The next day all everyone was talking about was the party in the evening. Maria sent Raixa to the market to buy some foodstuffs and pay for a dress she had bought. While she was at the dress shop she heard the shop attendant and some women converse

”Ive never seen the king before. I heard he is gorgeous ”The red haired woman said longingly

”I saw him from afar at the royal ball hosted last year. He is indeed the most handsome man in the world. And I heard he **s better than any man ”. The blonde haired woman said

”I can just imagine him smiling at me and asking me to please him ”. The red haired said

”I have seen the king from a close range. He even **ed me ”The shop attendant said.

Raixa could not believe how the ladies gossipped openly

”You can expect us to believe that ”The red haired retorted. She didn want to believe a common shop attendant had been with the king

”Can you describe him? ”. The blonde said

”He had silver coloured eyes like the moonlight. His raven black hair falls down almost to his waist making him look serene… ”

Raixa left the shop having heard enough gossip. She really hard the urge to meet the king who women old and young alike were obsessed with him

She got home and helped in cooking while her took her mom to the seashore. By six Neyli was ready and waiting for her so they could leave

Neyli wore a red shoulder off gown which showed a little cleavage. Her hair was packed up in a bun and held in place with pins She had on makeup and jewelery. She looked so beautiful

”Hurry up and get ready ”. Neyli said when she entered the room for the fifth time and Raixa was still laying on the bed

”You get going Ill come later ”. She told Neyli. Neyli looked at her for a while before she shrugged and left the room

”Raixa stayed in bed until around 7 oclock before she woke up took her bath put on a simple dress and left the house. She went to the palace and was shocked.

The palace was so big and colourful. Most women wore red and had their hair in buns. She stepped into the hall hoping to find her sister. She didn have to look hard to find Neyli. She stood with some people conversing and laughing .

Not wanting to interrupt she moved outside and sat on a bench. There were only few people out there.

”Shouldn you be inside enjoying the party? ”A deep masculine voice surprised her and she stood up. She saw a man wearing a black cloak standing before her

”Im not the party type. I just wish my sister would be done quickly so we can go home . Raixa said. She was beginning to feel bored

”You are an impatient little dove. So tell me what is your name? ”The man asked.

”Raixa ”She simply replied

”Star ”He muttered. Raixa meant star in Valerian. The man simply turned and walked away. Raixa wondered what a wired man that was. Bored she went inside the Ball room and Neyli motioned her over

”Hey sis. These are my friends. Hallie , Sandy and Leo ”She introduced. Before Raixa could reply a gaurd approached them

”The King wants to see you ”. He said to Raixa who became confused

The King sat in his private living quarters where he usually received guests. He had hosted a party but the whole time his eyes were only on one person.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door and Raixa came in with the gaurd. The King could not take his eyes off her as he hadn been able to the whole evening

She wore a simple white dress with pink flowers. Her waist length honey brown hair was led loose. She had no makeup nor jewelry but still looked effortlessly beautiful

”I called you here to tell you Raixa that you will be staying in the palace as from now on ”He simply told her carelessly

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