”This party is lit! ” Emma shouted over the music into Riyas ears as she was dancing

”Are you drunk? ” Riya questioned looking over at Emma

”Maybe? Okay a little but I meant what I said, this party is lit! ”

”Yep we definitely outdid ourselves, ” Riya agreed.

”Im gonna dance some more, bye, ” Emma said as she disappeared into the crowd.

”Imani how are you enjoying this party! ” Riya shouted into the ears of the other half of their besties group.

”Its rowdy thats for sure but I love it thanks, I owe you and Emma big time speaking of which where is Emma? ”

”Oh she went out to party some more ”

”Hey babe, ” Kendrick said holding two glasses of drinks

”Hey baby, ” Imani replied kissing him lightly on the lips

”I thought you could use a drink ”

”I don think I can drink anymore, I love my sanity way too much ”

”One more can hurt, one sip thats all Im asking, ” Kendrick said and handed the drink to her. Imani ignored the nagging feeling in her chest and gulped down the entire glass.

Two days later

”Riya, hurry up or we
e gonna be late, ” Emma said while picking up her handbag

”How is there no food in this place, I mean you have a kitchen with a functioning refrigerator yet by some miracle theres no food in there. There aren even leftovers, ” Riya complained coming out of the kitchen.

”Never mind about the food well eat at Imanis, lets go, ” Emma said basically dragging Riya out to the car.

Together, they drove to Imanis place and when they got there and Imani saw them, she squealed out loud.

”Aah, I can believe you guys actually made it, come on in, ” she said opening the door and stepping aside from them to enter

”Um why all the bags? ” she asked as soon as she saw Emma and Riya holding a travelling bag each as they entered.

”First why would you think we wouldn make it. There is no way we are letting our friend go without one last reminisce, our famous sleepovers, ” Emma shouted with joy

”Oh my God, you guys are literally the best friends ever, what would I do without you guys? ” Imani said as she hugged both of them

”Hopefully we never find out, ” Emma said

”Nothing thats what, you will never be without the two of us, ” Riya said

”Okay first lets get settled in and then well gist all we want but we
e going to bed early because its your big day tomorrow, ” Emma said

”I still can believe Im getting married, ” Imani said with joy in her eyes

”I know right? It feels just like yesterday when I saw you falling from your bike, ” Riya said wiping an imaginary tear from her eyes and the three of them burst out laughing

”Do you have any food? ” Riya asked

”Check the kitchen, wait how come you
e hungry, let me guess Emma was out of food again, as usual ”

”Huh huh, ” Riya said already making her way to the kitchen

Just as the three girls settled down with plates of rice and chicken, Imanis phone rang.

”Hey baby, ” the voice on the other end said

”Kendrick! Howve you been, Ive missed you so much, ” Imani squealed while Emma and Riya turned to her with bewildered eyes

”Im okay,. you are excited for tomorrow? ”

”Yeah ”

”Well I had an emergency to attend to so I had to fly somewhere but don worry Im taking the night flight so I should be back in time for the wedding tomorrow ”

”You sure? ”

”Yeah so how
e you? ”

”Im fine, Riya and Emma are actually keeping me company before the make-up artist and her crew arrive this evening ”

”Thats good, say hi to the girls for me ”

”No need we can hear you, ” Emma butted in

”Oh hi girls ”

”Hi, ” they both chorused while you Imani was laughing

”Listen babe I gotta go, well talk soon okay? ”

”Okay, bye ”

”Bye, love you ”

”Love you too, ” she said and hung up the phone.

”Oh now I definitely have no doubts about you being in love, ” Emma said

”You had doubts?! ” Imani asked incredulously

”Why don you ever squeal like that when we call, ” Riya whined

”Because we are her long term friends, she doesn need to squeal for us to know how excited she is, ” Emma explained

”Now lets get watching, ” Imani said and played the TV.

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