”Hold it ”A deep masculine voice said. Raixa felt like collapsing. He found her at last.

Thor stopped and looked at the man who spoke with a lot of anger. It looked like he was ready to kill him

”Just mind your business and get lost. Shes my woman ”He said not knowing who was actually ahead of him

”Ive because so lenient that people now speak to me without respect and even claim what is mine. No worries, Ill fix that ”The voice said and the king stepped forward where he could clearly be seen. He moved to Thor who was already shivering to the bones

”Please sire forgive me. I had no idea she was yours I…. I.. ”Thor stuttered in fear

”Forgive. Is there such a word in my vocabulary? I don think so ”With that Thors head rolled off his body. Seeing this Raixa became dizzy and lost consciousness

Raixa woke up the next day in a strange bedroom. It was not the one she shared with Neyli at her aunts house. This particular room was dressed in Rose pink and blue with a huge bed. Just then the incident of last night came back to her and she jumped off the bed

She looked at the bed for a sign of blood but saw none plus her clothes were still in tact. At least her virginity was safe. Just then the door opened and two maids get in

”Good day milady ”They chorused and she nodded wondering why they were here

”The king commands that you meet him in the garden for lunch ”The red haired maid said laying the dress she had on the bed

Raixa don object because she also wanted to see the king and demand her freeform. She immediately moved to the bathroom and took a bath before she returned to the room to get dressed

Meanwhile in the garden Ramiel sat at a table with his sister sipping tea and conversing

”You look so happy today. Mind telling me who she is? ”Luna Ramiels younger sister said with a smile but rather than respond Ramiels eyes were focused on the door leafing to the garden

Raixa moved with slow steps towards the table. She looked so gorgeous that Ramiel couldn take his eyes off her. She wore a sky blue gown with shoulder off sleeves and her honey brown hair was brushed to the back. She had no makeup but was by far the most beautiful girl Ramiel had ever seen

”Greetings milord, princess ”. She greeted sitting down.as much as she hated the king she knew to behave.

”Hi Im Luna Ramiels younger sister. Im so pleased my brother finally found a woman of his interest ”. Luna said with a welcoming smile

”Milord may I go see my mother later in the day ”She requested and Ramiel looked at her for a while before shaking his head in refusal

”Once Im sure we
e making some progress then you get to see your family but Ive sent for your sister to come live here so you wouldn feel alone ”Ramiel told her.

Just then a maid came with a baby girl who kept crying continuously.

”She wouldn stop crying princess ”

Can I hold her? ” Raixa asked and the maid handed her the baby. Just as she took the baby it stopped crying

”Wow! She never listened to me like that. Where did you learn it? ”

”Back at my village I used to work as a caretaker for kids ”

That night after she had taken her bath Raixa shut her door and prepared for bed. She had not gone down for dinner because she hated seeing Ramiels face. Just as she was done braiding her hair

”You look more beautiful with your hair loose ”Ramiels voice said and she turned abruptly to see him leaning on the wall by the door

”How did you get in here? ”

”Does it matter? I heard you skipped dinner. Why? ”Ramiel inquired morning close to her but she countered every step forward with a step backwards

”I hate you ”. She said and he merely shrugged. He was so used to people hating him that it didn matter

”We can fix that ”He told her. Raixa felt her back hit the wall and turned to look behind her. Ramiel closed the distance between them and placed his right hand on the wall by her ear ”I spoke to your sister this morning ”

”Neyli? What did she say? How is mother? ” She asked all at once as she was hell worried

”Your mothers illness is getting worse by the day. She has passed the stage where a simple life by the sea will help her. She needs treatment. Ive made arrangements for her to be sent to the physician on the mountain who will treat her ”Ramiel said

”Thank you ”Raixa said. She was indeed grateful to him for helping her mother.

”I didn do it so you could thank me. What I need is your heart ”He said in a hoarse whisper in her ear. ”I know it will take time but I am willing to wait for the time ”

With that Ramiel brought his lips on hers and kissed her gently

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