A few days had passed. Everything was normal and everything was looking good. No troubles, except for one thing.

Nobody notices me in school, nor does anybody like to talk to me. Every time theres a group project, I am always the individual one.

I pass my papers and nobody notices me. Nobody wants to talk to me. Maybe they only want to talk to me academically, but not as human being.

And I don need to prove myself nor try harder for them to like me. One of my group mates asked.

”Hello, Ploy! Hows it going? ” I replied.

”What do you mean? ” she replied.

”Our school project! Remember they asked you to print everything? ” I told her to let her think of doing her priorities instead of others that would not benefit her.

”We cram. ” Because we actually did! And she wasn there. She suddenly looked down and was disappointed. I know she was acting for the new teacher to believe that she was an easygoing, good student, but shes drinking with the guys every afternoon, ” Ann replied.

”Don ask now, you didn help either! ” teng replied in an angry tone.

”But why did you two cram? You shouldn tell the teacher that we cram. ” I replied.

”But thats the truth; we really did cram. ” She replied.

”As if its okay for you not to pass any activities or schoolwork? ” I replied while reading a hardcopy Wattpad book.

”Some of our groupmates were late that day, so I and Ann only did it with Bam. ” said the character in the book, I just shift the names of my classmate because Im tired of running conversations.

The fact that shes already tense, suddenly she looks like she has forgotten that she didn help in our group project because she knows shes not the only one. And it was my most peaceful talk with an angry classmate.

I like the book I was reading. It turns my imagination on. When Bam and Ann left and I was still reading, I was imagining the scenarios that are in the book while I can hear my classmates in the commotion, and my chair is already flying and bouncing while Im hanging on my chair while reading and not getting bothered by their noise and stamped feet because I need to still picture the book.

As I closed my book, everyone was looking at me. Then I looked to my left and right and saw two boys staring at each other and about to start a fight.

Ohhhh… thats why my chair is flying. Anyways, Next page Hmmm… why did the author kill the main character for a sad ending?

And what happened to the bad boy named Axel?

The teacher came and scold both of them, they went to the guidance office and the teacher even scold the officers for not doing their duty. Ann asks me.

”You did not see how intense it was! We just saw you, you kept reading that book. ” I replied.

”My chair is flying! ” everyone laughs when they heard my chair is flying. One of my classmates chucked and asks me.

”Hows the trip? ” I replied.

”Im about to get vomit a little, I felt dizzy. ” Everyone laughs again. Ann ask.

”Do you want to know why your chair is flying? ” I replied.

”Why? ” she answers.

”Because Praew and dew are doing some Muay Thai half karate lately then turns into boxing! ”

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