged and his body changed.

He turned around and looked at me. I was familiar with that body. He looked like my current self. I always saw him in my 6 years old self up until now. This is the first time he changed his appearance.

He grabbed my collar and lifted me.

”Eek- ”

”You are no use to me. I can already see that the future changed. ”

”The future? Pfft. Don say that you can see the future. ”

I said that with a laughing tone in it.

”… ”

”You are just an imaginary being that I created. You don have any power of that sort. The bits of advice you gave me up until now were all of my own thoughts. ”

He threw me and my head hit a wooden pillar. Why did I feel pain? All of those weren even real.

He glanced at me and disappeared. I saw him countless times disappear. But this time was different. The surroundings disappeared with him. Leaving behind nothingness. I thought I was in the void. Everything was dark. Nothing could be seen.

When I looked down, I saw the reflecting sky on the ground. It looked like the earth was made out of glass. And then I looked up at the sky, the dark sky changed. It was something out of my imagination. Countless stars in the sky looked like they came out of a painting.

–Part 2–

Its been a month since then. Nothing major happened. Some investigators came a couple of weeks ago. I heard they left after asking the teachers some questions.

After Rubys disappearance, Nina got extremely depressed. The excited tone of her voice disappeared. We still spend time talking to each other almost every day. And because of that, some rumors spread. The rumors don bother me that much but each day, those are getting crazier and crazier.

One other thing happened. After talking to Amon last time which didn go well, I stopped getting that dream. Did he leave me? But I indeed thought he was nothing more than an imaginary friend. But the things that happened at the end seemed too realistic.

”Thanks for waiting sir. ”

”… ”

A beautiful woman placed a cup of coffee on the table and said.

”Do you want anything else? ”

”No, thanks. ”

She left with a smile.

Currently, Im in a coffee shop waiting for someone. I have some important business with a dog.


The front door opens. A man wearing a black suit enters the shop. Blonde, thick eyebrows, and that face. By looking at his face, you can tell hes British.

”Welcome. ”

Ignoring the cashier lady, hes heading this way. He sits down before me.

”Do you like anything, sir? ”

”Sorry, A glass of water please. ”

The waiter left without saying anything. She was smiling but for a brief second, she made an unpleasant face.

”What was all that about? Suddenly you said you want to leave the organization. ”

”Yes. ”

The organization. It doesn have any name but its objective is human trafficking. Even though the main objective is prostitution, they do organ trafficking as well. There are some small businesses they do but those aren worth mentioning. The members of the organization are all over the country. And Im a key member of it.

”You know the rules. How dangerous leaving the organization is. You might get killed. ”

”-Um… Heres your water. ”

”Ah, sorry. Thanks. ”

He scared the poor woman.

”Maybe we shouldve picked some other place. ”

You are the one who chose this location.

This man is good for nothing, can do a job properly. Even his code name is Dog. Still, Hes an important member of the organization. Hes in the police department, I don know what his exact position in the department is, but I heard he has a good relationship with the higher-ups. And because of that, he gives us inside intel. Hes also close to all the key members and the boss. If only he wasn so stupid, he could destroy everyone.

”I have a reason for leaving the organization. I can explain those to the other members. ”

”Thats too risky. Everyone doesn trust you. You were shady from the beginning. Even though you were a rookie, you end up being one of the key members. They think you are close to the boss. ”

”I never saw the boss. I don even know his name. ”

”Most of the members don know him either.

Anyway, whats the reason for leaving? ”

”I can tell you that. I called you because I want you to set up a meeting with other key members, if possible the boss. ”

”Sorry, I don have the authority to do that. Im just a watchdog. ”

”You met the boss before, didn you? ”

”Yes, but its still hard for me. Why don you ask The deliverymen? ”

Hes talking about my uncle. I joined the organization with him. Indeed, I can easily meet the boss with the help of him. But…

”I can contact him for a few days. ”

Hes a mysterious man. He appears and disappears without any warning. Whats he up to this time?

”Uh… okay Ill see what I can. But it won be for free. ”

–Part 3–

”I heard you made an appointment with the boss? ”

Standing before me is a tall man. Hes wearing a delivery mans dress.

”Yes, but where have you been? And what did you do to Ruby? ”

”Don worry, shes fine. ”

”But why did you do that? ”

”You will understand that later. ”

What am I supposed to understand? When I returned to the base. There wasn anyone. That woman, Ruby, nor this old man. None was there. All I found was blood on the ground. There was a high possibility someone died or got heavily injured.

”Come. The boss is waiting. ”

Right now Im going to meet the boss. I already met some fellow members. Their welcoming wasn that warm. Well, I never spent much time with the members or the organization.

The door opened.

The scene before me looks like it came out of a mafia movie. Some questionable-looking characters are standing in the background, a table in the center of the room, and an empty seat before the table.

And sitting there in the middle is an old man, whose face resembles my uncle, and mine.

”Long time no see, son. ”

The man I hate the most, the man I want to kill so badly, the man who destroyed my life. It is him. Now I don have to go look for him. Hes right in front of me.

”I heard you like playing games. ”

”… ”

”Lets play a game, shall we? ”

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