Chapter 2 : Unexpected Encounter

It seems, I have reached my limits….. I could clearly hear the sound of air, escaping my lips as Im almost out of breath, panting heavily, but, this is not the time to think about those things…. I must keep up with others to keep the game in synchronization.

With this, I dribbled the ball past the opposite team defenders, and it seems now is the time, I should go for it.

”Wi-WILSON, now its all upto you ” – I roared and instantly, kicked the ball from edge of the field.

It was a long pass and a little slobby, due to my exhausted physical conditions, but even so, I was relieved. Not because my role was over in the game but because the one whos gonna receive the ball will make it through.

And as the ball flew over the players and was just about to hit the ground, he flashed on the position and kicked the ground.

Wilsons jump was high, much higher than any other kid of our age as he advanced his feet and trapped the shot in mid-air.

Everyones gaze was fixed on Wilson at this moment as now its him whos gonna be deciding factor of outcome of todays match.

”Leave the rest to me buddy ” – he whispered, his whole body covered in a layer of sweat, while his focus tremendously fixated on the ball.

As soon as he trapped the incoming shot, he changed his stance and winded up his knee for a direct shot.

With all strength focused on a single spot, Wilson kicked the ball precisely.

”Boom!! ”- and….. It was a beautiful kick, the rotation was on the spot but still, the distance between the shot and goalpost was a hurdle, in addition of defenders and goalkeeper.

The defenders were chasing the ball with maximum speed which apparently went past over them, but the main obstacle is the goalkeeper and the shot was too high so it may not make it.

At this moment, my gaze fell onto Wilson and….despite of this tense situation, I saw his lips curling into a smirk.

I was surprised and raised my brows in confusion at this but then again my focus shifted on the game.

As the ball was approaching forward, in the end moments, its trajectory deviated and in mid-air, it deflected downward with high speed, and then it popped up in my mind that this was all because of the rotation that Wilson charged into his shot.

The goalkeeper, unaware of this and repositioning himself was a necessity at this point, but it was already too late.

Wilsons shot caught him off-guard and ball fell straight into the lap of goalpost.

For an instant, silence took over the whole field, but then….. everyone screamed in excitement and triumph over this win.

I fell onto my knees with no strength left in my body, however, I was equally elevated over this victory.

Those, whose bodies were still capable of motion, ran towards Wilson and celebrated.

The reason of all this was, though it was a practice match but the opponent team was the best academic team in our region.

After a little while, we gathered and packed up our stuff from a bench, which was placed at the corner of field shrouded, by barren land and bushes, making the ground an ideal spot for practicing.

”It seems we won make it before dinner time ” – I mumbled to Wilson who was standing beside me.

”Seems so, but its all worth after this sweet victory….. my sleep is gonna be priceless today ” – Wilson replied with a grin on his face, stretching his arms higher and eyelids closed.

And with this, we left for our way.

Our practice ground was situated at countryside area, so the sources of luminosity at dark weren adequate.

But as we were together it was fine.

”Hey Max, your dribbling and speed over the players was really amazing today, seems you are improving at a great pace ” – Wilson complimented.

”Oh my, so the great Wilson is complementing a clumsy being like me…. seems I have achieved salvation; I can die peacefully now ” – I mocked him with a inferior impression.

”Y-you bastard, can you act serious sometimes ” – Wilson yelled at me like a kid, all frustrated whereas I laughed shamelessly.

”Well, my achievements are nothing as compared to the great strikes of yours dude and especially the one in the end ”.

”Oh, so you do know how to praise, well if we continue like this, high school tournament will be a piece of cake ” – Wilson declared with a spark in his eyes.

”yea and who knows, if lily get impressed and fall for you after witnessing your charisma through the game ” – I teased him with a grin.

”Ofcourse she wi…. Sh-shut up you jerk, that was never my concern ” – he yelled with his face turning red.

I chuckled at this but he bumped his fist on my shoulder just like a little girl and in the next moment, a laugh broke out from both of us.

As we were moving forward, the darkness was taking over the sky. The streets were narrow and straight with a lot of turns throughout, just like a maze and all shrouded by old local residences and empty old apartments, with extreme silence, which make things quite uncomfortable at this hour.

Though this was our daily path, it still gives me discomposure, every time we pass through.

But it was then, when in the sea of silence, a grumble fell on my ears; despite its low sound, it was quite potent to draw my attention.

At first, my intent was to ignore it but as it was the only variable in this silent zone, I subconsciously concentrated more on this sound. As I focused more, the only result I could deduce was, it was one of someone groaning and tearing something apart….

This somewhat disturbed me.

