Zhao Nings mind was filled with different emotions.

She had dated Song He for 2 years and they were enough to know his personality. He was one kind of a man who never openly expressed his emotions.

Infact, their relationship was quite a private one. They rarely went out because he was usually busy with his familys company. His father had just handed it to him thus he was busy handling its affairs. Zhao Ning being the simple-minded and humble girlfriend she was, always understood him and never brought up issues about his absence.

She was highly anticipating his surprise.

”Brother He do you promise to never leave me? ”

A soft feminine voice played on the large screen that had already been set up.

” I promise, you do know that I love you right? After everything is over, we are going to get married. ”

Song He replied raining feathery kisses on the womans lips.

” I really can wait! Am already excited so excited. ”

” Patience love. ”

His eyes held a soft gaze and were full of love as he tenderly hugged the delicate woman. She looked so fragile in his arms and had a graceful and elegant aura.

” Brother He? ”

In another clip, the woman called him seductively. They were in his office and she was seated on his lap. She was softly caressing his broad chest with her slender palms.

” When are we going to reveal our relationship am already tired of waiting… ” She pouted her lips coquettishly.

” Are you doubting me? ” Song He asked looking into her eyes.

” No! How can you think like that? Am just… ”

” Anyway, didn you want this to happen? Am doing this for you remember? You are going to get a chance to have your revenge.

You are my everything, she means nothing to me. Shes just a foolish and clingy child who can even stand a chance to be compared with you. ”

He grabbed her waist and laid her on the large white couch.

” Now enough of her! Be a good girl and lets talk about us now… ” The video ended when Song He started kissing her passionately.

The short videos were followed by more intimate photos between the two. They looked so good to the eyes as they expressed the deep love between the couple.

They were seen hugging, kissing, having romantic dinner dates, taking evening walks while intimately holding hands etc.

” Oh my God!! ”

Shock was apparent on peoples faces.

This was because the woman in the videos was completely different from Zhao Ning. It wasn her. Instead, the woman who was being intimate with Song He was Chen Yating.

She was Zhao Meihuis best friend and a frequent guest at the Zhao household. They had been best of friends since childhood all the way to their adulthood and had always been inseparable.

”What the hell is going on here?! ”

A shocked guest exclaimed. Many people didn expect this turn of events. Some were rooted on their seats in shock while some stood so that they would be able to have a clear view of what was going to happen on the aisle.

Zhao Ning was the most shocked among everyone. She was equally surprised with everything that happened. She looked like someone who had been struck by lightning as she stood there motionlessly.

Her crisp orbs were stuck on the screen without any emotion.

Never in her life would she have imagined Song He doing this to her.

This was definitely not the man who surprised her by throwing a party for her during her 18th birthday and confessed to her. This was not the man who had sworn a lifetime with her, who always whispered softly into her ears about how he loved her and couldn wait to start a lifetime with her.

Something was definitely wrong somewhere.

Her throat tightened and she started having a short intake of breath. She was both disappointed and heartbroken. The man she had given all of her went behind her back and cheated on her with her sisters best friend. He humiliated her in the most embarrassing manner.

She tried to speak but no word came out of mouth despite her struggle. She had many questions to ask him. She wanted to know why hed do that to her and why his personality changed within a wink of an eye.

The other minute she was on the moon reciting her vows with the thought of marrying her beloved man and having adorable babies with him yet everything changed suddenly without a warning. She thought she was in a dream and she wished it could end instantly and take away the pain she was feeling.

She wanted to know whether the love they shared meant anything to him.

An involuntary whimper escaped her lips as a single drop of tear welled up from the corner of her eyes.

She turned her gaze towards him. He stood confidently with a haughty demeanor and an arrogant smile. He looked calm and harmless as if he had not broken someones heart. It seemed like what was happening didn concern him for a bit as he stared at a particular direction.

Zhao Ning shifted her gaze to that particular direction only to see Chen Yating whose face was dazzling brightly. She was so happy as she hugged her friend Zhao Meihui who was equally overjoyed. The two lovers gazes spoke of their unending and tender love as they compassionately gazed at each others eyes.

She turned to where her parents were seated and the look on their faces spoke clearly of their lack of concern. Her father wore a cold face full of disregard and she could have sworn she saw a mocking smile on her mothers face.

The guests present showed different kind of emotions. Some looked at her with pitiful eyes, some looked at her judgementally while others were quite excited with what was unfolding. The reporters took endless pictures and videos trying to capture the moment.

She was done with this people!

She was done being weak and vulnerable. She refused to show this foxes the pain she was feeling. Roughly wiping the lone tear that threatened to fall down her right cheek she finally found the strength to let out a word.

” Why? ”

She asked in a frigid voice her face looking calm different from her tangled mind. Her attitude completely took a turn. Her eyes were chilly and they held no warmth. This completely stunned Song He and the rest of the people who knew her.

She was no longer the jolly simple-minded girl they knew, who was very emotional & weak and usually cried her heart out whenever she was hurt or injustice was done to her.

” I hate you. ”

Song He emotionlessly replied glancing at her with apparent contempt in his eyes.

He then walked out on her, went to where Chen Yating was seated, held her hand and walked away with her in his arms. She turned to look at Zhao Ning with a victorious and mocking smile.

Zhao Ning couldn handle the pain anymore. The ounce of strength she had built crumbled instantly. Her vision became blurry and it became difficult for her to see clearly. The man she had loved with all of her heart said directly into her eyes that he hated her.

Complete hopelessness converted into tears that rained down her face at lightning speed. She quickly held her gown and ran away as first as her legs could take her leaving behind the curious and shocked guests.

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