Chapter 5 : Old Nostalgia


I have no clue where Im right now…. or what happened while I was unconscious and the first thing, I confront after snapping up….is this giant, terrifying beast.

The amount of pain, pushing me to the edge faded away in an instant and my body started quivering.

It was my first time to suffer torment to such extent. My senses were still dizzy but before I can pull my shit together, a thought struck my mind just like a jolt of thunder…. What about M-max?? Wh-where is he??.

Though I wasn much concerned about my current state due to the dizziness and inability to feel pain but now, I was distressed.

”Did he already became the feast to this demonic creature?? ” and with this thought a shiver ran down my spine and my sight, fixating more on the demonic creature in front of me.

The gaze of the demonic creature, for gods sake haven noticed me yet and it felt like they were searching for something in the surrounding, or like analyzing the surroundings itself.

And all of a sudden, the thing which I wanted to prevent most for now, finally betide as a sharp and unplumbed pair of Scarlett eyes penetrated me.

The area around was dark, making it impotent for me to deprive demonic creatures appearance to the fullest, but even from far away, I could tell it was larger than any ordinary wolf in comparison and his glowing orbs were the only thing which I could figure on.

And as soon as our gaze met, it stared at me for a moment but then started approaching me on his four limbs.

With no clue of what to do….. my forehead wrapped in a cold layer of sweat as I shut my eyes in anguish.

”My My…what a pathetic state you are in brat….. ”.

A heavy – grown up, dominion sound, fell on my ears and I instantly opened my eyes in shock, and what my sight caught first was the Beast standing right in front of me. but despite that, I turned my head around to find the person whose voice penetrated my ear, ignoring the demonic creature.

”What the hell are you looking for brat–? ”.

Again, I searched desperately but at last, my eyes widened in fright as I found the one talking to me was the demonic creature.

I couldn believe myself that what I was witnessing was a talking beast…..

”Y-you are speaking human language…..? ”

my voice trembling and expression going completely tense.

”Who else then? your grandfather? ”.

The demonic creature replied while sitting on his pelvic limbs and the front two limbs positioned straight supporting his head and thick neck.

His body was completely covered with black coat of fur and the only other color I can distinguish was his scarlet pair of eyes.

His jaw, completely soaked with black blood.

”P-please don devour me….. s-someone someone H-HELP ME… ”.

Filled with terror, my body jumped on its own and I started screaming relentlessly.

”Hey kid, theres no one here so shut up and listen to me !! ”

”P-please anyone save me from this horrifying demonic creature ” —

and in the next moment, in the midst of my screaming, a jolting slap striked my left cheek just like bolt of lightning.

It was so dense that I fell on ground on my face and my nose, busted in surface below, making me go completely silent as this all happened in an instant.

”Who the hell are you calling a demonic creature you little piece of shit Grrr!! ”

Despite being in pain, I raised my head, with tears flowing from my eyes and my both hands pressing hard on my nose.

”Y-you mean you are n-not a demonic creature? ” – I asked while sobbing.

”Not at all you lousy brat….. Im the mighty beast, greatest and above of all. You can address me by LORD COCO ” – announced the beast with a grin on his face, exposing his white canine behind.

My body grew rigid and my expression, completely blank…. What the hell is with this creature. Appearing in front of me from nowhere and acting all superior, like a….trash.

”Are you a martial who disguised himself into a beast?? ” – I asked with a smile, not matching my eyes.

”It seems you need a beating to regain your senses back ” – said the beast while raising one of his paw.

”No – no l-lord coco…. I-I understood now, please forgive me ”.

”Oh it seems you are fine now…. well now, just keep your mouth shut and liste….. ”.

”L-lord coco….do you know about the other boy who was with me…..?? ”

Before the beast could finish his sentence, I interrupted.

The beast was obviously, glaring at me with a slight of anger due to such interruption but then calmed himself in another moment and released a sigh.

”The other boy with the blonde hair? yea, just look behind you…. ”.

Without wasting a second, I turned around and saw Max right behind me and his condition was no better…. his whole body was covered in blood and….. the wound on his right leg seemed fatal…. this really pushed me in deep shock and I quickly rushed to him.

”Don worry kid hes out of dan….. ”.

” Lord coco, what happened to h-him, please don tell me he can be saved now ”.

I cried with tears flowing like river down my eyes.

The beast expression changed and he stood silently, before standing back on his huge 4 limbs and walking closer to me.

I wasn completely comfortable with him being this closer to me, but there was no other option.

