Praw and Bright are playing chess. His first move was the pon, just like a normal chess game would start. His next move was the horse.

A few hours had passed; they were still playing but a few paces were taken from each side. Only a pon from the 6th box on the north was placed on Brights part; a king in its place; a horse on the 5th box on the left from Praw; and a queen near the king on Brights side from Praw.

Praw decided to move his bishop diagonally and replace his king. Bright was stunned and at the same time in shock and looking at Brights back.

”Whats the matter? ” he replied in a stuttered tone.

”N-n-n-nothing ”

Praw was confused as he ran towards the outside, then he saw ploy entering the door.

Im a bit tired after school. Everybody was silent. Praw was arranging the chess pieces and closing the board.

I went to my room and changed my clothes, then went to my bedroom and opened my phone. As I was scrolling through my social media, I noticed everyone was up to an issue and I did not even give a care to find it out because I was sleepy and the issue is not a big thing to me.

I also do not watch TV because I know its biased now. Shows are not as interesting as back then. The dramas are cool, but Thailands Netflix series is better. It has contemporary color and diversity.

Today Im reading Wattpad. Im reading English works that are made by Filipino teenagers. I feel inspired and different.

I fell asleep while reading and I am sure I dropped my phone while asleep.

I woke up around six oclock pm. I heard downstairs that mom was arguing with someone while crying outside, and its a guy. I can clearly hear their conversation.

”Then its not my problem! ” He said hes going to pay you! Why would you do that to her? ” I replied to myself.

”To whom? ” Then the police came and I could hear their sirens already. I wish I could just live in a peaceful home, not in an alley where there are a lot of gossipers and arguments from the neighbors, thefts and pickpockets every day and night, only if I could just live in a town or in a subdivision.

As I looked out the window, I saw the wet concrete reflected on the orange LED lights in a parallel switch and the neighbors noise.

But in our family its silent, like theres a sudden silent echo.

I went down the stairs and my mom looked at me.

”Lets eat already. ” I sat in my chair, and mom handed me the plate and dish, after which she spanked the praws hand.

”Only two! The other is for tomorrow! ” She gave me the plate and was about to add more dishes to it.

”You want? ” I nodded, then praw grabbed a fork.

”If she doesn want it, then its mine. ” Mom replied.

”I SADI! For tomorrow, are you listening? ” Anong touches his shoulder with his finger.

”You can just do what you want; you
e not the only one who eats here! ” Everyone went silent while eating dinner.

After eating, everyone puts their plates on the sink and I wash some of the plates, aluminum pots, and pans.

In the middle of dishwashing, bright came with a triumphant look while bringing his plate. I replied to him.

”Really? ” He couldn speak because of the food in his mouth, but he was smiling hysterically. I laughed at him and sprayed him with the bubbles on the sponge.

”Why are you so slow on eating? ” Then mom came down, staring.

”I told you to wash the dishes! ploy! ” I replied.

”But hes late. He should wash his dishes. ”

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