We silently crept inside the underwater cave. It was dark of course.

e swimming at the middle part of cave. Cautious. We were almost caught by the meddlesome star fishes on our way.

They were so loud and eager to tell the royal guards about our plan. It was a good thing that Cose was able to find a way to escape them.

As soon as I come back, Ill get my revenge from those star wannabees, tch.

”Hurry! I think the guards found the entrance! ” Whispered Hannah,

”What?! How?! ” I inquired.

”Damn! I think I forgot to put the stone back into place. They mustve Seen it! Oh fish! ” Sniggered Esicc from the back.

We were gliding in position, Rave led the way, followed by Avery, Aspen, Draien, myself and the rest was composed of, Hannah to supervise. Esicc was in charge of opening gates and unfortunately closing it. Cose was closely following for emergency escape plans. My girl, was good at that alright. Shes a strategist when you need her to be one.

I heard Draien, he was in front of me swimming, his back facing me, he chuckled at Esiccs side guilty-free comment.

I shook my head. We were swimming straight ahead of a narrow passage.

After this we will encounter more passages separating from the main, and well have to pick one which leads in and out of Trivadocea.

”Hurry! Its not a drill merpeople! Guards were here! ” Hannah alarmingly shouted.

”Come back!! ” The firm voice of a merman echoed in the caved. They were chasing us.

It was a chaos! I wasn even able to comprehend what was really happening! All I know is that Cose was caught by the royal guards– they were aggressive this time, the relentlessness was at its maximum and not even Hannah could order them!

Soon later, they caught after us!

We were so dead that time; The guard who was after me caught my arms, but thanks to Cose, we were able to overpower him.

Cose uprooted the guards hair from behind while I swung my tail against his gills. He cried in pain.

Rave who was supposedly leading us, was forced to help Draein who was stuck inside a seaweed net, trapped.

swish, swish.

We propelled faster.

Rave was dragging a bag net that is Draein.

While swimming away from the guards, we finally came through the main cave. There are now six small openings.

Each openings lead to another place.

I know.

Weve venture to each passages. Each was destined: the Trivadocean Mermaid Academy, The crazily unbelievable Underwater lagoon, Draeins Cabin, Inside the Palace gates, one also leads to the entrance of this very place and my favorite, the last passage leads to the outside world, in the middle of the sea.

Just a bit more swim and youll find yourself up the surface, breathe the air and watch the world.

All of my friends stopped for a while. We were waiting for the others to break free. Rave was no fool.

”Get going! Damn it! ” Irritation was overflowing in his voice.

”Its better to escape anywhere than get caught! Well be damn punished! ” He was able to tear the vines of the net, Draien was free!

”I knew this wasn a good idea, damn! ” Hannah cursed, that was the cue. We all looked at one another, the guards were ready to attack!

”GET THE HELL AWAY! ” Shouted Rave as we all split.

Rave took Hannah and Draien with him inside the first passage, the nearest to him.

Everyone did the same, they took the arms of whoever was near to them and came swimming away inside the passages nearby them. Someone grabbed my hands, he dragged me inside the small opening of the cave.

I didn even know who it was or what cave leads to what anymore. I was just thankful when the surroundings fell quiet.

puff, puff.

Except our panting, the dark pitch cave embraced us.

The royal guards who also split. thanks to us were confused.

But still, we were able to lose them. We knew the place like our play ground so we were able to fool them.

I looked at the person who was guiding me all along, I couldn see his face, but I know its a merman based on his hand tugging my wrist.

Essic? Avery?…or are you Aspen?

He was dragging me, leading me to places, to confuse the royal guards following us.

After all the swimming, the gliding, the tension and short breaths, I found the silhouette from the moonlight, coming down from above.


I shoot up from the water out of excitement, making the merman besides me let go if my hand.

The outside world was just above!

I automatically looked at the one who dragged me.

I cheerfully fixed my eyes on him. But I could only see his body. And when my eyes followed below, I saw the familiar fins…the same majestic scales…,

He glided near once more, the moonlight lit up his Face.

”Aspen? ” I asked bemused.

His green orbs glittered as the moon reflected its light. He was astonishingly beautiful.

”…Its you? ” I asked.

He took my hand..? It crossed my mind, yes. But I wasn hopeful.

I felt my cheeks grow warmer the second he leaned forward and I saw the corner of his lips move upward…

He was grinning. As if a brilliant idea crossed his mind.

”You know…you really look like a seabream when you blush. ” he chuckled.




It took me a few seconds to load.

How can he be so good looking while calling me a seabream?!

His laughs were like carols, it was beautiful, crisp and addicting. His long black hair glimmered at the moonlight, But that didn make him look feminine at all—

—Am I praising him too much?

If I was a clam, Ill want to hide at my shell this very moment. Im too ashamed to even be near him. It was like he was the water and I couldn get enough of him!

When he recovered, he instantly looked to search for my eyes. When he met mine, he genuinely smiled. A smile so expensive, it leaves you broke. A smile directed to me.

He held my wrist and I just let him lead me.

All the way upward the surface, I fixed my eyes at his hand holding my wrist.

This is a once in a lifetime experience. Once in a lifetime. I chanted in my head.

We stopped, almost near to the surface of the water.

”Go on. Its my gift for you, ” Aspen said. I looked at him, confuse.

What gift?

When I surfaced from the water, I saw in front of me a small rowing boat.


Is this possible?. I questioned my eyes for a moment.

…I saw myself riding the small boat.

Blue eyes, not brown red. With Legs. Sitting there freely without any sign of worry. Free and living the moment. I was there at the top of the rowing boat, in a persona of boy, humming while the sea breeze brushes his hair.

I wasn horrified or anything. I just found it…strange. Yet I feel the familiarity.

He tilted his head around me. He wasn surprised to see me. He looked at me with warmth yet scrutinizing electric blue eyes.

”Hello there Siel. Im Sai. ”

His lips pulled up. Smiling, ”Long time no see, twin sister. ”

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