Song He had been forced to marry Zhao Ning

Hearing the voice, Yang Huis heart skipped a beat and her body started trembling slightly.

She was shocked when her gaze fell on the man who had just exited the car. She had not noticed him before thus she gazed at him in confusion.

Although he hadn appeared in the hospital in the entire week, she was really not expecting him to thus seeing him now, she was surprised.

Although everyone knew that he was her fiance, she knew better than anyone about their relationship.

They had been engaged for 5 years but he had never said a word about it. She could even count the number of words that he had ever said to her in the entire 5 years.

Yang Hui eyed the man of her dreams with a sad gaze.

He stood tall and mighty above everyone, his devilishly handsome face devoid of any emotion.

His tailored suit fitted him perfectly and as such you could tell that he was an athletic man. You don get in that shape without spending a lot of time in a gym.

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