Tian Min locked up in a dungeon

Tian Min freaked out when she woke up on a cold floor in a pitch black room. It was so dark that she couldn see a single speck of light.

Had she been kidnapped or sold somewhere?

That couldn be happening. She stood up shakily and started walking slowly.

” Theres no way out, trust me weve tried. ”

Tian Mins heart almost went to her mouth as her heartbeat quickly shot up the radar. Someone else was in there!

” Who are you? Wait you said we? You and who? ”

She clumsily walked towards the voice.

Her feet were jelly, she was starving, her body was so weak and her head was aching like crazy. She winced cursing that ugly goon who had knocked her head with a piece of wood without even restraining a bit of his terrifying force.

” The rest are asleep, weve been here for a week. ”

Tian Mins eyes bulged out in shock.

” Ive been unconscious for a whole week? ” She murmured in a low voice still in disbelief.

” Where are we? What are we doing here? What do they want from us?! ” She snapped furiously. What had they done to be treated like animals?

” Haven you noticed that we
e all girls? Oh right, its dark you can see anything. We
e in a dungeon in the Qin Dynasty and we
e about to be sold as slaves. ”

Tian Min laughed sarcastically.

” Slaves? Are you kidding me? ”

Only after saying that did it dawn on her that it could be true.


She had missed on an important fact.

” You said Qin Dynasty? ”

Her heart subconsciously started beating faster and faster. Was fate being kind to her for once?

” Yeah, have you got no idea? Who are you anyway, I have never laid my eyes on you. ”

” I was traveling on my own before I was kidnapped. ”

Tian Min sighed sitting on the freezing floor near the woman. Could she tell her that she was chasing after her prince charming here in the Qin dynasty? She hesitated.

” A lone female traveler, had your brain been fried? ”

Tian Min shifted her butt uncomfortably.

What did she know? Love could do wonders.

” What about you and the others, we
e you also kidnapped on the way? ”

She changed the topic not wanting to be seen as stupid.

The woman breathed out heavily as her face lowered.

” Our village was attacked. Those who didn die or managed to escape, like us, were captured and taken in as prisoners. ”

Tian Min drew in a sharp breath as the woman continued to narrate.

Qin Liu was the second son of the emperor, Emperor Qin Li and also the crown

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