Yang Hui shuddered hearing that angry voice

On the last day of Yang Hui in the hospital after a week, Zhao Ning took an afternoon leave and quickly rushed to the hospital. She had been doing so for the past one week, doing all sorts of annoying things for the spoilt brat.

She had worked her ass off trying to do her best to serve her but nothing that she did seemed to please the stubborn and arrogant mother and daughter pair.

Because she feared for her life, she never said a word even though the pair had been purposely making her life hard, treating her like a maid or even worse like their little slave. She couldn dare to provoke the rich family much less her powerful fiance.

In that one week, she had learnt a lot about them.

She had discovered that Yang Hui was the mans fiancee since 5 years ago though their engagement was just verbal since they hadn formally thrown an engagement ceremony.

In fact, the powerful Li family hadn ever released any statement about the engagement. It was the Yang family who had purposely revealed the news leading to the much hyped gossips.

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