I jolted-open my eyes from the excruciating pain all over my body.

It feels like my insides were twisting and my bones, although sturdy, they felt like melting from acid.

”-el! Siel ”

”Shes awake! Hurry! ”

”Oh Gosh! What now?! ”

I heard voices from familiar people, I so much wanted to make out where I am and what happened after Sai casted his magic.

Ridiculously, I was sent away after being told of insane things.

I tried to keep my eyes open but my body was convulsing too much that it was hard to even keep my them from shutting.

”Huu…huu.. ”

What is this sensation…

I keep on digging for deep breathes. It was so hard to breathe.

My muscles felt like its being hammered to thousands of pieces, like a glass being pounded to dust. It was so hard that I just wished to lose consciousness than feel any of it.

What happened after meeting Sai? Why am I suddenly like this?

However, the searing pain didn give me penny for my thoughts.

I keep on curling my body and the intense pain was growing every second.

”Call a doctor! Why is she like this?! ”

When I managed to barely open my eyes, I saw Cose, she is my bestfriend. She had mixed of worry and desperation painted on her pretty face.

I realized, that look, did not suit her at all.

Draein looked frozen solid while blankly watching me. I couldn keep my eyes open but I saw Hannah crying with Avery and Rave trying to stay composed.

”…Ugh ” I let out a groan.

I felt my cheeks getting wet. My bloodshot eyes can help but be filled with pain-filled tears.

I felt warm yet shaking hands, holding my trembling hand.

Esicc the double white merman was gazing desperately to me, his face stoic yet his eyes full of emotions.

That was odd…Is he worried?

Was he always that caring about me? Why do I feel like his gaze is different than normal?…bang!

The luster shell door slammed open and I heard more cries.

”SIEL!! ” Father shouted.

I tilted my head, I gruesomely tried to give the new comer a look.

It was Father…

Eung, it hurt.

Why did you abandon Mother? Tell me Sai misunderstood…please.

My silent plea didn reach him, instead of my feeble voice, blood came rushing out of my mouth when I tried to ask him all the things I found out.

Father hugged my body.

I was almost begging him to deny everything as I violently shook my auburn head and tear stained face at him.

My eyes were shut closed but tears continued to fill my sockets and stung my bloodshot eyes.

Cough, cough.

I coughed another chunk of blood.


-ild, child…


Why is she crying so much?

I love you… I will always love you..

A woman was standing not too far away from me, illuminated by the sunset.

She look so melancholy but she is a beauty…

She kept on repeating the same words over and over again while weakly walking to me…

Why is she so sad? The setting sun behind her made her look divine…hmm? Her hair is the same as mine…fiery and auburn..

”Who are you? ”

I asked the woman crying relentlessly on the shadows.

Her body is embraced by a white robe decorated with gold linings, her hood falling off her shoulders, showing off her brilliant burning flame hair.

When she reach me, she extended her arms and caressed my face.

It was just lightly, like she have no energy.

It felt like her hand was the lightest, like the wind brushing against my skin.

”Child…Im sorry I couldn watch you grow…sob… ”

”Im sorry for leaving first…But I… ”

I felt my heart getting pricked by tiny needles.

What is this woman saying? W-Why is she…no…ha! She can be…

I felt my eyes stinging again…its funny.

I am not a crybaby. If anything Im rough and uptight…But since I met Sai, I feel like I have gotten pretty weak.

I must have been too overwhelmed with all of the things happening at once.

Sai…yes it was Sai that I learned it all from…

Oh, right! Sai! I have to save him ! I have to wake up!

The woman whose tears kept on flowing finally smiled.

”That is right. ”

She reach out her hands to my head to kiss me in my forehead.

I slowly begun to close my eyes, feeling my body suddenly drowning in lethargy.

”Save your brother, Siel. I will always watch over you…I love you.. ”

”…I will always love you, your brother…and Kari..us ”

”Wake…up— my child… ”


In the meantime, Cose was throwing deadly glares toward the slumbering Siel.

It has been a while since she finally stopped convulsing and coughing up blood. They were all worried about her, especially when they found her body sinking deep into the middle of the ocean.

It was thanks to marine creatures that they found her before she sank into the fortress of seaweeds.

Cose almost even shrieked thinking she was already a corpse. It frightened her to death.

Cose wondered what could have happened to Siel after escaping the royal guards.

And to add to all their concerns, Aspen who was suppose to be with her is missing.

Cose got worried that Aspen might also have been in danger as well, so Hannah and her royal guards are searching all nook and cranny of the sea floor.

”Why aren you waking up…? ” Its been 4 hours since she was in terrible pain, she bled for about 6 hours and groaned in pain for another 3.

It frustrates her that she couldn do anything but wash away the chunks of blood from Siel and watch her writhing in pain…

For Cose, who had always saw her bestfriend energetically swimming away and rebelling against the Kingdoms principles, it was odd to see Siel now in such a state.

She look so pale…She almost looks like a corps- she stopped thinking of it.

Cose shook her head, the pearl beads on her head fluttered in the water as she also bit her lips and clenched her fist.


The strong girl she considered a family is not responding to all her glares and questions.

But what scared Cose the most is the fact that her breathing is faint and almost none existent.

Of course, this is because the mana inside Siel is steadily stabilizing along with the mages stone fusing in her body to create a core silently.

But Cose who doesn know any of this, could do nothing but worry.

The same thing could be said to Esicc–.

The merman stayed by Siels side and held her hand. He looked the most calm but for Cose, Esicc looked like he is just suppressing his emotions.

Cose couldn help but let out a frustrated sigh from all this

The best physicians looked Siel up, but none could give them a definitive diagnosis.

Cose remembered the one of the physicians remarks, ”I don think this is a matter of physique. More like incantation.. ”

”Incantation? ”

”Hmm, Im not sure. Her body seems well but I felt a surging mana in her body… And for some reason I cannot point what is going on. As if a strong power is fusing in her body, preventing me to read her overall state…Hmm…why is there a mana in a mermaid? ”

It keeps on ringing to her head.

After all, mana is a completely different power. And whats more, a mermaid cannot posses mana…

It was at that moment she was intently starring at Siels pale face..

”A…tear? ”

A tear came out of her eyelids… ”Mo..Mo-ther ” she cried.

At that moment, the most frantic merman came running to Siel. It was Karius, Siels Father.

”Siel! Are you awake?!Sielena! ” He called.

Karius grabbed the other hand of Siel opposite to Esicc.

Karius clutched his daughters hands like he is praying hard.

He is the most worried. As if on the verge of breaking down, he barely held his self together…

”Please get well, Siel…Im begging you… ”His voice cracked between words. ”You
e the only one I have left. ”


If you are curious:

MAGICIANS/MAGES/WARLOCKS- are born with a normal human body along with a mana core. The mana core allows them to contains and use magic according to their will. Although, all magicians have mana core, the level of using magic and amount of containing mana varies from magicians to magicians. The power of the magician solely lies on the ability and skills as well as how strong and wide are the mana core they are born with.

Another not so important fact-You can know the level of a magician, base on the color of their mana. (This is applicable but not really, to Sai. Mages who attained the level of ArchMage can control the levels and colors of their mana. Its like a privilege of the higher status, something like that.)

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