Chapter 8 : First Step

rds without even realising and suddenly my mind was deviated in the direction where it should.

”yea, maybe out to get some fresh air…. ” – she continued.

”Yea, I think I know where should I go to take it out ”- And I stood up from the chair with a jolt, with my voice, more loud due to excitement than I wanted it to be.

”Before that I need you to bring me Coco, he needs to eat his lunch too at this hour ” – she claimed.

”B-but why me? ”

”Then who? me? ” – she said with her voice turning colder.

”No-no, of course me ”.


”HARDER!! Put some more strength into your swing!! its Demonic Creature you are up against not your birthday cakes ” – I shouted on my disciples to pull the most out of them.

Though these youngsters lack real combat experience, but all six of them have great potential and if guided positively, then can become astonishing Martials.

While I stood in front of them, to observe them more and better, the female figure, swinging her sword continuously on the practicing dummy as I instructed, fell down on her knees by exhaustion.

”I-i t-think….huff huff-thats m-my limit master…. I-I…huff-can continue anymore ” – She said with her one arm fixated on floor, supporting her body, while other fixing her long, navy blue hair.

”Sigh… fine Kia you can have rest now. Rest of you guys continue…. ” – I said while meeting gaze with other four, who seemed disappointed as their little hope of getting rest, was completely sabotaged in that moment.

”This is not right master!! Why only Kia…. we can keep up with anymore of this either- ” said the boy with, dazzling yellow eyes and auburn, short wavy hair.

”Fine…. don blame me then if you become feast for a demonic creature ” – I said, my words much colder than I wanted them to be.

”Stop acting like a weakling William, how the hell can you dream to become a martial if you can even keep up with practice ” – another boy, with quite an healthy figure, black hair with a shade of Princeton orange at the ends, taunted.

”Oh shut up Henry, everyone here knows that your body is far more sturdier than ours, making you an excellent personality for such laborious training ”.

”yea not everyone is a monster like you ” – another boy added, to support William statement.

”Of course Im the best but even so you should try your best to keep up with a prodigy ” – said Henry, with a grin curling up on his face, shrouded by the stream of sweat flowing down his body while failing to figure out that he was just mocked.

”ahhh…. why did you said that Clint, now there he goes, back onto his ninth cloud ” – grunted william.

As I was watching this little mess created by my disciples, another unexpected voice fell over my ear drum from behind.

”My-my, look what we have here, how can I miss such a great show ” – said a lady, with her tan blue, long hair waving behind her back, her facial expressions were hoary but her body was just opposite of her looks, that healthy and robust figure was an easy sign of how strong she was, despite of her decrepit old age.

”And may I know what are you doing here Sam? What about your class? ” – I asked, even though I had an idea what answer I would receive.

”I just instructed them all that they had to do for today and so they are training on their own for now ” – said Sam, while giving off a shameless yawn.

Without helping, my palm reached my forehead as I whispered – ”Should I be amazed or annoyed about how carelessly you can roam around during training hours ”.

”I know my work you geezer ” – she revolted.

”well why don you go easy on your disciples now, just look at their exhausted state ”.

”Yeah… they do have strength to brawl, but not to crawl. Well, I think I can give you all rest from this combat training but I really don want to waste the time of training hours. So now, as you all are going to take Martial Ranking Test (MRT) soon, I would like to examine your basic knowledge on martials.

”You really won let us go that easily, right master? ” – said william with his gloomy expression.

”oh come on now, I already gave you the leeway by discontinuing your combat training, you want to carry on with that? ” – I asked with a selfish smirk on my face.

”Ahh….combat training is all good but I think knowledge is the real strength, so we must go on with your proposal master ” – He said while giving off an expected chuckle.

”Now then, all of you can sit down for now and answer my questions as much as you know on the topic ” – I claimed, while Sam still standing beside me and I could tell she had no intention of leaving us, not right now at least.

”So Kia, Henry, William, Clint, Curtis and Alice, first of all tell me what is the purpose of martial ranking test? ”

As soon as I finished my sentence, a few of them raised their hands, not so high but just at the level of their forehead.

”Yes Alice- ”

”Martial Ranking test is a test which every aether wielder needs to qualify to achieve the title of a martial. Its the higher authorities of ministry whos responsible to ensure that the test is smoothly conducted without any unwanted chicanery.

The main objective of this test is to examine and analyse an individuals skills and to determine if hes eligible to holder the title of a martial. But thats not all, The Martials then are further categorised, based on their level of aether manipulation ability and combat skills.

In general, a formidable martial is ranked under the following categories ascending from-

E-Rank, to






and Lastly,

S-Rank ” – explained Alice, whose facial features were so, they did their job of emphasizing her intelligence and brilliance.

”Well done…- ” – I remarked with a warm smile, to which she responded with a genuine nod while adjusting her round glasses.

”So, as Alice mentioned there are 7 ranks in total, which are used to differentiate in Martials, on the basis of their excellence in their work and strength ”.

”Now can anyone tell me under which organizations or authorities, martial perform? ”

– and as I finished my sentence, again, the arms of these youngsters were fully extended in air.

”Yes, you William- ” .

”Yea… so as far as I know there are 2 major Class of organisations under which a Martial function. One is Ministry of Martials, which can also be considered as a public organisation as its funded and run by the politicians and higher-ups, through taxes paid by citizens to administration and the other organisations are private martial organisations, which are private organisations, run by wealthy businessmen and other corporations….. ”.

”Correct…. and just to fill you with, Me and your other masters like Sam here, were all used operate under Ministry of Martials ”.

And just as I finished, Curtis raised his hand which was quite uncommon, as hes among those who like to stay silent and figures on their work.

”Yes Curtis, what is it? ”-

”Master, which one do you think is better? Ministry of Martials or private martial organisations? ” – he said, just as I saw this coming from someone among them.

”Well Back then in our time, ministry of Martials was the center of all martial organisations and the influence of private martial organisations wasn that firm but if I compare them today, the graphs have significantly changed. Today, you will see the top tier and most powerful Martials, acquired by private martial organisations and not even that…. the powerful and influential Martials have created their own organisation, so it really takes a lot to decide, which authority you want to work for. Of course each of them carry their own benefits but if its money and luxury you are after, then private organisations would be the one to quench that thirst but if its power, authority and a pure determination to fight with all your heart, then ministry of martial is the one for you. I hope this helped you in getting a rough idea, how both of these channels operates ” – and as I explained, everyone listened with their ears dead fixated on my words.

”I think I do understand now…. ” – said Curtis with no remarkable change on his face.

”Im sure William is going to choose private martial organisations ” – mocked Clint with an ephemeral laugh as William frowned at him with his cold glare.

”Well you can chat on that matter after qualifying martial ranking test and securing the title of martial ” I said while cutting them off.

”If I remember correctly Clint, Henry and Kia, isn it your second time giving martial ranking test? ” – Said Sam after staying silent for a while, which was really peculiar.

”Yea, that was about 6 months ago…. but this time, its going to be completely different ” – said Henry on her phrase, as doty as he was.

”Well moving into my next question, I would like to know your extent of knowledge on portals, the gateway through which, demonic creature sway in our world ”

And as I finished my sentence, a very familiar voice fell on ears which I didn expected – ” If you don mind, may I take that one ”.

And as we all turned around to look for the source of this voice, we saw Kai, slowly moving in our direction with his sword, hooked rigid at the corner of his belt.

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