Go ahead and quit if you\'re complaining

It was 8 in the morning and Zhao Ning was in her friends apartment. Su Lan brew a cup of coffee and brought it to her in the guest room.

” How
e you feeling? ” She asked worriedly handing the steaming cup of coffee to Zhao Ning while touching her forehead to check whether her fever had gone down. Her friend had gone through hell in a single day. Yet despite all that happened, she was still trying to look strong.

That had always been her personality. Whether she was bullied or injustice was done to her, she never fought back. She never showed her weaknesses or pain in front of people but kept her grievances within herself. She perfectly hid her pain under her bright and charming smile.

”Im okay Lan Lan, stop worrying yourself too much, okay? ”

Zhao Ning forced a reassuring smile on her lips while slowly and elegantly sipping the hot drink.

” Besides, we can prevent what has already happened can we? We should be focusing on whats next. ”

Su Lan pursed her lips and nodded, ”you
e right. So what are you going to do next? ”

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