Chapter 3 : Showdown

The incident, engendered quite an impulsive petrify inside me. I didn know why I was still conscious after being tormented by all these experiences.

Lying on the ground due to the impact of crash, I can feel any strength in my body. My vision was blurry, as the sudden collision and shattering of wall, from giant huge residuals to almond size rubble, bombarded with the entire area under its range.

In addition, a thick layer of mote shrouded the whole area making my vision even more limited. I was helpless and completely clueless of my surroundings.

What was the thing that just crashed into the wall? And wh-where is Wilson?

My body was already at its limits and moving even a finger was charging a severe pain.

But with my sore face, and somehow enduring the pain, I exerted strength in my arms and pushed the surface below. my condition was miserable, but somehow I managed to sit on the support of my hips.

After regaining a little of my senses, I found my body was in a terrible state, muffled in dust and blood. But at the moment, the only thing revolving in my mind was Wilson. The situation made me so desperate and restless, I was impotent to feel any pain at the moment. My gaze was agonised on finding a clue of him.

With one arm in my scrappy hairs, I turned my head around but it was all blurry, and the dust around was absurd, enough to obstruct my sight. Despite, I focused more and more but it was all the rubble and shattered pieces of wall everywhere.

Then in the midst of the crap, my eyes caught a glimpse of a black matter, not too far from my reach and on further scanning it, I found that it was none other than Wilsons hair.

He was lying facing the ground, unconscious, witnessing the same conclusions as me.

After seeing Wilson, my state became somewhat stable, but my anxiety grew simultaneously as I wanted to check on him and was concerned that, for gods sake, his condition may not be vulnerable.

His clothes were torned off from places, and I can clearly see the blood dripping out from slight injuries, which didn seem to be life threatening. But the thing that pulled my concern was the wound on his forehead, which I can tell, was caused due to collision from a hard piece of rubble earlier.

It seemed to be fatal as too much of blood was already flowed out from the spot and covered his face.

This, was the only wound that seemed severe but due to my limited sight over his body, I couldn be completely sure.

At least, for the best, his body was mobile and wasn being crushed under any giant residual of wall. But even so, his condition was awful, but not as much as mine.

Mine condition was even worse and futile.

After regaining most of my senses by the time, an intolerable amount of pain aroused in my body. It was so horrifying, my whole body was cursing, and death was deemed as a luxury at this time.

My whole body was covered with bruises and slight injuries, from which blood was dripping like stream of water.

All these injuries were enough to make anyone cry with agony in pain but with me, these weren even the real deal. The thing that pushed me to grieve, was my inability to feel my right feet below the torso, as it was crushed under a huge residual of wall.

Though, I can feel the flow of a liquid substance on the skin of my ankle, I don even want to think what it was, because deep down I knew the answer.

I was feeling completely useless this time as my movements were seized and all I could do was to see myself and Wilson die until if some miracle happens or someone arrives for our rescue in time.

This idea seemed quite relieving but also impossible.

Finding no thread of hope to grab upon, I gave up and accepted to die miserably as my destiny, without even getting to know about the thing that shattered the wall to pieces.

But it seemed this was not accepted by fate. In the midst of counting my final breath, I heard footsteps of someone approaching towards us from behind the shattered wall.

The steps sound was faint but it was becoming more audible with each step.

And all of a sudden, I felt my body under intense pressure, like the breeze around, suddenly gained an undesirable life energy of its own. the pressure was so heavy for my pathetic body, it felt like the gravity was pulling me with extreme force on the ground.

Despite my state, my complete focus was on the shadowy figure that was slowly approaching us from the dark and as it was approaching, its appearance was becoming more and more visible.

As it came under range, where I could gain insight of the shape of its body, which was, at first appeared to be similar as a human but then, my wish to die faded away in an instant and my body froze in terror.

My face grew pale and fear took over me completely.

The sight which pushed me in such a state, was due to the fact that the figure approaching forward was not a human but a terrifying Demonic creature.

A shiver ran through my spine and my heart was quivering with fear.

I was too afraid to even witness its appearance as I can already see the outline of those monstrous claws on his limbs and feet and the thing that made me sure, that it was a Demonic creature was those long fangs spreading out of his jaw. He was emanating such immense pressure, which was strong enough to make any normal person go completely numb or worse, paralyzed.

