”And so, on a dark, stormy night, in the altars of the underworld, everything was quiet, but there was an eerie sound coming from one of the coffins… ” the teacher said as he read the words in the story book. The children sat in a circular pattern, all paying close attention to the teacher. He continued, ”-the sound became louder and louder. There was a banging inside the coffin. ”

The children went ”Oooh. ”

”-and suddenly, the coffin door opened, and out came Dracula, the bloodsucking vampire. He stooped out from the coffin, nearly falling off. He had been asleep for almost a thousand years, and he was thirsty for blood. ”

One of the children raised his hand. ”Mister, are vampires real? ”

The teacher adjusted his glasses and smiled. ”They are very real, Tommy. ”

The children got scared.

”But don worry. He will not be able to harm innocent people, because we have law enforcers. They catch the bad guys and put them in jail. ”

”Really? ” the children inquired.

”Yes, really. The police officers keep us safe at night so we can sleep easy. While we are tucked in comfortably, snoozing away, the police officers do their job and keep the nasty vampires away. ”

Another child raised his hand. ”Why do they suck peoples blood? ”

”Well, thats why they are called vampires, I guess. ”

A young couple was sneaking into the cemetery in the middle of the night. The woman dragged the man by the hand and they went behind a tree, then they started hugging and getting intimate.

”Ive missed you so much. Ive wanted to see you all day. ” said the woman.

”Are you sure your husband doesn know about this? ” asked the man.

”He is not my husband, he is just my fiancé. I am not planning to marry him anyway. And no, he does not have the slightest clue we are here. ”

”I see. You did a good job. As long as no one knows about us, we are safe. ”

They started kissing when a dark figure snuck past the trees.

The woman stopped kissing. ”Did you hear that? ”

”Hear what? ” said the man. ”I didn hear anything. ”

They continued making out but the woman broke the kiss again. ”I swear, I am hearing something. Maybe we are not alone. ”

”Non-sense! ” the man said. ”There isn even a shadow in this place. ”

Suddenly, the vampire appeared behind the man. The woman was so shocked she didn utter a word. Schleb. The vampire stabbed the man in the stomach with his ironclad hand. The man was bleeding heavily and he turned around, and the vampire stabbed him more. Then he fell to his death.

The woman, with hands over her face, stepped back and screamed. ”AAAAAHHH! ” She ran for it.

The vampire chased her. No matter how fast she was, he was faster. She tripped over a piece of wood. Thud. The vampire was behind her. She crawled backwards. ”No…no…stay away! ” He approached, showing his fangs and hissed. ”No, please…AHHHHH!!! ”

Crows screamed and flew away. Another victim has been taken by Dracula.

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