”Don worry, he had suffered a lot but at least hes out of danger… now just shut up and liste- ”.

”But what the hell happened when I was unconscious and how did things turned out this way ?? ”

Just as I finished my sentence and could say another…my left cheek was bombarded with another lightning bolt of slap and this time, it was much harder… and again, I crashed into the ground on my face.

”Now, If I heard another word from that filthy mouth of yours, I swear I will devour you mercilessly ” – declared the beast while putting on devilish smirk which made me cry like a baby.

I was terrified but then, it all slowly faded away as the beast explained to me in detail, what happened earlier and how Max and I were still alive in one piece…

It didn catch my sight earlier but as he was explaining me and I was just listening silently, my sight locked onto the mark on the forehead of the beast. It was just like a tattoo, imprinted precisely like the work of a professional but it seemed to be there since birth.

”Hey brat, I guess I filled you with enough about the calamity you just stuck your ass into ” –

Being focused somewhere else, it took me a while to ponder his words.

”Y-yes lord coco…, so you are saying that I was possessed by that lunar fox demon creature and later we were both attacked by ghouls and it was then you came to our rescue and aided us ”

”In short, yea precisely ” – the beast nodded just like a sage in approval.

”But…. I still have a few questions, of course if you don mind…. ” – my voice shrinking with each word and my fingers stroking my scruffy hair.

”What are you…. an-and why did you help us…? ”

I have seen a lot of other aether beast before on television and with martials as their companions, but this was my first time encountering one of his kind.

But regardless of my question, the beast remained silent for an instant, his eyes locked on me, but at the same time it felt like it was not me, he was focusing at.

and suddenly he turned around his head and shifted its sight upward and stared for a while before uttering words from his mouth – ”Took you long enough than expected, but I guess, I can blame you for the Ghoul, being so powerful ”.

I was clueless of the one, the beast was talking to and couldn see anyone in the dark sight. I was a little afraid of what might this other creature will be but was also sure that it won be a menace to us.

And just in Another moment, a figure came flying over me and landed on his knees, directly behind the beast. This didn frighten me hardly as his landing was extremely smooth…. too perfect for any creature, so I deduce him to be a human and as he stood up on his feet, my hunch turned into surety.

The figure was completely covered in his dark shrug with black trouser and the rest of his outfit was still hidden due to other annoying factors including the darkness around.

His hairs were black and were not too long and he wasn much taller than me, almost same to be 56 or 57…. maybe we are around same age but…. WHO IS HE??

As I was lost in my own perceptions, the boy stepped closer to the demo…. I mean the beast and raised one of his arm and… PUNCHED HIM RIGHT ON THE HEAD !!

My sight widened in fright as the beast who was being so dominion and superior earlier, got punched just like that?

”Wh-What was this for ?? ” – the beast yelled while rubbing the spot where he was punched.

”I think I told you precisely to finish the lunar fox and Don show yourself to the boys– didn I Coco- ” said the boy with a piercing glare to the beast.

”SHUT UP YOU JERKK!! — You were the one who left them alone in middle of such chaos, I was just ensuring their safety…and what about the demonic creature you were chasing after? You finished him? ” asked the beast boldly.

At this, the boy held back and lowered his head a bit and whispered something which was inaudible to me as well as to the beast.

”Huh…What did you just said? Don be a princess and say it out loudly…. ” – shouted the beast to the boy.

”Well….. actually he managed to escape through the magical portal… ” – said the boy with a expression of guilt on his face.

His head was low so I could assume he didn want to see us right into the eyes but here…. I could see the beast forming a devilish smirk, which filled me with creeps to the end.

And in another instant, without giving the boy any chance to revolt, he started firing taunts like a blazing cannon ball.

”How can you let something like that happen…. Don you have any sense of responsibility. Damn I shouldn have trusted you in the first place. If I knew something like this would happen, I would have taken the lead….. ”.

I could see the boy, raging with anger by this humiliation and in another moment, he again smacked the forehead of the beast with his fist….

Damn this situation seems so familiar….

”We will discuss about that later, lets take these boys to the infirmary first ” – said the boy while approaching towards me.

”Ofcourse you will say that n– ”-

just as coco was about to finish his sentence, he was silenced by a cold glare by kai but then again he turned towards me and this time, his features were clearly exposed to me.

His blue eyes…which seemed deep enough to sink anything in them and his skin…. was extraordinarily fair.

”Hey dude, I know you and your friend are not in a good state but the pills I gave you earlier should do the work for now. They will help in reducing the pain for some time and also fasten the recovery of fatal injuries. ” – said the boy.

