Chapter 1 : Disdain

Its been very long since they first appeared on this planet, out of nowhere and the growth of their interference was not a sudden burst but instead, a steady and gradual process. Even though the traces of their untenable hunts were discovered a lot later, but it feels more like they were always here, among us humans, from the beginning, and were just waiting for an opportunity to carve their ways into this world.

No one knows where they appeared from and their origin was a complete mystery to us and even after witnessing their animosity for such a long period of time, the results were still… perpetual. Their origin still uncanny and mysterious.

They suddenly appear out of nowhere, through some kind of…. magical portal, with only one purpose imbued, to hunt humans and pure devastation.

The only thing, we know, is that we humans are just a source of food to them, just like a prey in the forest of wild beasts…and once they kill us and satisfy their hunger, they disappear back into those portals.

This is the kind of world we use to live in, carrying fear among our heart every moment that these so called ”Demonic Creatures ” will devour us any moment out of nowhere.

These creatures were not same as any animal, but much more terrifying as they give off some mysterious dark energy, covering their bodies, emitting a sensation which can push any normal human being to the brink of death in an instant.

There were humongous beasts, humanoid demons, dark mages, ruthless monsters, and other evil creatures which nobody could even imagine exists.

But as they say, everything changes after a certain period of time and just so happened in my world too. Humans and even normal animals gained ability to absorb the energy from nature and utilise it to enhance their physical and mental limits to a completely different level. As they progressed their search to further improvise and increase the knowledge of this energy, they discovered that this energy can also provide them with sort of magical abilities.

Abilities to wield and control different elements and other ability which varied individually.

This energy came to known as ”AETHER ” and the abilities which one was blessed with came to known as ”ENIGMA ”.

The enigma of every individual awakens after a certain age and varies individually.

Later the people, who awakened and trained ruthlessly to stand against these Demonic Creature were recognised as ”MARTIALS ”.

And with these new weapons in our arsenal, we stood our feet in this war against Demonic creatures but as the war continued, humans found themselves at a great disadvantage as every person couldn wield aether, so they struggled hard but somehow managed to survive.

As the wheel of time moved forward, the number of humans, who could wield aether increased rapidly and this battle continued.

Its been around 300 years since this battle has begun but still theres no absolute conclusion….

I don know why but sometimes, I feel like the actual aim of these Demonic creatures is not just devastation but like they are stalling time, time in preparing for something huge or lingering for another great mystery to unravel and its just the calm before the storm.

In between such chaos, I found myself in this dark eternity…. Where exactly am I??

Am I alive or dead? I don remember a single thing from my past or present.

It feels like time just stopped and my consciousness has drowned in darkness with no way to return.

But why do I feel like this is not my first time experiencing this, like I have been in this situation many times. Well it doesn matter, I don even have a body which I can move anyway.

Then in the another instant, my sight caught something flashing. It seemed far away but at the same time felt really close to me. It was hard to tell that if that light was moving towards me or I was the one moving towards the light and in an instant it started spreading out and completely took over the darkness surrounding me.

And soon, as the light shrouded the entire space, even I, was getting pulled into it without any attempts of struggle.

I didn know what was about to happen next but all I can do was to prepare myself to face whatever lies ahead.

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