It was D-day

The wedding day

Imani was dressed in a white gown with strapless arms and a tiara on her hair which was exquisitely packed in a bun. Her face was made up and beside her Emma and Riya wore matching dresses , green also flowing with heels to match . All other bridesmaids were dressed in nude coloured dresses and they all went to stand before the altar. Imani was led by Emma and Riya on either sides since she lost her parents a long time ago and they all stood at the altar in front of the priests and guests awaiting the groom, Kendrick.

After waiting for about three minutes the priest gently whispered into Imanis ears, ”Where is your husband? ”

”Oh hell be here hes just running a little late, ” Imani replied and just then, a delivery boy ran into the hall and gave the bride a letter then left.

”Dear Imani,

e probably wondering why Im not at the altar with you, well its simple, I can go on with this marriage anymore . I don love you. You will always be a dear friend to me but I just don feel that way about you. I have a wife and an eight year old son that I left behind at home. I needed a way to take care of them and you seemed like the perfect candidate.

During your bachelorette party, I drugged your drink and made you sign over your entire bank assets to me including your house . The new owner will come within a few days to claim his property and all your bank assets have been converted to liquid cash form. You
e a nice girl and I hope you find the man of your dreams but unfortunately that guy isn me.

Tell Riya Im so sorry.

Yours sincerely,

Kendrick .

Imani fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Two days later

Imani woke up to the smell of anesthetic and disinfectant. She opened her eyes and was blinded by an array of white lights . She closed her eyes again and opened them slowly in order to get them accustomed to the lights . The room was painted cream and there were two doors , one leading outside the room and the other leading to the bathroom, she guessed.

”Where am I? ” She asked and immediately Emmas worried face came into her view.

”Oh my God, shes awake, Riya get up, shes awake! Imani are you okay? ”

”Im fine but where am I? ”

”The hospital ”

”Why… ” She said and just as soon as she said it, memories of her wedding and everything that happened ran through her head and tears started falling down her cheeks.

”Kendrick is… ”

”Gone, ” Emma concluded. ”Mani we are so sorry, if theres anything we can do ”

”No don worry about it but I want it go home, when am I going to be discharged ”

”Um Ill go see the doctor to find out, Riya stay with her Ill be right back ”

”Hey… ” Riya said uneasily

”Hey ”

e feeling? ”

”Terrible ”

”Don worry everythings going to be just fine, ” Riya said and moved to give her a big hug

Minutes later Emma returned with a huge smile on her face.

”Looks like youll be discharged today, the hospital just needs to conduct a few more tests to ascertain you
e okay ”

”Thanks ”

”I also grabbed you some food, ” she said placing a plate and bottled water on the bed.

”Your favourite, Caribbean rice ”

”Thanks Emma, I owe you one, ” she said and then sat down to eat.

Two days later,

Imani was already in her house, she had only three days left before she vacated the house so she had already packed her clothes and all valuables out of the house just in case.

As she mulled over her wedding disaster , she remembered the last thing Kendrick had said in his letter , ”Tell Riya Im sorry ” and couldn quite fathom it. The more she thought about it, the more confused she was and after a while she stopped moping long enough to get the last of her belongings into the car, the one she still owned, looked back at the house and then drove to Emmas house.

Emma and Riya were squatting in a four bedroom flat and since Imani was about to be homeless, they agreed to accommodate her. When she got there,

”Hey girl, ” Emma said cheerfully as Imani came out of the car

”Hi, ” Imani replied weakly

”You feeling better? ”

”A little, wheres Riya? ”

”She went out to go get something, shell be back soon, ” Emma said

”Come on lets get you inside, ” she continued and ushered Imani in. She showed her to her bedroom and things were going well.

Three weeks later,

Imani woke up in the middle of the night extremely thirsty and was going to get some water in the kitchen when she heard Emma and Riya discussing in hushed tones in the kitchen.

”We have to tell her, ” Emma said

”No we don , ” Riya argued back

”Yes we do, shes gonna find out eventually and don you think we owe it to her for closures sake, ” Emma argued again

”No, ” Riya said vehemently

”Well if she finds out I had nothing to do with it, this is you and Kendrick shit so you better fix it, tell her in a week or I will, ” Emma said and turned to go. As she got to the door, she saw Imani and stopped dead in her tracks.

”Riya and Kendrick! So Riya you were involved with Kendrick, my fiancé, ” Imani said in a low menacing tone as she moved into the kitchen towards Riya

”And Emma you knew yet you never said anything ”

”Mani its not what you think, ” Emma tried to explain

”Okay then what do I think? ”

”I met Kendrick first, a month before you did, we were getting serious and you knew yet you stole him away from me. You had no right, absolutely no right to steal him away from me you bitch! ” Riya shrieked

”What the hell Riya, ” Emma shouted turning to do her

”Stay out of his bozo, everything always comes to you, ” she said pointing to Imani

”All the guys and good things always come to you. My boyfriend in eighth grade? Remember? We were okay until I introduced him to you, everything went downhill from there. He got arrested and charged ”

”He was trying to sexually assault me, how is it my fault ”

”Only because you seduced him, didn think I noticed huh? Kendrick was my catch and like usual Imani swoops in and grabs him ”

”I didn even know you guys were acquainted with each other before I introduced him to you guys ”

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