Zhao Ning ran over a woman with her car

”Stop blocking my way! What do you think you
e doing?! ”

Enraged she shouted at the bald man who roughly caught her hand but instead they maniacally laughed at her. Her angry threatening soft voice was instead music to their ears. She tried to wiggle her hand out of his firm grasp to no avail. The man was so strong and muscular. In his presence, she was just a mere small ant, completely powerless and helpless.

” Pffttt… ” The other guy who had pressed her shoulder from behind burst in a laughter full of mockery.

” Little fierce thing! I like that! You
e definitely fun to play with, not boring at all. I can wait to press down your soft body beneath mine, ohhh… such a heavenly feeling… ”

” F*ck! Im already hard! ”

The other backed, his eyes full of lust as he started touching her her soft skin. She struggled with all her strength to free herself from the goons.

” Let me go you bastards! Get your filthy hands off me! ” She elbowed the bald man on his stomach when he started to tug the helm of her dress.

”Awww… You bitch! How dare you? Ill make you regret this! ” He roared clenching his abdomen painfully. ” Hold this bitch, let me teach her a good lesson! ”



The two slaps left Zhao Ning crawling on the hard soily ground. They were so painful that that tears welled on her eyes, leaving her face numb.

Realizing the gravity of the situation she started screaming for help while struggling vigorously hitting anything that came near her.

” Shut up!! You think anyone will hear you? Haha… continue dreaming! ”

Their loud laughter painfully pierced through her head causing her a headache.

She hissed in pain from the slaps that were added on her soft and already swollen face a flood of tears gushed down her ashen cheeks. She was very weak and was completely helpless in their hands. Her body trembled greatly due to fear and the cold.

Her neck was strangled leaving her fighting for a breath. The mans grip on her neck was so powerful as he gradually increased the strength on his hands choking her completely. Her eyes widely bulged out as she tried remove the mans hands from her neck. His huge eyes were wide open looking like a mad demon. In those fierce eyes, his intentions were clear.

To kill her.

The other goon tore her dress leaving her chest wide open. They laughed in a sinister manner as they shamelessly stared at her exposed bra , their dirty eyes glittering with lust.

Zhao Ning felt so humiliated that unexplainable strength and rage arose within her when one man tried to grope her with his dirty hands. So disgusted, she swiftly used all her strength to kick the man in front of her on his crotch area. He groaned in so much pain that he fell on the ground face forward wailing like a month old baby. She was sure that she had broken his manhood and it served him right for all the helpless girls he had accosted.

Before the other man had woken up from his stupor due to shock, Zhao Ning scratched his eyes sharply with her nails thanking God that she had forgotten to trim them into her preferred size. She always loved to keep her nails short and neat and today she was grateful she hadn trimmed them. It seemed that day she wasn entirely unlucky.

The man hissed in pain. He had turned partially blind since he was unable to open his eyes due to the piercing pain.

He started violently hitting everything and Zhao Ning almost received his powerful punch. She had torn the skin that covered his pupils without showing any mercy or remorse. Streams of blood started racing from his eyes.

She then picked a block of wood she had seen while he was chocking her and gave him two powerful blows on the head and other two, one on his abdomen and one on his back. He collapsed on the ground unconsciously. His friend had also fainted.

Zhao Ning breathed out in relief letting out the air she had unconsciously held in. She had fought those two bastards all alone. She tightly clenched her fists that were holding her disheveled dress.

She couldn imagine what could have happened if the goons had had their way with her. Merely disgusted by their sight she gathered every ounce of strength in her and harshly stepped on their faces.

”Stupid bastards!! Let see whether youll ever try to lay your filthy hands on another person! ”

She spat on their faces before making her way. She had taken less than three steps when she paused in her tracks, turned around and picked the block of wood she had thrown aside. She walked to where the man she had scratched his eyes was lying unconsciously and aimed at his groin area before landing a powerful blow on him. Call her a pervert but they had messed with the wrong person. She was a vengeful woman.

”Lets see whether youll ever use those idiot things ever again! You messed with the wrong person. Ingrates! ”

She ran off to find a safer place to hide while waiting for Su Lan, with the piece of wood still in her hands. She knew she wasn completely out of danger. She would defend herself, no one would dare hurt her again and escape unharmed.

Zhao Ning sniffled quietly as she stared at the sky that was covered with a dark cloud. A lot had happened to her in a day and she was unable to keep her emotions completely on check.

It would soon rain. This was like an affirmation from the heavens that she was cursed to forever be unhappy. She ran to the building structure that was near the park as fat rain droplets fell on her body. She sat in a curling position on the cold floor, the roof barely covering her from the angry rain that fell on her with so much force.

She was so drenched and her dress was completely wet. Her body felt so cold that she shivered hard. Her milky white and soft skin was so pale and her body trembled violently. Each droplet of rain that fell on her felt like thousands needles being pierced on her skin. She hated the rain. It hated her too.

Her body was so weak that she was slowly losing her consciousness. She lost the strength to stand on her feet or even say a word. She could only hope Su Lan would come to save her. She kept chanting Su Lans name to keep herself awake and to convince herself that she was coming to save her. There was hope.

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