”Like hell you didn ” Riya screamed

”You know what? Im done with this, ” Imani said and walked out of the kitchen back to her room. She dragged her suitcases out of the room and into the car.

”Mani, what are you doing? ” Emmas worried face appeared as she was closing the cars door.

”I can deal with liars much more betrayers, I trusted you guys but I guess I was wrong, ” Imani said, tears running down her face.

”Mani please! We can talk this out! ”

”Get lost bitch! ” Riya shouted behind Emma

With that Imani went to open the gate, got into her car and drove away leaving behind a worried Emma and a triumphant looking Riya.

”And don ever come back, ” Riya shouted after her and just then, Emma whirled around and delivered a stinging slap to Riyas left cheek.

”Are you crazy! She has nowhere else to go, no one but us and instead of pleading for her forgiveness after offending her you pushed her right out. If anything and I mean anything happens to her or she isn back by morning, you
e dead. ” Emma threatened menacingly and went upstairs to her room leaving an astonished Riya behind holding her stinging cheek.


”Maam, you have a meeting at four oclock with the CEO of Lonestar Tech. ”

”What! When did I book that? ”

”The day before yesterday ma regarding the issue of the expansion ”

”What time is it? ”

”Its three fifty-five ”

”Get the conference room ready, Ill be there soon ”

”Okay ma, ” the PA said and left.

Four oclock

Imani walked into the conference room in black ankle boots, blue jumpsuit and her hair flowing down in lengths across her back to touch her waist.

”Where is he? ” She asked her PA as she entered

”I think hes running a little late maam, her secretary responded

”Ugh, doesn he know my time is precious, ” She said and sat down and just as she did, a man in a black shirt and tux entered the room.

e late, ” Imani remarked as she rose up to the mans hand

”Not my fault, I assure you, ” he said as he took his seat

”I don hear an apology ”

”Thats because none is forthcoming ”

”Then I guess we
e done here, ” Imani said as she stood up to leave

”I strongly advise you to reconsider as Ive gone to many lengths to be here and you leaving would be unfavourable to your plans and mine. ”

She thought about it for a moment and sat back down opposite him.

”I don work well with proud people, ” she said

”But you seem to have the same trait yourself ”

”Which is why I don work well with others of the same trait ”

”Hmm… ” he said as the corners of his mouth raised in an amused smile

”Lets get down to business shall we? This is my lawyer, Arla, ” she said pointing to a blonde with dark hair sitting next to her

”And this is mine, Green, ” he replied with a gesture of hand to the young man sitted beside him

”Well Mr. Cross, you said you had something to discuss with me, I suggest you get to it. Im a very busy woman and I can assure you when I say my time is extremely precious to me. ”

”Right, excuse use please , ” he said and signaled his lawyer to leave

”I would appreciate it if you would ask your team to leave as well ”

”Why should they? ”

”Because the nature of the issue I wish to discuss with you is very sensitive and it isn for prying ears ”

e not prying, whatsoever it is you say no matter how irrelevant will not leave this room ”

”I understand but this issue is of high sensitivity and is very dear to me ”

”Very well, excuse us then, ” she motioned to her PA and her lawyer to leave. Together they left with the other lawyer.

”So why are you here Mr. Cross ”

e a very hard woman to find Miss Richardson. Your company has unveiled plans to build another one of your branches in Singapore ”

”So? ”

”Its not necessarily the city but the place youve chosen to build your empire ”

”The Bah Man Parks ”

”Exactly! That place is highly regarded and very dear to me so I am here to ask what it would take to for you to transfer ownership of that assets to me ”

e joking right? ” Imani asked incredulously

”Im deadly serious ” he said his eyes turning a shade darker. ”That place is of great importance to my family, it is a highly regarded family heirloom and I want to know what it would take to acquire it back

”If it was so important, why did your family lose it in the first place ” Imani asked

”That is for my discretion only ”

”Mr. Cross , do I look like a woman who cares for sentiments. I don care how important it is to you or any other person, it isn for sale and my decision is final ”

”And nothing can change your mind? ”

”If that is all you came for then it means this meeting is over, try not to waste my time next time. Good day Mr. Cross, ” Imani said and stood up to leave

”Be my wife, ” he said calmly

”What! ”

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