So that was the reason I could endure all these injuries even after having so low tolerability….

”But your friend seems to have suffered a lot more and I think this incident will leave a deep impression on him for a long time. But right now, for the best hes out of danger ”.- said the boy, his words and voice so gentle and elevating that it unraveled all the emotions in my heart at once.

His smile, so pure and filled with kindness, was all that I needed at this point to push myself.

But then, my focus again shifted to max who was lying in my lap now. I could imagine the torment he suffered just by a single glimpse at the current state of his body….and it was much more than I wanted to admit.

”Th-Than….y- you…so…m-mch ” – before I could say anything, my words failed to come out as the tears were already flowing down through my eyes and sobbing was all I could do in the moment.

I really wanted to express my gratitude to them but again….my body didn follow up with my will and the boy gently placed his arm on my shoulder.

”Don worry…. everythings alright now. we called the ambulance and it will be on its way to arrive here. ”


The boy was really affected by this event.

His external wounds may heal soon but I knew it will take a while for him to recover mentally.

I and coco did our best to comfort him but in the end that wasn enough.

Well you can always fix everything, sometimes it takes time for things to turn back to normal and with this we stood alongside him silently and let the boy cry to his heart.

But after not too long, the ambulance arrived and we quickly left because none of us was an official martial yet and the officers will demand a detailed explanation and other inquiries which I really wanted to avoid and besides the boy can handle all those formalities by himself and so finally, we took our farewell with a benevolent exchange of words…. but instead of leaving, we hide at a distance for time being and kept an eye from far away till the ambulance left for the hospital.

”Don tell me that was too much for you ” – coco said after being silent for too long.

”It doesn matter, we need to stay strong and calm in every situation to exterminate the threat. We can let ourselves get swallowed by emotions during battle. ”

”thats true my knight in his shining armor but I think we should left too now…otherwise our devastation is inevitable Kai ”.

It caught me off guard but coco was right…. it was already too late and its the time we should hurry back to our home.

Due to acquainted with abnormal physic, we sprinted from one spot to another…. hopping over the roofs of residences and fences. Everything in our path was nothing but a playable track hurdle.

The swift cool breeze around, tickling over my face as I was moving forward was just as refreshing as the illuminating beautiful moon in the black sky.

The beauty of this darkness emanated a solace in me.

”By the way, your sword techniques have really improved a lot…. but still they are nothing compared to masters ” – said coco with his usual mocking touch.

”Should I take it as a compliment or an insult….. well expecting a compliment from you is already too much but still…thanks. But it was all because of your high sensory ability that we could detect the calamity in first place, If it wasn for that, I believe those boys would be as good as dead by now ”.

”Im already aware of my greatness but still you can go on with the praising part….. ”.

”like hell I will– ”.

Our destination was not so far but only a few kilometers apart so we could swiftly cover it on our feet but even if the case would have been opposite, I don think it would have been any bigger issue.

The city of Emyz was well developed than any other city in the country of Zoraen so getting a taxi or other transportation facility won be an issue. but lets save the explanation for some another time and without even realizing, it only took us about 15 minutes to reach our destination.

In front of us was a huge metal gate and behind it was a unique infrastructure, completely different from the rest, which was actually my home and its not the apartment which separated it out from rest of the buildings around, but it was the giant hall like building connected to the backyard of our house, which was actually a dojo.

Those who are aspire to become Martial or Martials who want to grow stronger, are trained here.

”Kai I don think entering directly through the front door is a wise choice– ” said coco while looking at me.

”You are right…. we have to use our secret chamber to go in, you ready for this coco? ” – I said with a serious expression on my face.

”Roger boss ” —

”lets barge in through the window of my room ” —

and with this we jumped directly to the first floor through the boundary wall and landed in the balcony of my room.

It wasn too big but enough for at most 4 persons to accomodate.

I hurriedly tried to open the window but it was locked which really drowned my hopes.

”I don remember you locking this window before leaving ”- said coco with raised brows.

”Theres only one person in this house who will do this intentionally ”.

”Hmm….so what now ”.

”Plan B ”.

”Dude Dude Dude…. thats too risky ”.

”you got any other idea? ”.

”….. lets proceed with plan B ”.

and with this we barged in through the front door with steps of a thief…. It all went well, the wooden door was opened quietly and we were almost in the house and now just had to lock back the door as smoothly and reach my room through the staircase right in front of us, anyhow.

but before we could take any step further, a female voice shouted – ”BOTH OF YOU, STOP RIGHT THERE…. ”.

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