”N-Nooo ” – I was crying and desperately moving my arms to escape but everything was futile.

The pain in my feet, due to resistance grew more wild.

As it was approaching forward, a layer of sweat streamed down my forehead and my expression, becoming more and more awful.

My brain dropped blank and stopped working. I was breathing heavily due to deficiency to intake adequate oxygen. It was like I lost the control over my body.

Just a moment ago, I was ready to die under this debris but now, why am I so desperate to live? because, no one would ever want to die in such a pathetic way as being devoured mercilessly by a demonic creature.

Right now, I didn had the luxury of time and the state of my body wasn best either. I took a deep and loud breath in an instant and calmed myself. Being desperate and narrow minded won help in this situation.

My first hurdle is this giant blockade, crushing my feet. If I somehow, want to escape, I must get myself free from it, and with this thought, I exerted strength in my arms and tried to lift it with all I had left. At this moment every second was precious.

Every attempt of removing the slab resulted in failure but due to sudden charge in level of adrenaline rush, I exerted much more strength with every attempt and finally after intense resistance, I was successful in lifting the slab but just to an inch.

It was not much but enough to make a slight movement in my feet below…being followed by ruthless amount of pain in turn.

Despite being in such a horrible state, I tried more and more and finally my feet, completely covered in blood, from toe to ankle broke out from that shackle.

In the time it took me to free myself, I didn paid attention to the fact that now, the demonic creature was just a few meters away from me. For a moment, my gaze fell onto Wilsons body, lying nearby, whom I wanted to save desperately but I was in no condition to carry him at a speed enough for us to escape. I wasn even sure if I would be able to escape myself out of this situation. I turned my head around, with tears flowing like waterfall from my eyes and the only thought in my mind arising was of leaving him behind. My jaw, clenching with anger and fear due to my incompetentness and helplessness.

As I was about to stand on my feet again, the demonic creature, all of a sudden, grabbed the edge of the broken wall and supported his body to lean forward in my Direction.

My body froze up and I fell down on my butt to ground as his terrible appearance was no longer concealed from me.

His figure was equivalent to an average healthy man but this was the only similarity I could think of.

His whole body was dark grey with huge black clotting all over the surface. Anyone from distance could easily conclude how rotten it was, by the stinking sensation it was emitting, a disgusting odour which could make anyone puke in mere seconds.

As this wasn enough, I observed his huge claws attached to his forearms, so sharp and dense, which could pierce through even a metal sheet or so they seemed to be.

the area above his torso, was slightly bent in forward direction, and at the top was his head, completely messed up and opened up at spots through which his insides could be seen.

I was trembling from top to bottom and screaming like a crazy man.

And it was then our gaze met each other. His empty, bloody pair of eyes were radiating a killing intent, too intense, which can make anyone piss in his pants.

But the most terrifying thing were those fangs of his, which were similar to a beast, joined to the bloody gums which had no covering of a mouth deciphering their appearance even more disgusting. I got the rough idea of their sturdiness by the loud and exasperating sound they were producing.

His steps were slow but as he was approaching, my heartbeat was increasing and a continuous stream of sweat coursing down my body. I forced the surface with my bare hands, to use friction and drag my body to increase the distance between us.

I was becoming desperate and my scream was just like a terrified baby who have encountered a hungry dog.

I gathered strength and somehow managed to get on my feet. I was still feeling dizzy and my footing was unstable. Blood was flowing continuously from the wound right beneath my toe. My mind was completely blank this time and only thought that was arising was to abandon Wilson and run for my life.

Despite the demonic creature approaching, his steps were slow and theres a chance I might succeed to escape with this wound.

The air around me was exerting more pressure on my body with every passing second, making it harder for me to breath and nurturing the fear inside me.

But just as I turned over to run, I realized….. death was inevitable.

My feet stopped instantly after a few steps as I saw, in front of me were 4 other demonic creature of same species, surrounding the area, leaving no opening for escape.

They varied from features externally, but not too much.

My body gave up, and all hopes of escape seemed nothing more than a mirage now.

So the reason why the demonic creature was approaching so slowly was because of this!!.

”fu-**k ” – I stepped back and now I was completely surrounded.