” Hey, are you hearing that strange voice as I am ” – I asked Wilson who was moving right beside me.

”Yea, I was about to ask you the same ”.

Without thinking further, we followed it with Instinct.

The sound was much more audible than before as we were moving forward.

Our steps were slow as compared to usual, but after a few steps Wilson stopped.

”Hey, I don think its a good idea to follow it…. Im not getting a swell vibe from…. whatever it is ” – explained Wilson with a discomforted expression.

But my curiosity was high, I was desperate to know the source of this sound.

”Don be a scaredy cat dude…someone might be in trouble…. - ”

”Or what if it turns out to be a Demonic creature…. ” – Wilson replied with fragments of fear in his voice.

I agonized at this….and gulped air but again, I don want to let anyone face consequences, just because Im afraid to even check.

”Lets do this, we will take a glimpse from far away at first and then will take actions further, accordingly ”.

Wilson was still unsatisfied and hesitating to agree but then I added, ”We can just ignore someone, who we might have a chance to help. ”

and somehow I managed to persuade Wilson with my words and we started moving forward, with every step cautiously.

The sound was growing louder as we were moving forward and with each steps, our pace was decreasing and a layer of panic was taking over us.

The streets were appearing as a long limitless road where the only thing keeping our track was an uncanny sound.

After walking for quite a while and turning continuously in various streets, the voice suddenly changed into a horrifying Roar, which completely caught us off guard.

Our feet were frozen and shivering due to dread, and with that we stood at the same position for quite a while…. starting at each other with pale faces because running away didn seemed a wise choice.

That single roar was effective enough to make our body grow numb but…..thats all it was.

After remaining still at same spot for a while, everything seemed to be normal, and the faint sound faded away like it was never there to begin with.

We were relieved at this, but still not completely. The mystery was yet to be unravelled. And this urge was getting more intense inside of me, so instead of returning, I proposed to continue forward and quench this impulse.

Wilson was again, not in favor but as things seemed safe for now, it didn took a lot out of me to change his mind.

And with this, we again proceeded to move forward but still we were alert, every single moment, with every single step.

The roar in the end was so intense and loud that the direction, from which it originated could be anticipated easily and so we did. The streets were getting darker and darker as we were moving into their depth.

And finally, after experiencing all of those terrible emotions, we were about to reach the destination.

The source of the sound seemed to be in the next street, which was at a complement turn followed by a wall.

We were facing the wall and just after taking the turn into the left street, will be at our destination (if our assumption was correct), so instead of walking straight into it, I decided to first check on things by taking a peek beforehand, to comprehend the fact of not running into any danger.

I turned my head to Wilson and he nodded in return. he was much calmer and fearless than before, this lifted the weight on my heart, for dragging Wilson into this mess unwillingly, just because of my urge but now turning back seemed unreasonable. The only factor which was disturbing right now, was the sheer darkness.

I leaned along the edge of the wall to the corner, just like an amateur thief and grabbed the quoin barehanded.

As I stretched my head to capture a glimpse, I was encountered, with complete silence in deep abyss, but then my iris readjusted accordingly to surrounding and what I witnessed, was an empty dark street with no trace of any living creature.

I was relieved at this sight and my body, which had gone numb was becoming serene again.

After confirming every measure, I waved my arm to beckon Wilson.

”Everythings alright, we can move ahead ” – I whispered just enough for him to audible.

But as I finished, what I received was….. complete silence. I felt a sudden thrill and turned around immediately.

Wilson was standing right beside me….

”Have you gone mute?? lets move ”….. but again no response given.

”Hey why aren you saying something…. ”

As I observed him more, I found that something was strange about Wilson this time.

”Hey dude….th-this is no time to play prank, hurry up and say something ” – I yelled.

His eyes were completely blank and his face seemed expressionless, similar to a corpse.

A shiver ran down my spine because this time I knew; it wasn some cheap prank but something was actually wrong.

Suddenly, in middle of my vain attempts to get a response…. Wilson raised his head….and our gaze met each other. His eyes were dead set upon me but at the same time it felt like I wasn the one they were observing. And his face, completely emotionless and cold, which gave me chills to the feet.

It was like some energy possessed him, but there was no sign magical portal around or no trace of any demonic creature….th-then how?

whatever the case may be, I can abandon Wilson in such a situation.

I yelled in his eardrums, shaken his whole body with my arms but…. none effective.

It was then, what really terrified me was when, Wilson started moving forward, towards the dark street, which I just peaked through. Without any clue what to do, my brain stopped functioning and a layer of fear and unease wrapped my head.

The streets were becoming darker and darker, where Wilson was headed making the situation even worse.

