Go ahead and quit if you\'re complaining

” Im telling you… youll regret it! Officers, take this murderer and lock her up, shes obviously a threat to the public. ” The woman added smugly.

Zhao Nings breath heightened as she glanced at the two police officers approaching her from the back in astonishment.

” Miss please follow us, there are some questions we need you to answer at the station. ”

” What… why?! ”

Eyes widened in shock, Zhao Nings heart began to race.

” You have to come back with us now, miss Yangs family has pressed charges on you for intention to injure. ”

Zhao Ning stared at Yang Huis parents with a dumbfounded expression.

Intention to injure?

” What? I don even know her. It was clearly a pure accident! ”

It was only after 2 days that Zhao Nings lawyer hired by a friend, was able to bail her out of jail after much struggle.

It wasn that they didn have enough money but it seemed that the rich Yang family was hellbent on sending her to prison. A wrongful accusation that she had been driving under the influence of alcohol was even placed on her.

Even though Zhao Ning inwardly admitted to have been distracted while driving, Yang Hui was also at fault for blindly crossing a busy road without any regard.

Unfortunately, they didn have enough evidence to prove this as for some reasons, all the surveillance cameras near the scene weren working.

” Since it involves the rich, the evidence was probably wiped out, ” her lawyer advised.

It was a clear case of the rich stepping on the poor.

It wasn even that serious as she could have only received a fine but they decided to viciously go hard on her.

Since the victims family was rich and powerful, they declined any form of peaceful negotiation or compensation, leaving Zhao Ning on the threat of possible imprisonment for a couple of years.

” Ive heard that her fiance is quite a reasonable person compared to the Yang family. We should try and speak with him, maybe hell accept other forms of compensation or even better withdraw the false charges. Its not given that hell agree but its still good to give it a try. ”

The old lawyer sighed wearily. It was difficult to deal with the rich. They were cruel and unreasonable.

He advised her to try negotiating with Yang Huis fiance and if possible beg him maybe hed change his mind. If the victims family accepted monetary compensation, thatd even be better.

Three days of being chased away from the company and not giving up, Zhao Ning was finally allowed to meet the CEO.

Apart from that the man was cold and ruthless, Zhao Ning knew nothing else about him. Her heart was beating wildly against her chest to a point where she was unsure whether shed be able to even make out a full sensible sentence Infront of him.

She slowly made her way into the office like a scared rabbit but her expression immediately transformed once she saw his face.

Her eyes bulged out in both shock and surprise as her complexion turned ashen.

Staring at his perfectly chiseled face, her breath heightened as a thin layer of perspiration appeared on her forehead.

To her shock, he was the man that she feared ever showing her face to, the same man that destroyed her that night five years ago.

Her fists were clenched tightly resulting into her nails digging into her skin making it red and painful. She felt as if someone was squeezing her heart causing it to feel both pain and sorrow.

” I don have all day. ”

His frosty voice jolted her to her senses.

Since he laid his eyes on her, there wasn a single change in his expression. He was either feigning ignorance or had completely forgotten about her.

Hah, how can he remember… She inwardly sneered.

Swallowing her grievances, she placed one hand on her forehead with difficulty trying to adjust her breathing as she pushed back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes.


” Im not in any need of your money. And whether you go to prison or not is none of my business. ”

In his deep and low voice, he told her off without any emotions when she tried to negotiate with him.

Few minutes later, a contract was placed before her eyes.

” Sign it. ”

After few seconds of contemplating she drew a sharp breath and with trembling hands, she put down her signature on the agreement.

For the sake of her life and those she cared for especially her two little angels, it was worth it.

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