I picked up a piece of stone from ground but I knew, I will die the moment I provoke them.

My last resort now, was to charge through middle of them while targeting the demonic creature nearby and use that instant to run as fast as possible to escape.

In the end, this was nothing but a suicide.

And then as if they could read my mind, all of them started growling with hatred and rage. I could tell that they were fast enough to catch me even if I somehow managed to break through them. Then the growling turned into frightening roar…. like as they somehow knew what I was about to do.

In despair, I stepped back but then in the next moment, all of a sudden, an arm grabbed my neck from behind and made me immobilize.

A sudden shiver ran down my spine. the grip was firm and I don had enough strength left inside me to make any effective resistance.

I was exerting force, just enough to somehow prevent myself from choking.

But Whos the one grabbing me from behind?

was it the Demonic creature? No, thats not possible… even if he was fast enough to cover the distance in such a short amount of time, it couldn be done so smoothly and noiselessly and moreover, I can still hear the growling of him from behind which was becoming louder and louder every moment.

Despite my futile resistance, I somehow managed to turn my head a little just so I could capture a glimpse of the one, gripping over me and the one I saw…. was none other than Wilson.

”Wi-Wilson….wh- what the hell a-re you doi-ng…c-come back to your sen-ses ” – I wanted to yell but it came out just as an empty whisper.

It must be when, my attention was completely occupied by other demonic creatures and in the meantime, using their growling as cover, Wilson sneaked right behind me so smoothly.

Were these the same demonic creatures who was controlling him? No, none of them seemed to carry such ability but of course I can be so certain.

And then my gaze fell into his eyes and they were completely different this time. They were glowing amethyst and his expression was akin to an animal, burning with rage and hatred.

Wilson then, exerted more strength in his grip, making my breathing absolutely worst and it was then my sight fell onto the top of the residence in front. A shadow of a beast, similar to a fox but slightly larger in size, positioned still, just like a powerful authority.

His three long and thick tails were waving around with the flow of wind.

I can further analyse its body as the only visible thing, was its figure, wrapped around darkness…. and through that darkness, a glare of glowing amethyst was penetrating me, almost same as Wilson.

And then it didn took me long to realize that the one controlling Wilson was none other than this beast demonic creature…. but what now? Even if I identified it, its not like I can change the consequences or turn the tables around. I was no martial…. leaving that, I couldn even wield aether to begin with.

I can do a single damn thing at this point and just curse my fate for being so wretched.

Without intaking more of that beast demonic creature, I was forced to turn around by Wilson by sheer strength, which was overpowering me and as he did, my heartbeat increased to such extent that it knew no bound.

My face was completely pale I felt like my heart is gonna explode as the demonic creature face was right in front of me just at a distance of 2 to 3 feet.

Every cell of my body was screaming and shivering in fear as I met his horrifying glare, filled with bloodlust and watched his liquid like drool, from behind the fangs of demonic creature, falling down and as soon as it touched the surface, the ground beneath melted, leaving nothing but a cavity behind.

Though I had no strength left, my reflexes were reacting on their own, which were of course all in vain.

In the next moment, the demonic creature raised one of his limb and in the blink of an eye it extended, just like a whip with a terrible claw at its end and it smote it directly on the ground beneath him.

The surface was completely shattered and before I could react, he roared, loud enough to make my body numb and without giving me any chance to restrain, he charged with his deadly lash.

So this is how Im going to die…? This was something I won even wish for my enemies….

I closed my eyes as it was already arduous for me to stay conscious and I wasn any courageous to witness the sight of my body being torned apart so brutally.

Once I shut my eyes, everything went silent…. not even a single sound and in deep silence, a slashing sound emerged.

It seems Im finally dead…. b-but… and suddenly I opened my eyes, just enough so that I can see a little in front and I saw the forearm of the Demonic creature, which was about to pierce through me, was completely sliced, fallen on ground.

The spot of the Demonic creature from where the forearm was severed, was soaked in by the stream of blood which followed next.

”H-how? w-what is going on here? ” I said loud, but then a faint voice fell onto my ears from right behind.

”Relax, Im Kai Vellirin….. leave the rest to me now ” and in the next second, I lost my consciousness and my vision blacked out.

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