The fierce eyes carried the intention to kill her

Zhao Ning ran fast without minding where she was going and the curious gazes people were giving her. She could care less that people could guess she was an abandoned bride or her wedding was a failure. Streams of tears flowed faster than her heartbeat.

She walked through a dark alley until she found herself in a park that barely had people. Sitting on an empty bench she started tearing her wedding dress at the bottom to make it comfortable to walk with. She stayed there until all the people left, leaving her to herself.

” Miss, are you okay? You have been here for quite a while… ”

A middle aged man who saw no sign of her leaving approached her.

” Im fine. ” She answered forlornly with a faint smile.

The man was unconvinced. He had seen her crying for over an hour and didn want to leave her there alone.

” Are you sure you
e okay? Look, this place is not safe at this time for a young girl like you. Im a taxi driver, I can drop you wherever you want. This place… ”

” Mister, thanks for caring but Im really okay… ”

Her throat tightened and she started chewing on her lower lip. She looked away, she wouldn allow anybody to witness her pathetic state.

”Ill be fine after sometime, don worry. ” More than the man, she was assuring herself that shed be okay. All these would be over.

Having no other choice or way to convince her, he silently sighed glancing at her swollen red face.

He had just dropped a passenger when he saw her sobbing silently. She touched his heart as he imagined his own daughter in that state. He wanted to approach her but for one reason or the other, he was unable.

Something was badly pushing him to enquire what her problem was. He decided to secretly keep her company until time really went by with no sign of her leaving. He didn want to leave her there because the park was unsafe but she declined his help nevertheless.

” Its okay, please don stay here for long, everything will be okay. Ill get going now. ”

He left after giving her one last glance.

” Okay ”

Zhao Ning softly responded trying her best to force out a smile.

About half an hour had passed and Zhao Ning was still sitting on the bench in the dark isolated park. After putting herself together, she had called a friend of hers to pick her up.

Su Lan was so angry with what that had happened but she also felt so sad for what her friend was going through.

”Those bastards!!! How dare they do that to you?! Those heartless ingrates, I always knew something was wrong with that jerk Song He. And that two- faced sister of yours, I will personally make them pay with their lives for hurting you… ”

”Lan Lan, calm down please. Its all over now, just hurry up its getting really cold out here and I don feel quite well. ”

Zhao Ning stopped Su Lan from continuing with her ranting because she knew her personality very well. When angered, Su Lan was always unable to hold herself. In a single minute she had cursed the whole generation of both the Song and Zhao families, Zhao Ning exempted.

Although her friends vulgar language always left her speechless, she felt some warmth flash into her cold heart.

She could detect some traces of concern in her voice. It felt so good to receive concern from her friend which she lacked from her family. She smiled bitterly trying to push the pain and loneliness she felt at the deepest part of her heart.

” Such a beautiful thing, what are you doing here at this time of the day? ”

”A little princess like you shouldn be invading our territory, what do you think we should do with you? ”

Zhao Ning was startled to death when she felt a rough hand pressing her shoulder from her back and a hoarse voice in front of her.

She swiftly lifted her eyes to find a dirty man whose head was as bald as a coot seizing her up from head to toe. She quickly swapped the dirty hand that was pressing on her shoulder and stood up maintaining a distance from the two men.

From the dirty and shameless gazes they were giving her, she immediately realized that she had gotten herself into trouble. She wanted to run but the goons sensed what she was about to do and blocked her way.


Zhao Ning cursed and face palmed herself inwardly. Her day couldn get any worse.

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