Tale: Beyond the Sea

The Stone of A Mage Part 1

Sai was unmoving, and almost rooted on the ground.

I was of course, confuse.

”~~sss, sha sasahasaha~~sss ” the serpent vilely laughed at my brother.

”What knowledge do you have with Sai, serpent? ” I asked frighteningly hesitant.

It laughed and starkly glared, but not before long. Because people crowded us and started circling to Sai.

”You, you
e that evil wizard. ”

e here. ”

”It mustve been him. ”

The creatures of the night bazaar started to murmur to themselves. I felt like we were cornered by a cult.

”Master trusted you. ” Declared the white haired wizard whom I had just seen with potions a while go.

”The hell with you? ” Says Sai sassily.

Just where does this brother of mine get his brazenness?

Before we took our first step to run, Sai sharply eyed the snaking serpent, whose fangs did not match the beauty of its human face. Truly a sight to behold.

Besides me, I felt Sai tremble. But not out of fear but out of excitement.

He villainously laughed like a madman before his blue orbs turned violet to purple once again.

Whoosh, whoosh.

No it isn violet nor purple, it changed to indigo then blue.

Cold wind gathered around Sai along with his blue mana. It was a vibrant shade but oddly terrifying on Sai–although it is magical at the same time.

Magic engulfed his humanity and he was no longer the brother I met.

His palms beamed of silvery aura, and the surrounding stalls was shrouded with mist and deadly freezing ice flakes. Ice is slowly creeping towards the insolent snake, its body frozen half to death.

The serpent also screamed in terror.

I took a step back when I saw what my brother did. The surrounding area was turned to frozen lands.

He is powerful. Ferocious, and beastly. It made me shudder.

I stood frozen, scared for the first time in my life; It was much awful than when a monstrous giant Kraken ransacked Trivadocea way back when I was a kid.

This time felt like my last if I get on to this mages nerves…until he pulled my hand to his side, pulling my body behind him like he was protecting me.

Like he was serving as a protective shield, he covered my eyes from the menacing eyes of the villagers with his tall hooded figure.

He suddenly turned and glanced at me for a while.

When I met his eyes, I found calm. I realized he is in control after all. He didn lose himself with his magic.

I felt relief. It was a useless worry.

”On my cue, lets make a run for it. ” He whispered.

The same moment the frost in his eyes dimmed and return to its usual electric blue eyes, that was my cue.

We ran together–Or maybe its better to say that he dragged me all along the dark alleys and vacant dim streets.

People seems to have taken a liking to dragging me.

People of the night bazaar followed behind our backs, carrying torches and star lights. They were desperate to catch us while mouthing words, ”Give it back! Give it back! ”, they say.

We started running while they tirelessly come after us, chasing.

The noisy night Bazaar bolstered to chase us as we desperately tried to escape.

They chased us, creating a parade. A parade of night creatures, with twins leading them to the center of the town.

”Damn bastards. Aren they persistent, sister? ” Sai looked back.

”Why are they accusing you of stealing? ” I asked panting.

We arrived at a garden full of green.

No flowers grew there. Just walls of green, a maze whose walls bloomed small glimmering white diamonds.

”Stealing? ” Sai asked me back while plucking diamonds in the way.

”Yes. Stealing. What is it that you took for them to run after your life? ” I insisted.

”Do I look like a thief? ” He flatly replied.

”Huff, huff, well, right now you are stealing, huff, diamonds. ”

My feet hurts already, for a rookie at having legs, I sure feel like Im overdoing it.

We entered the maze, made a few turns. ”Oh these gems? Not my fault they left something precious unattended. ”

He peeked behind to see me, ”As for the villagers, I didn steal, I just borrowed something. ”

”Im sure it would, huff, have been less life threatening if you really did just orrowed it, huff. ” I held back from cursing him under my breath.

”What did you steal?– ”

”There they are! They
e here! ”. Creatures started to catch up to us.

Far back behind, the maze was set ablaze. They set a diamond garden on fire just to corner Sai.

Just what did he stole from them to be this angry at Sai?

Steps bombarded from various directions of the maze, we were cornered. Before us, a beautiful Fairy holding fairy lights emerged to face us.

”Young magician. Give it back. ” She was trembling with anger.

”You never learn, do you? Sai. ” Another one entered to glare at Sai, he is a beautiful elf.

From different angles, creatures of different races stepped to corner us.

Sai was mocking them with his smile, while we back away from them.

Steps back were all we can manage. But a few more steps and we couldn go anywhere else.

We found our feet in front of a huge fountain I assume to be the center of the maze garden.

It was a fountain of blood. Different kinds of races were sculptured around it and in the middle was a maiden sculptured with elegance.

The maiden on the fountain was holding a knife stabbed at her heart. And blood was gushing from there down to her hand then to her fingertips flowing to the whole fountain while leaning on her side.

But there was something strange in the fountain.

The blood from her chest were droplets. Scarce and missing.

”Give back our heart! ” A young child bare his teeth to Sai. He was full of hatred and loathe towards my brother.

Thats it! Sai stole the maidens heart!

I stared back to the fountain. There is a space in between her chest. Her heart was missing!

”Ha…haha…HAHAHAHAHA! You dare ask me for a heart?! ” Sai glared dangerously at them.

”After you took mine!? You audaciously ask for a heart?! GIVE BACK MY STONE YOU INSOLENT BEINGS! ” Sai raged, at the same time, a red thunder roared.

Out of shock, my footing lost balance and I slipped to fall in the bloody fountain.

I was drenched in blood. I chocked tasting iron and smelled like life and death.

”We don know about your stone. ” The Fairy said.

”The hell with all your lies. I don buy it. ” Sai.

He harshly helped me stand from the pool of blood. The smell of death filled my lungs. It wasn pleasant.

”I will never take the heart of this bazaar. ” People flinched from his words.

”If you didn dare rob the philosopher stone of an Arch Mage. I won hunt you. You know very well, that one of your kin took my stone. Stop pretending to be dignified merchants when you are nothing but lowly worms. ” There was emphasis on his every word, it was dripping with disgust.

”We have no idea what you are saying, you fool. But I will take revenge! ” The voice of the warlock of the night bazaar beamed. Hey, maybe theres a…misunderstanding…

I blinked a few times. My vision started to blur. And my senses dull.

Sai laughed, ”You call me a fool? Ha, should I cut your rotting tongue for you? Its useless if you
e only going to use it to deny and blame me, you donkey. ”


I feel oddly suffocated from getting drenched in blood, but I still tried to grab my twins cloak. Unfortunately my hand slipped through the fabric…


Before I could hear anything more, my vision completely went off. The only sight I was able to comprehend before I lost consciousness is Sais unwavering cold stare as my body falls back to the pool of blood.

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