e you lying? ”

”Is this recorded? ”

”Nope. ”

”Then how would you know if Im lying? Im not well here. ” The class president replied.

”Shes not well, lets not force her to get out of the bathroom it would stink outside, ” Ann replied to her.

”Yeah, our class would probably be in a laughing stack. ” Then they ended the call, every student is already walking outside. I smiled hysterically and then went home. I replied raising my two arms.


I went home nobody was there and at the door but it was locked, I kept waiting outside, I am already hungry so I went to the night market and grab some street food.

While eating some barbeque and soft drink on an ice bag and zipping on a plastic straw I saw Anong talking with a guy on a helmet near the gadgets place.

So I hid somewhere and peak to watch them talk, I couldn hear them right because of the vendors noise and the people.

I felt hungry again so I bought ramen, my money isn that high because I live in a middle-class strict house and money is a thing here.

After eating I went home the door is already open and I think Anong is already home.

I saw him, mom is hitting his head and yelling at him, I didn interfere and went to my room to dress up.

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