Raixa couldn believe what she was hearing . The voice sounded all too familiar and she wondered how he got to know her name.

”Im not staying here. Besides how did you get to know my name? ” She asked him

”Seems like you forget people so easily little dove. But no worries. Like I said you will stay in the palace from now on and be my woman Ramiel told her in his usual calm voice

”You can force me to stay here ”With that she turned to leave the room. The gaurds were surprised at how she spoke to the king and got Scott free

”Your sister is very beautiful and will be very good at working at the military camp in the south ”Ramiels voice stopped her in her tracks and she slowly turned to face him. ”She is waiting for you outside by a carriage. It will take you home. You have ten minutes to say goodbye to your family and return here ”

Raixa dashed out of the room and found Neyli standing by a carriage. They got in and Neyli chatted non stop all the way home. When they got to Marias house they met noone downstairs. She and Neyli went straight upstairs to their room

”Im exhausted ”Neyli said yawning. She reached up and began taking the pins off her hair. She had been chatting with people the whole night. Before long she was asleep

Raixa thought this was a great opportunity to run away. She took out a pen and paper and wrote a note which she placed in the living room. She packed a few things including her flute in a bag and left the house through the back door.

The reason why she said nothing to no one was because she had heard of how evil the king could be And she didn want to endanger her family. She moved for a long while in the dark before she found herself in a forest. Sh had never been to Starla before so she was definitely lost

After what seemed like hours a carriage approached her and stopped

”Why are you alone in the forest my Lady? ”A man in the carriage asked sticking his head out

”Im heading to the village of Bramia ” Raixa told him

”Thats where Im headed. Come let me drop you off ”

Raixa happily got in the car with the man . It would be more difficult for the king to find her if she was in a carriage. She didn even bother about the fact that the man was looking at her seductively

”So my lady I am called Thor Harris son of count Harris of the east. What about you? ”

”Raixa . She said briefly. The man looked nice and he spoke calmer than the king

After some minutes of ride the man named Thor began to move move closer to her. She only shifted like she hadn noticed anything but Thor was insistent

”Come on. Why are you so scared? The night is cold let me keep you warm ”The man said as he grabbed her wrist with his hand and pulled her close to him

”Lord Thor can you please respect yourself ”. She pleaded not willing to loose her virginity foolishly

Suddenly the carriage came to a halt. Thor opened the window separating the passenger side from the drivers

”Why did we stop? ”.

My Lord there is another carriage blocking the way ”. The driver reported

Raixa used the opportunity to get out of the carriage but the man came after her pinning her to a tree and struggling to kiss her

”Hold it ”. A deep voice said and Raixa felt like collapsing. . He found her in the end

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