Tale: Beyond the Sea

The Party and The Plan

”caught much? ”

”no, just a few. Im already having trouble getting fish. Maybe we should talk to the mermaids for some help? ”

”Don be stupid Arman! Those aquatic creatures hate us too much. I say we better turn to the wizards for some fish enchantment. ”

”I beg to disagree. Intervention of magic on the sea will only anger the mermaids. I don want the tides against us. ”

Fainter and fainter, the voices got. Those fishermen were taking their time walking from their boats to land. With two legs, withstanding the force.

I starred at my fins, they could only propel in water.


Humans have been in good terms with other kinds today.

Wizards and Witches, Warewolves, pixies, Vampires, Dwarves and many more, including the cyborgs humans created. While every kind had their life driven the way they wanted to, mermaids still have had the riven built walls, insisting how different water, land and air was from each other.

I can only have a glimpse at these fascinating creatures behind boulders and cliffs.

I lowered my stance, careful not be seen by the passing boat.

”Eavesdropping? pfft ” said a voice that shook me. I was sure I was well hidden from behind a boulder, so who could it be?

”Fancy the view, don cha ”, I heard someone whisper, but when I turn my head, it was only the sea that was sparkling beneath the sun, the golden sands looked dazzling.

A kind of plant unlike those underwater were on the shore. A lot firm and taller, carrying circular objects upon their shade (coconut), some beast men and small pixies were sun bathing and making sand magic, building sand castles –

”How could you be coming here every so often Siel? The sun was burning, you know ”

I jolted, to my surprise it was Draein, looking around, his hand above his face, hiding and shading his pale skin from the scorching sun.

Then he looked at me, flying one of his brows slightly higher over the other,

”I see, you
e protecting yourself by hiding behind the boulder. ”

”What are you doing here? ” I asked ignoring his prior words.

I looked hastily on the horizon, looking for the other mermaids, but none to my relief.

”Fetching you? So that if we were caught sneaking, it would be on your conscience, that you made me break the rule ”.

Draein snuck a peek on the shore. ”They sure are having fun. ” he muttered.

Draein is a pale blond merman. He have rather attractive features, which was common to our kind. Like vampires, we were no doubt beautiful.

He has a turquoise colored tail, which shimmers ten times than mine, indicating his pure merman blood.

Draein was always cool about things, he is one of the delinquent friends that I have. Always doing what his will tells him to. But not the gangster like, more of a naughty kid who likes to rebel. And knowing hes here for me, maybe Im really running a bit late this time going here.

I, on the contrary was a fiery auburn long haired mermaid. An emerald green tail.

”Lets go Siel. The tide has been rising. They might realize we
e gone. ” Said Draein pertaining to the other merfolks.

I nodded, maybe madam Fins will notice I sneaked out again. That would be bad, specially since I had only been from detention… though hesitant to swim away, I dived into the waters –silently, before I heard some chuckles from Draein.

It was forbidden for mermen and mermaids to go over our boundaries, going anywhere near land. Though mermaids were civil with other races, we remained water-bound.

Perhaps, because we were once targeted by these races, once upon a time in the Warian Era, the very first period of time which took many lives.

Races used to hunt each other you see.

Ravens used to hide at caves, those flying humans with raven wings, magic protected mages of course, vampires suck blood, but the humans boomed everyone with their inventions, and mermaids being vulnerable on land was caught between this. We had to hide or at least fight in water, but merpeople were a scarcity then, very few, we are vulnerable. Chaos reign, chaotic times, everyone wanted peace, but were too afraid to speak with each other.

But later on after a great amount of effort by all races, we reached the conclusion of civilization and truce, led by a magical woman riding a phoenix. Don know much, actually. I never bothered reading the record about the history of creatures.

Soon, Draein joined me at the seafloor, it didn take us much time before we delve deeper, the reef greeting us with its marvelous beauty.

At some point, there were a group of clams on the rough stony part, there are group of fishes, the corals of different colors and beauty, all aquatic creatures, different sizes, shapes, appearances, a variety of.

Some fishes smile, some hide, clams opened as we pass waving our tails against the waters, the crisp of laugher by small shrimps, the eating fishes would stop, Most of them will bow, to honor merpeople for we are above them both in status and in food chain, some will quiver in fear.

”Lets swim a little faster. ” Grinning, says Draein. He did actually propelled faster than me.


I picked up my pace, ”Whats going on? You
e suspiciously caring for time and keen on speed ”, he chuckled. ”Oh you know me. ”

We continued swimming ill we have passed the Atlantic Ridge.

I always travel in far length. And it was worth swimming the shore. The waters of Merpeople were hidden in the depths of the ocean.

Cold and dangerous.

We dived deeper when we found the familiar rift, down was the sea weeds fortress, dancing on the waves, along with some vines. Both were long that could snake in ones tail and pull or strangle us if we were careless.

I know, risky. But theres always risk in something fun.

Though pitch black, in mermaids eyes, we were able to see in the dark.

Fishes uses echo location, but for us, we were vested beautiful eyes and voices. At the end of the rift was an underwater cove, connecting to Trivadocea. It is one of the passages we found out as scape routes out of the place of Merpeople.

We covered the entrance with stones, planted seaweeds and algae, it was our little secret.

I slowly entered. I cut in between the sea weed, and the other side was Trivadocea.

The moment I enter, I gasped.

A pair of cold hands covered my eyes, I froze gasping for water through my gills.

In a grim voice, paired a cold laugh, the vibration of the water fell upon my neck, ”Happy Birthday Siyell ” he said.

When he let go, Draein and he burst out laughing at my reaction, It was Esicc! The double white merman who if Ill rank, will be the first in the craziest of all.

White shoulder length hair, and glimmering white blue tail.

I turned to them fuming, well, almost…Draein hanged his arm around Esiccs shoulder, and on Essics hands in front of me was astonishing.

I trembled as I took it, white pebble stone hanging to a necklace.

hump thump

ha? Strangely my heart pounded so heavily. I blinked a few times, was it sparkling?

hump, thump

It was so beautiful…

”ha ”, I took a breathe. My heart returned, but it was still beating faster than before.

Maybe it because I was so ecstatic about this white pebble.

I had heard rumors of its beauty, I badly wanted one, when other mermaids chatted about having acquired their necklaces, I was so envious.

White stone is a trend these days in our kingdom, and unfortunately, they cost a fortune. It was just not cheap and incredibly rare, Ive lost hope. Merchants from land are very scarce, we barely trade from the surface.

I stared at the necklace.

I was astonished when I laid my hands on it, my tail fumbled at the ground, limping myself.

”I-is this mine? ” I inquired, shaking, blushing and acting shy.

It looked so gorgeous, so white and and a bit rough. It reminds me of a small moon.

It even glows like a moon.

Esicc and Draein were too busy snickering they didn pay me any mind. When I look at the necklace again, it lost its glow. But its still glowing in my eyes.

”So pretty… ”

They sniggered at me yet gave them a hearty hug.

”Happy birthday to me, ” I whispered.

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