Finally, tired and fed up by my every futile attempt, I choose to proceed force fully.

Next, without relying on my brain…. I rushed in the direction of Wilson. My feet were shivering and I could tell the adrenaline rush was at peak. However, as soon as I caught up with him, I raised my arm and grabbed his wrist, with more strength that I wanted to exert.


Wilsons body was still, unaffected, moving forward.

I exerted more strength into the grip and tried to immobilize him by grabbing his shoulder with another arm and finally, after going through all this, and suffering from such combination of emotions, finally Wilsons steps came to rest.

”s-so you are finally ba- ” – As I exhaled a relieved breath, I found that it was just a delusive contentment.

Wilson was glaring at me, his eyes filled with hostility….and this time it was actually me, nothing nowhere else.

My face grew pale and a stream of sweat ran down my forehead. His glare was terrifying, one which won hesitate a bit to kill me.

The murderous intent in them was so intense, without realizing, my body was reacting to it and my grip over him was losing with every passing second. In the blink of an eye, without giving me any chance to restrain, his knee smashed right into my solar plexus.

The hit was so hard and ruthless, my lungs almost chocked, making me short on breath.

Despair fully, as I was about to fall on ground over my knees, Wilson grabbed my neck and it was so fast that even my reflexes failed to keep up. I was already struggling to breath normally but now my condition was akin to a fish on land, desperate to return in water.

I was confused, terrified, struggling and most of all, at a verge of dying.

Wilson grasp was really vigorous and was showing no sign of mercy.

I wanted to scream but whenever I tried, what escaped was only a whisper from my lips. My senses were growing weaker but then Wilson moved his feet and exerted an impulsive strength in his arms and smashed me in the wall.

Just as my body crashed into the wall, it opened up severe cracks and a dent on the spot behind me. The impact caused a deep effect on my body too, making it completely rigid. I was lying on the ground, on my hips and the wall supporting my back.

A stream of blood dribbled from my lips and my vision was blurring out.

Before getting unconscious, I saw Wilson, standing right in front of me, but this time, instead of focusing on me, he turned back to the street and again started moving forward.

It was becoming more and more arduous for me to keep my senses stable.

”Wi-wil…son-n st— ” – unable to even complete my words, I saw Wilson falling into darkness with each step, and then he took turn into another street, making him disappear from my sight.

I was feeling helpless and my will, completely shattered.

Every cell in my body was screaming at me to stop him because somewhere my deep insides were telling me, if I lose him now, something, much worse would betide.

And with every ounce of strength left and my incapable body, I kicked up the ground and exerted strength in my arms and somehow got back onto my feet with the support of wall.

I was quivering and just standing was exerting a toll on my body but still, by relying on sheer will, I started moving with one shoulder slumping alongside the wall.

I knew my body won last long in this state and soon I will black out, so I started rushing forward, faster, with my one arm pressing at my solar plexus which were injured earlier.

Each step was pushing me to the edge but then, I quickly turned into the street where Wilson was headed. And as soon as I turned, my sight caught glimpse of Wilson again, almost at the end of the street, still moving forward unconsciously.

I was panting and my breath was heavy but despite, I inhaled air and took a long breath and in next moment, I rushed towards Wilson with my maximum speed.

Catching up to Wilson wasn the problem, but what to do next. I can stop him with force after witnessing his reaction just now. I must find a way to restrain his movements and then search for help. With these thoughts running in my subconscious, I closed the gap between us and as soon as I was in range again, I planned to pulled him back, so instantly and forcefully, to unstable his footing and make him fall and then lock his joints.

This plan wasn perfect but it was the only, which I came up with in such a short time.

Just as I was about to grab his elbow and exert strength, enough to bring him on his knees, a gust of hesitation and fear overtook me, what if the plan didn go as expected?? what if this time I really get myself killed?? or what if the conclusion come to occur much worse??.

No, theres no time for what if and that, this is my only chance to save him and if I failed this time, then my body won be able to catch up with him again.

I cleared the mist of shackles which were holding me back and decided to go all out.

And with this, I grabbed his elbow as firmly as possible and pulled him with an impulsive force, without giving him a chance to rebalance his stance and….. this worked.

Wilson was falling as I planned but this was too early to celebrate, next I must use this instance to firm my grasp over him and seize his motion. With everything set, I proceeded for the next step in my plan but then, in an instant, unexpectedly…. everything changed.

A huge figure or object or whatever it was, completely warped in darkness, flew with an unbelievable speed, right over the position where Wilson was standing a moment ago, as if it was aimed towards him and crashed into the boundary wall made up of stones beside us with an intense SONIC BOOM!!

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