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Who would have the guts to choose another option in the name of dignity and stance, freedom and integrity? Its me.

Im not just a manipulator, I am also a philosopher. If you believe in destiny, then you also believe in karma. when you realized that everything is connected yet they still get karma.

Anong grabs the chess table under the DVD with a smile on his face, because he knows we both win in every family chess game.

Anong is my middle brother. He is the most understanding in the Aduyadej family. Even though we don have the same parents, he still managed to work for us, and this is his free time.

The whole neighborhood was in a commotion outside. Mama, who was washing clothes outside the window, looked at them and looked closely at who was the subject of their gossip.

Brother Anong immediately stood up and looked out the window, and his eyes widened to see his motor being stolen.

”Heyy!!! Thats My Motorcycle! ”

He immediately ran and tried to chase the man, but he slipped on the wet floor.

He still tries to manage to chase the guy on a motor by riding on his friends motorcycle.

Lets go! Lets go! ”

While mom is checking if theres something stolen in the house, Im arranging the chess pieces and bringing them back under the old DVD player.

I went back to my room to chat with my group mates about our school project.

Its been getting late at night. Ive noticed that time is running fast, the fact that Im using my phone, thinking its like an hour and a minute, but it turned out it was getting late at night.

I woke up at around 4 in the morning to take a bath and eat breakfast while wearing my ironed uniform.

I walked down the dark alleyway and road at around 5:30am just so I could buy my project materials.

A random guy on a motorcycle parked at my front and asked me while looking at a certain paper.

”Excuse me, are you Ms. Ploy adulyadej ayatdeli? ” I replied.

”Yes, I am. ” After the guy asked so many questions, I opened my bag, took my phone and looked for messages from my classmates.

”Umm. Sorry, sir! I think I have to go; I have to buy art materials for our school project. ” The guy left and I found a piece of paper. I kept it in my skirts pocket.

I went to the classroom, and my classmates grabbed my materials and immediately started our school project in the corridor.

Im sorry we have to cram like this ploy!

Its fine! Its fine! Lets get this done already. ” I can already see the teacher, so we have to sneak and run the empty postcard and printed pictures away and make it to the school canteen. My classmate said to my other classmate

”Phewww!! That was close to the teacher! ”Did you drop something, Ann? ” she replied.

”The glue! ” I looked for the pen on my skirt and found the glue, new and sealed in my pocket.

”I have it! ” Her eyes widen and she grabs the glue immediately.

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