Raixa and her sister Neyli were in their rooms packing up their stuff. Their mother had informed them that they would be going to the capital to stay there. Her mother was ill and the doctor adviced she stay in a coastal place like Starla.

”Im so happy we will be staying in the capital. We can be chanced to go to the palace one day ”. Neyli said happily folding her clothes

”Won you miss home? ”. Raixa asked

”A little bit. But I will soon be used to it ”. Neyli said carelessly ” And besides Ill get to see the king. I heard hes the most handsome man in the kingdom. Maybe hell notice you ”. Neyli whispered the last sentence

”Could you speak about something more of your age? ”. Raixa asked irritated. Though Neyli was only 16 she spoke so much about boys

The girls hurriedly packed their luggage and moved out of the house. The carriage they were to use arrived just in time and they got in.

In a few hours they got to Starla. The carriage dropped them in front of their aunt Marias home and Neyli rushed in to find her

”Aunt Maria we
e here ”. She said out loud and soon a blonde woman came downstairs. Neyli rushed to hug her

”welcome to my house. I thought Sarah had changed her mind ”

”She wanted to but we forced her to come ”. Neyli said. She was always the chit chat

”You know how I feel about depending on someone else ”Sarah said weakly. She was a patient of Black Vile a deadly disease

”Right now you are not well and its our job to look after you. Right girls? ”Maria said moving to her sister

”Yeah ”

”Alright now you All should get some rest ”Maria said leading Sarah upstairs. The girls also moved to their room as directed by Maria.

”So now that we are here what do you plan on doing? ” Neyli asked as she began to arrange her luggage

”I don know. look for work maybe! ”Raixa shrugged. Now that her mother was ill and could not work she had to do it. Maria had told her not to worry but she still felt like helping. ”you! ”

”Make some new friends of course and the best place to do that is tomorrow ”

”don tell me you plan on attending Nasha at the palace ”Raixa asked her sister.

NASHA was a festival celebrated by the people. This year the king had invited everyone to celebrate with him. She never took it seriously

”Don tell me you plan on not going? ” Neyli asked in return ”Oh come on sis. Its just a party and who knows the king might notice you ”

”Whatever ”was Raixas simple reply. She was not a party type like her sister. Neyli loved parties and her mother never stopped her. Rather she made Raixa accompany her

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